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My car went crazy today (11.3.6)

I've had FSDb for a couple of weeks and loved it. Previously I had been using AP for about 80% of my driving.

But today it seemed like the car went crazy with multiple failures. The first is it would creep onto the shoulder of roads with cars whooshing by at 40 or 50 mph. There was absolutely no need to creep so close. We had great visibility in both directions at the stop signs. ISTM the only reason to creep so close was to signal to the drivers whooshing by that we might dart into their lane. IMO it's dangerous to pull onto the shoulder so close to the traffic when you don't need to.

It was like today the car decided to be an aggressive jerk from the big city. You need to be a lot more aggressive in the city, follow distances are shorter, etc. But there is no reason to drive like that here in rural New Mexico.

Then it forgot how to do left turns. It would start to do the left turn by crossing the road at right angles like normal but then it would suddenly veer to the right. No idea why. Once or twice instead of veering to the right it would lunge forward missing the left.

Then when we were on a divided highway and it needed to make a left up ahead, it lunged to the left early. If I hadn't pulled it back then we would have had to go miles out of our way because we would have ended up going in the wrong direction away from the street we wanted to take.

On the way back home, the two lane highway turns into the two lane main drag through town. We had a left coming up in a mile or two so I switch over to the left lane before we hit downtown traffic. Never had a problem with this before. But today the car kept trying to either get into the right lane or turn right for no reason. When we got to the unprotected left, it tried to lunge in front of oncoming traffic. I think we would have made it across but there was no need to cut those cars off since there was no one behind them.

Before today FSD was pretty terrific. It handled exactly the same route multiple times with very few interventions. I'd pay attention because sometimes it would do stupid things but overall it did almost all the driving. A few days ago I even took it on a winding, mostly unmarked, mountain road. I was impressed by how well it did. Last year AP didn't even try to navigate on that road.

I've only been on FSD 11.3.6. I have no idea why today was so different.
Try rebooting if you haven’t already.
Thanks. Good idea! Unfortunately it didn't help. I posted about this under a message by Dirty Tesla on YT. Two people replied saying they had a similar experience.

Today it missed several turns and tried to move into the wrong lane for no reason with a turn coming up in about 600 feet. It is quickly becoming more trouble than it's worth. I realize it's going to make mistakes and do stupid things so I have to be ready to take over. Unfortunately, the number of mistakes and stupid things has skyrocketed. It's like a young kid having a tantrum.
My car on 11.3.6 was pretty good the first couple of weeks but the last week or so seems to be worse on the same roads it was pretty good at earlier.

It seems like people on 11.4.2 are having a similar experience also. (Getting worse recently)
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My car was much better behaved today. We drove on the same route as before but it didn't do anything crazy. The drive was far from perfect with several instances of phantom slowing before a stop sign or traffic light. It would try to stop about 50 or 100 feet before it was supposed to. No idea why but at least it wasn't doing crazy stuff.