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Warm spots for critters

Taking delivery of our MS next Tuesday. One thing that worries me:

We have a weekend cabin that's way out in the boonies. When it's cold outside, we have a problem with squirrels, rats or something getting into the warm engine compartment and building nests. Once they chewed through some wiring, to the point of an annoyingly expensive repair. I've taken to leaving the hood up in the winter. This seems to make the engine compartment exposed enough to discourage unwanted lodgers.

Are there warm nooks in a Tesla that'll produce the same problem? (The car will be plugged in.) Any ideas how to discourage this behavior?
There was a posting quite a while ago about someone in a similar situation finding that some animal had chewed through the UMC cable while the car was plugged in over night. If I recall, there were suggestions of putting a coating of animal repellent on the cable or otherwise protecting it in those circumstances.
don't have a MS (yet) :-( but I live in the city and have unfortunately experienced this problem with both our gas-guzzlers.
we've found droppings on top of our CRV's engine block. and one time in for service they found my Audi's wiring harness all chewed up.

one thing you could try: 100% peppermint oil

in both our cars, I soaked cotton balls and stuffed them into round mesh tea balls (tea infusers), and used wire to fasten a couple of these balls onto secure spots inside the engine compartment (away from any moving parts). downside is you have to re-soak the cotton periodically, not inexpensive. Plus I don't know where you could attach these in a MS since no engine compartment...

anyhow it seemed to work in our case last winter, although if you read other reports on the internet some say peppermint oil's effectiveness is a myth, so YMMV