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New cars (after August) no longer come with a frunk mat?

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Ordered AWD 7/27 when they still included the mat. Picked up 9/16 - no mat in car. When I asked, they added it back with a due bill since it was included at the time of my order. If you ordered before they discontinued the drunk mat, I expect they will make good on it.
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Any floor mats? My delivery is scheduled for today and I'm being told no mats at all and no USB charging cables, either.

It has floor mats inside the car, just not in the trunk or frunk. I bought a frunk mat for $35/shipped and according to the tracking it'll be here tomorrow. So no big deal. The trunk already has some carpet so I'm not sure I need anything there. I might get a cargo net or something though. Although I'm not sure if the Tesla has hooks for a net or not though. I Didn't look that closely.
$134,070 MSRP 2015 Model S P85D didn't come with a frunk mat.

Had to pay $5,000 more to add Ludicrous that was announced after I bought mine.

Why should your M3 at half the MSRP (or less) come with a frunk mat... Especially since you can BUY one if you really want one?

Because you can FakeBook, Twat and InstaSpam about it? LOL

Seriously, you have bigger problems than a Frunk Mat you didn't receive because Tesla now excludes it... Like the National Debt !!!