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Vendor Perception - The best way to view your TeslaCam events (Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS!) - Now with Event Trimming!

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We've been busy both with Perception and with a few other projects behind the scenes, but we're very happy to announce Perception's v1.13.0 update is now live on the App Store and Google Play Store! 🎉

We noticed that the interface for viewing stored videos was a bit confusing, and was causing some to believe that their events could not be viewed. We've started a larger redesign project behind the scenes to restructure parts of the app that have grown over time, but we've made a few initial changes to the dashboard to make it easier to navigate.

We've also added the ability to set a default playback speed - I normally opt for 3x so now it's possible to specify that as a default!

In other news - we're partway through the event trimming feature, we look forward to releasing that very soon ✨

Event Trim Support - Sneak Peak.jpg

Download on iOS / Android / Mac: Perception - Tesla Dashcam Viewer
A big announcement today! Perception is now live with support for event trimming!


This has been in the works for a while, we've had it on our roadmap since launch and a lot of our user feedback has been around needing this functionality too. We're very happy with the result, and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback!

We've also substantially sped up the speed of event exports - merged video exports are now ~50% faster.

Download on iOS / Android / Mac: Perception - Tesla Dashcam Viewer
A great start to this week - Perception’s v1.15.0 update is now live!

We’ve built on the great reception to the trim feature, and made quite a few other improvements:
  • On iOS / iPadOS / macOS, importing events is now really really quick when reading from the standard USB drive (with NAS systems, your mileage may vary). There's even more improvements we're working on to make event importing even quicker.
  • We’ve made the share screen more speedy for small events.
  • Event playback is now even smoother than before, with improvements to battery consumption & video frame rate.
  • When tapping on a map preview, the map will now open with a clear pin & label for the event location.
  • 2x speed is now available on Android devices.
mockuuups-iphone-15-pro-mockup-in-a-mans-hand-against-an-indoor-background 1.png

We’d love to hear your feedback!

Download on iOS / Android / Mac: Perception - Tesla Dashcam Viewer
We’re so excited to announce that Perception is sponsoring the Concours d’Elegance at Tesla Owners UK Supercharged 24 in Bicester this weekend!

We’re looking forward to seeing some awesome cars, having some time on the track, and speaking with other Tesla owners!

We’re also thrilled to announce we’re running an exclusive discount just for Supercharged 24 attendees this weekend, check out the Tesla Owners UK socials for more details this Saturday 👀

Proud Sponsor.jpg
We had a great time at Tesla Owners UK's Supercharged 2024 event! It was great to speak with club members, and it was incredibly validating to see that we're solving problems drivers are facing with the TeslaCam system.

We're starting on our redesign project shortly, looking forward to sharing some sneak peeks soon 👀
Perception v1.15.2 is now live! 🎉

Our anonymous error reporter notified us that someone was struggling to read events that were already on their Mac. That's now fixed - so if the person who was trying that is here - sorry! Please try again after updating!

We've also increased the trial length from 7 days to 14 days, so there's more time to explore Perception. In our redesign, we're looking to only start the trial after adding events - we'll be sharing more about this soon!

v1.15.3 will be live soon with some other event import fixes for iPhone ✨

Download on iOS / Android / Mac: Perception - Tesla Dashcam Viewer