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Supercharger - Baker, CA (40 V2 stalls)

So true. Our first Airbnb was in Flagstaff, and also our first stop driving our new S90D from L.A. area to Texas last summer.

The host told us all about Flagstaff's light restrictions-- she said it was a "dark city" or something like that-- porch lights had to shine only down, not into the sky.

That's probably because Lowell Observatory is in Flagstaff. Less light pollution makes for better telescope observations. Tucson is this way as well, due to Kitt Peak.
Construction underway!


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Jun 6, 2013
So Cal
Awesome! I cannot believe that Yermo is far underway and this one is right behind. I tell ya, I am not going to miss the discussions about how congested this route can get. Even with the Model 3 coming out, I doubt the I-15 will have any issues for awhile.
(Here's to hoping the LA/SD corridor will get construction underway)



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The 15 between LA and Vegas is going the be the Electric Superhighway.
No kidding! From Hesperia to Primm, Tesla is installing SCs at just about every major stop where ICE drivers might fuel up. It'll be possible to drive an EV to Vegas with basically no planning and no range anxiety - just stop for a charge if you're getting a little low. Even today it's easy enough, but there is a lot of desert between Barstow and Primm and it would be horrible to be stranded if you haven't paid enough attention.

All of these new I-15 chargers will be useful to us, for one use case or another. I'm also looking forward to updates on the Hesperia SC, as that should be handy when we're returning home from Lone Pine and points north via US-395.
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Jan 26, 2016
Palmdale, CA
This Supercharger is going to open before the much ballyhooed EVGO fast charger by the thermometer. That guy was supposed to open in June 2017.

@OCRyan: More pics on the return trip?

The 15 between LA and Vegas is going the be the Electric Superhighway.


How do we know this is the Tesla install and not the EVGo one?


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Sep 16, 2016
Now the question is, how do they control who goes in and out of these designated SuperCharger lounge and keep the restroom and facilities for their customers only?
There will likely be a PIN on the in-car nav. They can change it as often as they see fit.

It's not quite up and running yet, but there is a PIN provided for the Edmonton supercharger which has a gate that closes after hours (it's in a mall parking garage). The PIN provided in the Nav will allow you to open the gate so you can charge 24/7.
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Jul 18, 2017
The more I think about this site, the more I think this might be the first operational "V3" supercharger.

* Large site - check
* Battery buffers - check
* Solar canopies - check

We might be finding out the details of V3 from Baker. :)

* 5 battery packs for 40 stalls suggests 8 stalls per V3, which is a perfectly cromulent number.

* BUT, there's 20 cabinets, so still 2 cabinets per stall. This could suggest that one buffer feeds 4 cabinets, each of which feeds two stalls. But that would be a rather inefficient design unless the cabinets are now higher power. The whole point of a well-balanced system is to ensure that you have a nice mix of vehicles early in their charge and late in their charge, avoiding situations where all of the vehicles connected are early in their charge and wanting more power. Hopefully they've upped maximum cabinet power.

* 210kWh per charger means 2-4 full charges (excepting Semi ;) ), and even more in terms of partial charges. Sounds like a sweet spot for a buffer.

* Last pricing I saw on 2 powerpacks was $145k (incl. inverter and install), so ~$72,5k for the buffer for each "V3", and $362,5k for the whole stations's buffers. Which is really not much at all. This will definitely be a savings versus demand charges. Demand charges are normally killer for superchargers, but this will cut them dramatically.

I wish there was an easy way to figure out how much power the powerpacks are capable of outputting... they're 210kWh, but how many kW? Looks like the inverters they use are 250kW each.... but how many are there? Hmm... If we had this we could figure out how much power they've got going to the cabinets, to get a sense of whether the cabinets are higher power.
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Low pressure sodium. It's great for astronomers because almost all of the light is concentrated into a single spectral line, which is easy to filter out:

Thank goodness for SpaceX so that in a few years we can go back to full spectrum ground lighting and put the telescopes in space where they belong.


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Dec 25, 2015
Baker would be an excellent truck stop location.

Easy in and out. One main road, relatively little non-travel/local traffic. Barstow (right now) would be problematic for plugging in for EV Semis. Newer stalls elsewhere may rectify this issue. Same could be said for many of the other locations right now with the way the chargers are laid out (Assuming that plugging in will be the way to recharge EV Semis, not battery swaps).

Wondering if these new large capacity stations will have greater accommodation for tractor-trailers & towing. I know the one in Norway has pull through superchargers which would make it easier to charge towing Teslas.

Very exciting to see how these work out.

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