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MYP won't auto connect to Wi-Fi. "Unable to obtain IP address" error when manually connecting to wifi. Only a hard Reboot auto-connects successfully.

Mods: I have this in the beta section because its related to wanting to upload all my beta data at the end of my day, so maybe other testers have solved this personally.

I've looked at other solutions and mentions in this forum and others without success, and the other posts seem quite old, so thought id see if anyone had any new solutions.

My 2022 MYP will not automatically connect to my wifi when I get home. When I try to manually connect to my known home network, it gives me the "Unable to obtain IP address" error. The only solution is a hard reset by pressing both scroll wheels, and when it reboots, it reboots already connected to my wifi.

At&t fiber router
I park my car 10' from the router and it has excellent signal strength.

Things I've tried:
Reserved IP addressor my cars MAC in router settings
every firewall option is turned off
tried connecting to 2.4ghz SSID and 5ghz SSID, same results. I even tried making my hidden guest SSID only for my Tesla.

Anyone else ran into this problem and found a simple solution? Having beta now, I'd like it to be able to upload things at the end of my day.
Same issue and the only resolution for it is to reboot the car. My car also doesn't seem to be checking for updates. The last time it checked was June 4th.
The not checking for updates thing is a different problem. When I'm on LTE and manually check for an update it doesn't update the timestamp for the check - it is stuck in the past. There is another thread that is reporting that problem and it also seems widespread.
Just got my car back from Tesla service for this exact issue. I have to scroll wheel reboot the car to connect. I've tried everything like the OP tried, right down to the guest network. Anyway, of course Tesla said it connected fine at their service center and they can't duplicate the problem. Frustrating.

Kevin Bohacz

Supporting Member
We just got a new Model 3 LR 2022. It's our 4th Tesla. The 2019 M3 this car replaced had had no problem connecting to our home WiFi network.

I also own a fully updated in every way 2018 Model S 100D. It has no problem collecting to our home WiFi network.

The new Model 3 keeps failing to connect and throws a DCHP error. I tried rebooting the car and other tricks. Before I became a full-time novelist, I was an engineer and scientist (physicist). So I know a few tricks ;-) Nothing worked, then I hit on a solution (or really, a workaround).

I found (at least for us) that the problem is mesh networks. If I try to connect the 2022 M3 to our fully updated Eero mesh network, the 2022 M3 fails with a DHCP error every time.

If I try to connect the 2022 M3 to a different non-mesh access point (Verizon Fiber modem), bingo, it works every time (so far).

I am going to do some more digging. I have several other non-mesh wifi access points I am going to try. So we'll see if my theory holds up.
I have EXACTLY the same issue on my Model Y. Rebooting the car solves the issues, but when I leave the house and come back, it will not see or reconnect to the network. I have a TP-Link setup, and wondering if there is some sort of settings issue between the Tesla and the TP-Link router, and perhaps a recent update for one of the two caused these issues. I just tried assigning the Tesla a fixed IP, and moving that IP to be a DMZ device on the network, which seems to be working over the past 3 days. Time will tell.
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I have exactly the same problem with my new Model Y.. Setting the fixed IP in the router settings does not seem to fix the issue.
Based on the router logs, I see that Tesla is able to connect periodically to WiFi... but when I try to do it manually, I often see the error "Unable to obtain IP address" which does not make sense.
Maybe it's kind of "as designed"? I mean.. Tesla should not have to keep wifi connection active all the time?
I ll keep monitoring... if it will perform auto-updates eventually, I ll just ignore the issue.
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New Member
Dec 30, 2020
Same issue here as well; my Model Y was not able to find any Wi-Fi connections within my garage (although my wall charger, various other devices, phones etc.. connect and locate my Wi-Fi easily). Kept getting gate the “Unable to obtain IP address” issue. Did a reboot of the car and then it instantly found my Wi-Fi connection.
Same issue here as well; my Model Y was not able to find any Wi-Fi connections within my garage (although my wall charger, various other devices, phones etc.. connect and locate my Wi-Fi easily). Kept getting gate the “Unable to obtain IP address” issue. Did a reboot of the car and then it instantly found my Wi-Fi connection.
A few days before I picked up Tesla, two of my home devices (printer and thermostat) lost connection with WiFi and I could not reconnect. Then I picked up Tesla and was not able to connect it as well. I made a full reset of my router (at this point it was clear that the issue was with the router) after that was able to connect back to all devices including Tesla. But later, Tesla again didn't want to connect stably when I forced it to do so.

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