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Mar 21, 2016
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  • You can submit a new entry for an existing month if you believe your data is more accurate.
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Project Manager: Hobbes
Technical Manager: Troy aka @TroyTeslike

  • Troy (2 Sep 2021): Added Model Y.
  • Troy (6 Apr 2016): The European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) has started publishing stats HERE, although it is not as up to date as our data.
  • Troy (20 Feb 2016): To view this topic better, you can switch to the expanded view. The button is all the way down, in the bottom left corner.


Previous years' data is available here: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)

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We need more volunteers to confirm entries. Currently there are many people submitting entries but hardly anybody checking and confirming them. If you want to help, post a message here (or pm me if you prefer) until the end of this month. If you are not always around that's fine. You can help when you have time. That's why we need more people. If there are more volunteers it's less likely that everybody will be away during the same days, weeks or months. There is no additional communication, emailing, reporting back etc. required. I will just add your username to a list and send you a link to a google spreadsheet. It has nice drop lists where you select yes or no to approve entries. No copy-paste required. Everything is automated.

Why do we need people to confirm entries?
1. Sometimes the source link is too general. Usually this happens when there is a web page that has links to an excel or PDF file and the user submits the link to the webpage. We want the link to the excel or PDF file if the sales number is inside that file. Of course links to web pages are fine if the number is on the web page.

2. Sometimes the number is wrong.
Example 1: Source has February and YTD number. The user incorrectly enters YTD number
Example 2: Source has January 2016 and January 2015 numbers next to each other. The user incorrectly enters January 2015.
Example 3: Source has one number for used car registrations and another for new registrations. User incorrectly enters used car registrations.

What do you need to do?
Step 1: Look at the wiki article from time to time. For example right now it says "Entries pending approval: 6"
Step 2: Open the google spreadsheet. (I will send you the link)
Step 3: Check if the number and source are correct
Step 4: Select a checkbox from a droplist with the appropriate action.

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Hi Atlantis,

Portugal is a new country that was added to the THIS list recently. Hobbes and I are aware that some users are interested in Portugal stats so we started monitoring it along with other countries on that list. The plan is to check the numbers once a year for all low-volume countries and move them to the main list if they reach 0.3% of registrations in Europe (3 units registered in that country per 1000 units in Europe). If you see this happen let us know. Thanks

Source websites that could be useful for Portugal:
The estimate for UK Q4 15 UK is much too low. Whilst the exact figure will not be released until later by Dept for Transport. The SMMT (society of motor manufacturers) do release monthly numbers but because Tesla do not release the numbers, they are only included in 'Other imports'. See Record year for new car market as registrations hit 2.6 million in 2015 - SMMT - note: click at bottom of webpage for download of detailed data. 'Other imports' excluding Tesla have been in the range 200-400 per quarter for the last couple of years. Other imports in Q4 were 937, so estimate for Q4 MS deliveries is 535-737. This is a lot higher than previous quarters as it's the first full quarter of dual motor cars in the UK.
Hi mrco,

At the beginning of the wiki, there are two messages that are relevant here:

  • You can submit entries of your own estimate or calculations. First write a forum message in the EU Market situation and outlook thread to describe your method. Then on the input form paste a link to that message as data source.
  • You can submit a new entry for an existing month if you believe your data is more accurate.

Like it says, if you want you can post your calculation in the EU Market Situation and Outlook thread, then submit an entry using the input form (link is in the wiki). To support your exact calculation, if you can show that Tesla numbers are consistently around the same percentage of Other import in SMMT, I don't see a reason why your method wouldn't be considered. For example if Tesla sales were always between 50-70% of Other imports, you could calculate an exact number based on 60%, post your calculation in that topic and submit an entry. Somebody else had an idea about using reservation numbers to estimate UK sales. That could be another approach.

I want to clarify that this thread is about the technical aspects of the wiki project. My job is to make sure the google spreadsheet, the graphs, the input form work correctly. Discussions about numbers and estimates belong to the other thread.

I don't know if we are registering the numbers for Finland correctly. We take them from the tab 'Passenger cars registered to organisations' yet it is unclear what those numbers really mean. When you compare with the tab '30 most registered passenger cars by make' the numbers also don't correspond. For example in April for Volkswagen we get two different numbers (1855 vs 1105). Which is the real number?!? For Tesla it's even weirder, it's not in the top 30 yet the bottom brand is Jeep with just 7 cars yet Tesla is listed in the cars to organisations tab as 20. Presumably, Tesla should then fall in the others category which shows 25. Clearly Tesla should be in the top 30?!? For May it's even weirder still. Others (of which Tesla is part) are listed as 23 but how come then Tesla is listed as 24 in the organisations tab? Anyone who can shed a light on this?

I had a look at Finland numbers. They appear correct. On the excel file "Pc organisations" tab column D shows YTD numbers. For example the latest file HERE shows 49 units in 2016 at the end of June which matches our YTD number. The "PC 30 makes" tab (top 30 passenger cars) shows monthly numbers. By the way instructions on how to read data from each data source can be found HERE. Let me know if you notice any other issue. Cheers
Strange, there is no Tesla X deliveries registered in June in Switzerland. But, I think that some owners in Switzerland had posted photos of their cars in the dedicated thread for EU Tesla X deliveries. Lack of data from authorities, confusion between Tesla x and total Tesla S figures or something else?
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Strange, there is no Tesla X deliveries registered in June in Switzerland. But, I think that some owners in Switzerland had posted photos of their cars in the dedicated thread for EU Tesla X deliveries. Lack of data from authorities, confusion between Tesla x and total Tesla S figures or something else?

Some X Models have been delivered in Switzerland, but they do not yet show up in the official registration statistics. They are lumped into the "Other cars" category probably until they reach more significant sales number.
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Hi @bonaire,

You submitted a new entry today for Norway, July 2016. It says 66 units for Tesla. However, the first table above shows 43 units. Let me explain why. The blue table is for Model S only. The pink table is for Model X. Then we have the purple table that shows both. Here you can see 66 units. You might say, how do we know that Model S is 43 units? Simple, on the source page HERE change the drop list to "Modelfordelt" and it will show the Model S number.

By the way, under the table, there is a link for instructions on how to read data from each source. I update this file regularly with the latest info. Thanks for checking the data and submitting new entries. Cheers
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