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What color is the (rear turn signal) in Europe and Asia?

Amber in the UK (required by law).

Also one of the reversing lights is replaced with a rear fog light (also required by law), so it just has one reversing light.
This is quite annoying (though not unusual on imported US cars) because people assume that one of your reversing lights is broken and feel the need to come and tell you in car parks.
Why don't they make them amber in all countries? I love amber turn signals and I believe they increase safety over everything back there being red. Can amber LEDs be retrofitted into the existing US tail light enclosure?

Personally, I hate amber rear signals, but let's not get into that here. There was a whole other huge thread on that subject. :wink:

What I recall was that the whole assembly would have to be changed and most, if not all of the jurisdictions with amber turn signals also utilize a different charge port style which would not be compatible with North American connector standards.