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TeslaFi - Battery Degradation Reports (upload your data)

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I haven't seen any threads or spreadsheets tracking this for Model 3 yet. So here's mine:


Please post with "High Range vs. Low Range" checked and included in the screenshot, as above.

Is there a spreadsheet that Model S or Model X owners are using that we can use as a template?

If you haven't used TeslaFi but are thinking of signing up, please feel free to use my referral code: remlemasi


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I think that those of us with only a few thousand miles or less (such as myself) can't really extrapolate anything useful yet. I don't think even thousands of vehicles with reports that are only a couple thousand miles each will be useful.

But, here's mine (not sure why the graph doesn't show it but I'm at 1,323.19 Miles - I only recently set up TeslaFi so that's why the graph starts at 1,002):

Probably not enough of us doing road trips yet to add up to enough miles to see a noticeable change.

Currently TeslaFi says my high vs low, high vs current, starting vs current losses are 0.33%, 0.29%, and 0.08%. Started using TeslaFi at ~1002 miles and currently at ~1594.

The chart is basically a wiggle that is mostly flat and every so slightly downward trending.


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Jul 22, 2014
Here is mine, big drop when I upgraded from 2018.21.9 to 2018.28.2 and that is also when the BMS Bootloader was updated. The second drop was updating to 2018.32.6

Mostly charge to 80%, may do first 100% charge this weekend.
Here's mine. High Range vs Low Range isn't necessarily the best indicator, as we have not lost 2% range. The low of 307 mi in fact was when the car was new, the high of 313 at the three month midpoint, and at the 6-month point right now, right at the design spec of 310 mi.

So in fact we've gained about 1% since new. High range vs current range might've been the better comparison.

Overall though the vertical axis is very narrow, so reality is the range has been amazingly flat through the first six months. That's noticeably different from our Model S, which had a steady linear decline of about 5% over the first year, before flattening out.


We charge to about 80%, but we don't plug it in daily, more like every 3-4 days since we do modest mileage.
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Dec 11, 2012
Anyone know what percentage you need to charge to to trigger the re-balancing? I have a vague memory of reading about 93% or more, but not sure. So far I have only charged up to 90% a few times.

I'm not sure. To be thorough, I would wait until you are about to have a decent-length drive (say, 30+ miles) and charge all the way up to 100% just prior to leaving. Ideally after charging from a low percentage the night before.
Updated chart:

Looks like a couple people with some significant degradation already. @diamond.g steadily dropping into the 290s with only 1600mi driven. @P=VI with a sudden drop to 295 at 3800mi driven. Weird.

Not my intention to cry wolf, but just making some initial observations. Let's keep them coming.

P.S. Please remember to format the screenshot with "High Range vs. Low Range" checked and included in the capture.


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Dec 11, 2012
I don't want to discount the bigger drop data, but I do think it's important that folks clarify what their usual charge process and limit is. I'm certainly no expert, but have spent a lot of time on these forums. The consensus seems to be that if you are not semi-regularly charging to or near 100%, your vehicle's estimation of its capacity will not be as accurate as if you were. So if you're seeing a significant drop, try my earlier suggestion of putting the pack through a fairly full discharge/charge cycle.
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