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What information would you want to know about Model 3?

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Jul 18, 2017
Does ESC wake torque sleep?
Is it possible to disable torque sleep?
Pricing on AWD / dual motor?
Does AWD / dual motor come with a towing hitch?
What exactly does non-PUP look like?
Is M3 designed to be compatible with Supercharger V3? If not, will it be possible to upgrade later?
Does Tesla have plans for making battery upgrades/replacement available to consumers down the line (fully aware of how expensive it would be), for people whose car has a problem out of warranty or just simply want the latest battery tech without having to replace their entire car?
Does Tesla ever plan to disclose "hidden parameters", such as any locks on performance or charge rate applied to a specific vehicle?
What's the max charge rate for a Model 3 on a CHAdeMO adapter?
Can a M3 connect to a wifi hotspot while driving? Any restrictions on it?
What's the monthly / per-GB cost for net connectivity? Is it possible to do pay-as-you-go/per-GB only?
Just to be sure, the drive unit is only covered by the 4-yr and 50k mi warranty, not the 8-yr 100k mi warranty, correct?
Were you sent here by the devil?
What are the actual battery pack sizes, both nominal and usable capacity?
What are your plans for my country (Iceland)? Do you have any plans to come here, or are you going to keep leaving us as a giant hole in your European network, by far the highest-GDP-per-capita nation in the world that you don't serve, one with clean power and high EV adoption rates?
If you don't plan to come to Iceland, how would my delivery work? Do I need to travel to Denmark to pick it up? How will this affect taxation/fees? Surely I wouldn't get double charged, would I?
What are your general European pricing figures like?


Soon...very soon.
Apr 20, 2016
Repeat: Web browser on the screen?
Anything interesting in the glove box manual?
Monroney window sticker showing range / efficiency ?
Try the voice commands. How do you activate it? What happens if you say "show me how to get to the nearest supercharger?" or just "nearest supercharger" or "find charging".
I am also very curious about the voice functions. What all can be controlled with voice? I am hoping a lot of settings are voice controlled to avoid being distracted by the screen while in motion.


Aug 1, 2017
San Diego
How soon after the AWD version is available will the performance and then ludicrous version become available?

Will the performance model get any additional extras beyond more speed (sport/air suspension, carbon fiber trim vs wood, turbine wheels)?
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Feb 1, 2016
Are there any provisions for a roof rack on the glass roof, or does that require the yet unannounced panoramic roof?

I'm pretty sure it has already been confirmed that it has the attachment points under little doors like the S does on the panoramic roof. I thought they said it would even been in the non-glass roof version. But it would be nice to get pictures of them with the doors open.


Galaxy President (former)
Dec 10, 2015
Austin, TX
Blind spot monitoring indicator location.

On the center main screen display, or is there an indicator in the side mirrors.

If it follows the S and X, it will be on the center screen where it shows the shaded area when something is along side. I feel it would be better in the side mirrors or base of a-pillar, like practically all other manufacturers, but it is what it is.


Jul 5, 2017
Tulsa, ok
My number one concern that I'd like the answer to is the ability of the Model 3 to keep the windows free of frost when it's in the middle of a typical Canadian prairie winter of -35 to -40 degrees.

No, this is not an exaggeration.

How long do you think this test drive is going to be?

Hey, can we drive to Canada and wait until winter so I can see if the windows are frost free?
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2020 Model S LR+ Owner
May 3, 2015
New Mexico, USA
The number one thing I am wondering about:

What about this alleged inward-facing camera that will be looking at the driver? Will Tesla require that it be on? Will Tesla get weird if you cover it with tape? (I have no interest in AP by the way, so I don't care if the camera helps with AP somehow)
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Apr 22, 2016
Chicago suburbs
There's already way too much to cover, but I'll add a few anyway. :D
  • Moonroof / retractable panoramic roof: Will it ever be offered? If so, when?
  • Heated steering wheel: Will it ever be offered?
  • Turning/cornering lights: Will they ever be offered?
  • Glove box: Can you open it without turning on the car?
  • Power meter display: Is there a display to show instantaneous kW power draw?
  • Heating system: Is waste heat from the motor "recycled" for battery heat or cabin heat, or anything else?


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Feb 1, 2016
Power meter display: Is there a display to show instantaneous kW power draw?

I can answer this one. Yes. It is the little horizontal line under the speed display. (You can see it in the test drive videos.)

From this video. Not the best captures but you can see the bar goes white to the left for draw and green and to the right for regen. (But you don't get any actual numbers.)

Model 3 Accelerating.png

Model 3 Regening.png
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