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Supercharger - Tustin, CA - Franklin Ave. (LIVE 26 May 2023, 36 V3 stalls)

Another supercharger coming to the Tustin area, the biggest one so far (36 stalls - V3 or maybe the new V4-who knows.). Info/permit posted on twitter by Marco.

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Interesting choice considering how close the new Red Hill station is.

Also, this station is literally across the street from my old office and in the same parking lot as my dermatologist. It doesn't seem big enough of a lot but maybe I haven't looked carefully enough.

I will check it out when we get back from Europe in a few days.
The permit screenshot shows 14461 Franklin while the title of this post says 14661. Probably needs an update.

@Chuq @Big Earl @bmah
Thanks.. it's really hard to work out where it actually is. The building labelled 14461 on Google Maps actually says 14451 on Street View:

If you start heading down the street in the direction of the larger street numbers, you get 14511 as the sole building on the next block, then the one after that is 2552 of the cross street (Walnut Ave) and the other building is the one that was 14661 previously.

And none of the specific properties are really conducive to a good SC location (churches, medical facilities, law offices, etc.) although there are food options nearby.

I'll put it at the location of the major intersection for now, until we get more details.

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Both Legacy and Redhill are regularly packed. Tustin altogether is a perfectly situated relief valve for Irvine/OC..

My kid’s school is down the street, not 5 mins away. Even with 3-4 spots open, by time I arrive, more often than not, it’s full.
Yeah, the Tustin Legacy one is off and on. Sometimes it has a super long wait, and then other times if I go around 10-11PM, it's dead. That's my favorite location in the area, but the Franklin might overtake it since it will have so many stalls.
Well folks we have a lot of activity here. It's definitely in the area shown above mostly in between the two buildings but also along the tree line. I don't see any pedestals yet but this conduit certainly looks like the same stuff I've seen on other construction sites.

Also it's by far the largest construction site I've seen if this is for the superchargers.


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