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New 70D, 237m 100% charge, normal?

I think most people including me get 238 but I don't think that is an issue.

At 65 in Fl, you should probably get more than rated. I know at 80-90 degrees, it looks like I could go 260 at 65mph. Since FL has been 80-90 since the 70D has been out, I am surprised.

Now - as has been talked about extensively here before, the first 1000 miles or so one the car (mostly the tires) takes a range hit.

I find 68mph to be about rated at 85 degrees.
I have been getting a lot lower range than expected also. Need to drive a little more to figure it out, but our first trip was definitely disappointing with the low range I was getting. I had to stop and charge twice for a couple hours each time. I used to have a Rav4 EV, so I am familiar with the powertrain, but the range has not been good so far. I drove 8 miles and the range dropped 15. I know it is dependent on a lot of variables, but if I would have driven the Rav4 a similar distance with similar conditions it would not have dropped as much. In fact, I could have done this trip with my Rav4 EV and it would have required similar charging stops (just for longer periods of time). I need to quantify this a little more over the next couple months.
I charged my new 70D to 100% for the first time today. I have had it for 3 weeks, driven 700 miles or so. The full range is 237 instead of 240. Is this normal, or is this a problem?

Few questions:

1) What has been your driving patterns since ownership? Drive 20 miles a day and charge, 5 miles, 50, etc?
2) What amps are you typically charging at, 40 at home, etc? Ever supercharged any?
3) What is your typical charge rate always day to day? 90% always, 50%, etc? Done range charges before or first?

Would be interested to hear and see what future charges may have for you as they tend to change. My first range charge at 100% showed 243 miles, after just a couple weeks of ownership. But been charging just to around 70% and now just 50% usually on daily basis. Will be doing another range in future I'm sure to see if still get that 243, etc.

Most owners are getting around 239-242 ish though it seems.

Honestly, anything give or take 5 miles seems acceptable in rated as all battery packs are a little unique, will continuously change/balance/degrade over time, etc. It's chemistry, not anything set in stone.

First by 237 I mean the displayed rated range is 237. I went on my first road trip today and drove 163 miles and used 175 rated range. I guess that's pretty normal. Temp was between 80 to 95 degrees (rained on the way back, thus the huge temperature change).

When I first got the car, it was charged to 90% and it was 212 miles, which I calculated to mean 100% would only be 236... I usually charge the car to 80%, and it stops at 189/190, which would translate to a 236/237 full charge...

Basically I am pretty sure the full battery when I got it was 237 full...