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Woman and child saved by the Model S in a landslide

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check this out Bjørn Nyland on Twitter:

look at that one pic


look at the location.

a mother and child were saved by the Model S. they were driving in the MS on the edge of the road on a cliff above a lake when they were hit by a landslide and a massive tree landed on top of the car.

if that was any other car, first the tree would have crushed them (remember, the Model S broke the NHSTA crush test machine because it can withstand a massive crush load), and likely the landslide would have pushed any other car off the road. that looks like a massive cliff over a lake.

That photo is incredible and speaks to the safety of the Model S.


There has to be a way for Tesla to tastefully use this as a real world example of the safety of their cars. So many auto makers cleverly advertise their 5 star ratings on one specific test in a way that makes it look like the car has a 5 star safety rating when it's not even close. Tesla could use this, if done right...

Can't help to notice the roof isn't panorama like most model S' though. Wonder what difference that would have made...

Well, as I see it the safety glass of the windshield held up, and I have to imagine that the Pano is made of the same material. Also there is steel (aluminum?) reinforcement at the front and middle and rear panels of the Pano roof. I suspect that would have offered the same protection as the solid roof. I could be wrong, but I think Tesla has it covered.

Father Bill
Amazing and so glad they weren't hurt. You wonder when things that are designed to save lives will actually do it and then you get to see it. I hope the Tesla engineers responsible for the making this possible are proud; I know I am.
I bet they are at least 97% likely to buy another Model S, despite any reliability issues they were having with door handles or drive units.

I agree... Glad that the family was unhurt. Those pictures remind me of what the old (Classic box shaped) Volvos were known for...

If Tesla can be the "de-facto" safe car poster child... Who cares about a few door handle issues...