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Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

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I have a refreshed 2017 75D with smart air suspension and only 2K miles. I recently notice some strange noise coming from the front suspension. The noise (which like clink-clunk/click-clunk, like something is loose) is most noticeable when I slowly going over speed bumps. I took the car to the service center in Costa Mesa, CA to have it looked at. I did a ride along with a technician and was able to easily reproduce the noise. I left the car at the service center (SC) for them to further investigate.

Later that day i received a call from SC informing me that what I'm hearing is a known issue specific to dual motor with smart air suspension. The problem comes from the front struts. They said other customers have brought up the same issue in the past, they replaced the struts and the problem comes back a couple of weeks later. They said Tesla engineer are aware of the issue, but no ETA on when/if a fix will be available.

Was wondering if any one else are experiencing this and have gotten some explanation/fix for the issue.

2017 75D w/ ~2500 miles. I *think* I have the same thing. It's hard to capture on video, but listen closely to this video I recently captured and lmk if you hear something similar to what you have in your car:

IMG_1134 - Streamable

Confirmation would be super helpful.

I think I also get the same noise from mine when I drive through the parking structure. I will try to capture a video of it as well.

Do you also hear some noise from the front suspension when you slowly go over speed bumps? For me that was easier to reproduce.
Wow, so many with a similar air suspension issue, I don't have an air suspension on mine, but always wanted one and wandered about its reliability. Wandering if its only on the newer Models S, since most of you reported just a few thousand miles on the odometer. I remember shopping for a used Audi Allroad from the past century, and most cars with over 70k miles had air suspension issues or even conversions back to "fixed" suspension.
I also just noticed bunch of posts about glass roof breaking down in a few years-- I don't have one either, but was considering for the next Tesla.
Interesting...I have noticed something similar with my car. You hear it mostly over small bumps. I have Dual Motor + Smart Air

If I had to close my eyes and point to where it is coming from, I’d be pointing to the left side of the center screen.
Just throwing in my “yes” as well. Early on the tech blamed it on “tire flapping” but it’s gotten worse and worse over the last year ( you have that to look forward to). I can’t wait to hear that they figured out a fix... my wife gives me s..t every time we drive and calls the car the old horse and carriage clunker.
HI - newbie here! I have two 2017 Model S 100D's both built in Sept and both have the same front right suspension rattle. San Diego SC says known problem and they will let me know when a fix is available. One car has 2700 miles which is 1k less than the other and its rattle is way worse. They did mention at one point that it has something to do with a switch to Billstein from continental air struts or vice versa - not sure how true that is - seemed they were trying to come with some to point at.
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Same issue since I picked up my MS75D end of September. SC knows of the issue and replaced most of the suspension but the noise is still there. They said it is with engineers but has been there since October... Hoping for a fix soon!
My wife's 75D is a late 2017 inventory car but does not have air suspension.

Still I'm noticing a knocking sound coming from the front and its most noticeable at low speen on bumps. I thought it was a bad shock mount or control arm. Haven't taken it to the sc yet.

My 2015 P90D with air suspension doesn't knock.
Hello from Europe. I have an October 2017 M S 100D. Just came back from SC today. After like replacing almost everything the last week they came with the same answer. Bad designed front suspension. Don't know about you guys, but it spoils the whole 'zen' experience of an electric car. As for me. I wait 2 months, but if there's no fix within 2 months I'll start legal action. A model S is a really expensive car - if I would have known that it would rattle like that I would not have made the purchase. So hope there is a fix soon ....
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