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Model X Replacement Tire Options

I have had my 2021 X for a few months now . I need to replace a tire . I live 270 miles away from the closest service center. Tesla has told me I have three options:
1) Drive my car 270 miles to nearest service center
2) Tow my car to the nearest service center & Tesla will pay for 50 miles each way
3) Go to the closest Discount Tire to get the tire replaced because they are the only "Tesla Approved" third party that can safely replace my tire (they know the proper process)

Is Discount Tire the only tire store we can go to for a replacement tire ?

What does everyone do who lives to far away from a service center ?

I also purchased from Tirerack and had them shipped to a local installer. (Tirerack with let you know who they ship to) and the process was great. I got a much better price on the tires and I got them delivered within 3 days of ordering. Not to sound sour, but it was a much better experience than I had with the Tesla Service Center.


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You didn't say why you were having a tire replaced. I have had all four of mine changed at Discount Tire because I wanted to get a discount from Continental for issues and Tesla won't honor any tire warranty. I also wanted warranty and service on the new tires, along with road hazard coverage, which again Tesla won't do. A better price than Tesla as well. So Discount Tire is good (I checked local reviews and picked my shop) or as others have suggested Tire Rack. I have the special jack pads, but all Discount Tires and most large tire stores will as well.