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  1. L

    2020 model x Raven without warranty vs 2019 model x 100D with 1 year left on warranty.

    I'm in the market for a new car and have landed on a Tesla Model X. But i am torn between choosing a 2020 Long range Raven model with 105000km and therefore no warranty left or, a 2019 100D Long range model with 79000km and therefore 1 year and 20k km left with warranty. Both cars look brand...
  2. P

    Previous owner search

    Hey all! Some time ago I bought a salvage Tesla S 100D, 2019 grey, with aTm letters next to registration (prob stands for A&M university). Due to insurance company policy no previous owner information can be obtained from them. Basically I am looking for previous owner to transfer ownership...
  3. S

    FS: late-2017 Model S 100D under Tesla warranty through 12/25. 83k miles. $45k (SF Bay Area)

    Description Original Owner. Selling my 2017 Model S 100D that was purchased late-2017 (December 21, 2017 to be exact) and is in excellent condiiton. Car has 83k miles and at 100% charge the range is 287 miles. I have the 100k or 6 year Tesla extended warranty already prepaid on car and that...
  4. I

    2017 Tesla Model S 100D for sale

    Tesla Model S 100D 2nd owner, California vehicle Clean title, no accidents, runs excellent - Warranty: 3 year unlimited mileage battery and drive unit warranty until April 2026 via Tesla - Range: 310 mile range at 100% charge Vehicle condition: - 10/10 interior, non-smoking vehicle - 9/10...
  5. D

    2 battery replacements in less than a year. (Model s performance)

    Has anyone had experience with multiple HV battery failures in the same vehicle? If so did tesla offer some sort of compensation or remedy? My 2019 model s Raven performance is great, when it works. I bought it from tesla preowned, it was in their leased fleet. I owned it for about 2 months...
  6. C

    2017 Tesla Model S 100D For Sale

    I am looking to sell my 2017 Model S 100D. It has 38k miles and gets 313 mils on a full charge. It has FSD paid for and Premium Connectivity for life. The color is Silver Metallic (PMSS) with a Carbon Fiber Spoiler, and has black leather, carbon fiber trim and full Alcantra headliner. Has the...
  7. D

    2017 Tesla Model X 100D For Sale

    Hello, I am selling my 2017 Tesla Model X 100 D, 7 Seater Configuration. Mileage 60XXX miles. Car is in excellent conditions with most possible upgrades from Tesla. New tires purchased this month. Current 100% charge is 272 Miles. I have multiple sets of floor mats with the car. This car has...
  8. D

    2017 100D Model X Blue Metallic for sale Located in Troy/MI

    Hello, I am selling my 2017 Tesla Model X 100 D, 7 Seater Configuration. Mileage 60XXX miles. Car is in excellent conditions with most possible upgrades from Tesla. Asking $79000. Specs Full Self-Driving Capability GPS Enabled Homelink Black Premium Interior Smart Air Suspension Ultra High...
  9. W

    2017 100D Model X Midnight Silver

    100D Long Range All-Wheel Drive Midnight Silver Metallic 28,xxx miles 22" Black Turbine wheels White Premium Interior Dark Headliner Six Seat Interior Autopilot FSD Premium Upgrades Package Smart Air Suspension Ultra High Fidelity Sound Subzero Weather Package FSD Computer Upgrade (2021) MCU2...
  10. D

    Model X 100D 2017 for sale

    Trying to figure out if I trade it in to Tesla for the PLAID or sell. Car has been great, there are a couple bodywork items that need to get fixed but I am certainly willing to discount to account for the cost and effort necessary to have that done. Realistically it needs a new front drivers...
  11. guicane

    Buying High mileage MX100D

    Hi all! First time tesla owner to be here so I have a few questions if anyone can help... I'm in the UK and there's a decent deal on a 2017 MX 100D with just over 100k miles. According to the car specs in the app it says it has the Premium Upgrades Package but the other menu shows it has the...
  12. S

    FS - 2018 Model S P100DL+

    Meticulously maintained 2018 Tesla Model S P100DL+ with only 22,709 miles driven by my wife. Full PPF since day 1 and full ceramic tint. Every option available including 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine wheels, all glass panoramic roof with sunroof, heated seats and steering wheel, smart air...
  13. N

    Issues with 2019 Model X 100D

    Hey there, our Model X 100D has been having some issues with the Dash and Infotainment. Dash - Has an inverted "L" shaped black mark, also the edges of the screen seems to be dull/fade out for some reason. Infotainment - Has a yellow/orange band around it. Looked up online and found UV light...
  14. M

    2017 Tesla Model S 100D - w/ many upgrades - 44K miles Excellent condition

    I purchased this vehicle new on December 27, 2017 for $110K. It currently has 44,500 miles as of today, 9/30/2021. Under Warranty until December 27, 2021 - Eligible to purchase Tesla 2yr or 4yr Extended Warranty The car has always been garage kept and always hand washed. I'm located in...
  15. F

    WTB: Model S 100D, P100DL+, or LR+ w/ EAP or FSD

    Looking to buy ASAP a 2016.5 or later 2nd gen Model S 100D or P100DL or Raven Long Range Plus Must have: - FSD or EAP - Heated seats and steering wheel - Bioweapon defense mode _ Smart air or Raven suspension Nice to have: - Free transferable unlimited supercharging FUSC - Free transferable...
  16. J

    2018 Model S 100d uncorked

    Pali I have a amazing condition Model S 100d Midnight silver with every option possible except for FSD, instead I purchased the Enchanced Auto Pilot for $5,000. It has smart suspension, premium stereo, black prem leather, carbon fiber, 21 inch rims with BRAND NEW as of 3 weeks ago Continetial...
  17. P

    Buying a Used 2018 MX 100D

    Hey, gang, Hope everyone is well. As the subject line states, I am looking at 2018 100Ds. Looks like there are quite a few on the market now. This will be my first Tesla and wanted to gut check a few things with this crew: Is MCU2 available on all 2018 models or is there a production/made...
  18. S

    For Sale: Late 2017 Model S 100D - Immaculate Condition - $55,950

    Link to ad with pictures: Used Tesla Model S for Sale in Orinda, CA - CarGurus Description Original Owner. Car purchased on December 23, 2017 so under warranty until December 22, 2021. Excellent condition Model S with grey metallic exterior and premium white interior. 47,300 miles. Car is...
  19. G

    2017 Model X 100D, Obsidian Black Metallic, 6-Seat w/ Console, 21.6K miles

    We're selling our 100D Model X that is in great condition. Gently driven, always garaged, low miles at 21,665. We took delivery on December 30, 2017 so there is over a year left of the standard warranty as well as the option to purchase the extended warranty until January 2022. Asking...
  20. K

    18 Model S 100D Totaled

    Recently involved in a car accident that led to my 18 S to be deemed total, happened just a few days ago so i dont have the settlement value yet, according to kbb 2018 Model S go for around 60-70k. It had less than 25,000 miles. I need help as the value is completely screwed up, I paid roughly...
  21. F

    WTB - Model X 100D or P100D 2016.5 or 2017

    Looking to purchase 100D or P100D Model X with: 6 seats Air suspension Premium package Cold weather package AP2 or higher hardware (whether activated or not, doesn't matter) Only interested in vehicles with order date no later than 1/15/2017 and delivery no later than April 2017. Open to all...
  22. .FP.

    Just ordered a Model S

    Hi all, first of all, thanks for all the help so far. The feedback and information I was able to learn from everyone is greatly appreciated. I am buying a used Model S 100D through Tesla and had a few questions I was hoping you experienced folks can help answer. 1. Has anyone's delivery fee...
  23. F

    Reservation from Tesla- Used 17 Model X 100D for 60k advice

    I just plopped down the $100 reservation on a 2017(May) model X 100D for 60k(My price limit) but now I'm on the fence due to mileage and color combo Upsides FSD included(AP2.0), Premium Upgrade PKG, Dual Chargers, Free supercharging, 100 pack Downsides 83k miles, 5 Seater, Not my favorite...
  24. B

    2019 Model X 100D Lease Transfer

    We are looking to transfer our Model X lease as we have recently moved and the commute does not justify the lease. We have a 2019 Model X 100D. Current mileage is 10,000 with 20,000 remaining. The current lease ends in March, 2022 (about 26 months remaining). The current payment is $1,751.56...
  25. N

    2017 100D S

    Offers located in South Florida I have the 19” OEM wheel with tires that need replacement And the 21” Arachnid
  26. kingkong5

    Can diminished value be greater than the cost of the repair?

    And how would I go about asking the insurance company for that money? Last week in my 2018 100D I was the front car in a 3 car chain reaction. It was at a stop light that had just turned green, and while waiting for the three cars in front of me to proceed, a driver coming down the road 2 cars...
  27. Alsaid

    Charge loss MS

    I have a tesla 100D. 2017. When I park the car overnight the battery degradation overnight for my car about 30 miles a night. So if I leave the car has 200miles of charge, in the morning will has 175mile. That’s around 9 hours parking the car. I have took the car to the service and it has been...
  28. prash

    For Sale-2017 Model S 100D with FSD/13,900miles in IL-$74950

    Please find attached pics and build sheet. No accidents and always garaged. Can provide with FSD purchase receipt and additional pics to interested buyers. AP2.5 with MCU1. Full Ceramic coat. No subzero package and premium sound. Car located in Southern IL.
  29. K


    It is time that I am interested in purchasing a Tesla Model X. However, due to pricing, I am looking for a used vehicle in the California or Nevada area. I have been doing some research for the past month and I still get confused about what version is what, so I am asking people on the forum to...
  30. R

    For Sale: Gorgeous, Fully Loaded Model X 100D

    I've decided to sell my fully-loaded, literally-every-option multi-coat red Model X which is in near-perfect condition... even new tires. I've tried to do my homework so this should be a very attractive purchase! Here are all the details: Basic Configuration Details Custom-ordered 2017 model...
  31. hifipj

    WTB: Parts for 2018 Model X 100D

    Need these parts for a 2018 MX 100D: Front windshield 1076109-01-C Left rearview mirror 1035180-99-H ASY, SHOTGUN, LH 1069419-S0-A ASY - FENDER SUPP LH 1069421-S0-A...
  32. mainecoon

    Model X - Noise Rattle Problem - Fixed @ San Francisco Tesla

    I have a Dec 17 MX 100D. Since I've owned the car there was this slight creaky sound coming from around the glove box - dash area on the passenger side. (I think someone else here on these threads posted something similar) It would make this creak sound as if either something was too tight, or...
  33. S

    Help! 100D vs P100D

    Hey everyone, I've found two private party Teslas and I am trying to decide which one to make my first Tesla. The decision isn't financial strain in either case, but I would like to make the best decision from an enjoyment and future resale value point of view. Here are my choices: 2016 P100D...
  34. fasteddie7

    75 S and X discontinued

    I saw this coming. Kinda stinks as that model works for my family and it was a good price. Oh well, 100d here I come...
  35. widodh

    Vampire Drain is still a major downside after 5 years

    In September 2013 I received my first S85 and ever since I've driven 250.000km (155,000 miles) on the ODO. 5 years later, this September, I received my new S100D and my wife now drives the S85 from 2013. I still love both cars, but the Vampire Drain is still the thing which bugs me the most...
  36. W

    Model X 100D Range in Cold

    I am thinking of purchasing a Model X 100d. I mostly drive in an area that during winters is around 0-32 degrees F. I will be making long-distance trips from Park City, UT to Napa, CA. Some in-between regions are cold. Will I have issues? What will the range be for every day around Park City, UT...
  37. rexorz

    2017 Model X 100D, SF Bay Area

    2017 Model X 100D Deep Blue Metallic ~15,500 miles 6 Seat Configuration Ultra White Interior Carbon Fiber Decor Ultra High Fidelity Sound Premium Upgrades Package High Amperage Charger (72A) Towing Package (Was just purchased and added on 10/23/18) 20" Wheels Blackvue DR750-2CH Dashcam (Wired...
  38. K

    $1,007/mo (seriously!!) lease assumption on 2017 Model X 100D in New York, NY

    I'm moving and need to get out of my lease (sad!). Scored a great deal at the end of 2017, and I haven't seen any leases this low on a 100D MX. Car has been garage kept and used primarily highway so is super clean. I have only had one issue (sensors on the FW doors), and that has been fixed...
  39. N

    PRICE DROPPED - 2017 Tesla Model S 100D - Gray On WHITE - great condition

    If you disagree with anything on my ad, please send me a PM. Please let keep things classy and within the forum rules. Please no high-jacking of my thread. If you're not interested, no worries...kindly move to the next thread. Cheers! :) 23k miles. Midnight Silver on white. No accidents...
  40. B

    Ride quality of the 100D vs P3D

    For anyone who owns both, or at least experiences both on a regular basis, how would you compare the ride quality of the 100D's air suspension vs the P3D's coil system? I've seen Daerik's comparison, but I'm not sure if there's anything different in the P3D system vs the older coil system...
  41. Sunshine State

    Want to buy X P100D, can purchase quickly, PM me

    Hellow everyone, I’d like to buy another X and we are a cash buyer. We have been looking at all the discounted new inventory and some low mile CPO’s, but like anyone, would like a better deal and know the deals are out there. We have several Teslas now so we are not in a rush until we find the...
  42. S

    Looking for Model X

    Anyone selling Model X with AP2 in California? I prefer 100D with 6 seat configuration.
  43. A

    WTB Model X 75D/100D/P100D (6 seat white interior) AP2

    Hey guys, I've been looking diligently for a correct combo of Model X, if you have one of the config below and is thinking about selling please contact me through DM or ajpardilla[at]gmail[dot]com MUST HAVE: 6 seat ultra white interior Enhanced Autopilot (AP2) Premium Upgrade with Sub Zero...
  44. E

    2017 Model S 100D |10,500 miles | Greater Philadelphia Area

    Selling a 2017 Model S 100D with only 10,500 miles as I am going to a Model X. Great condition, non-smoker, and no pets. $94,999 OBO Here are the details: MSRP $118,000 Exterior Color - Midnight Silver Interior Color - White Premium Options: Sunroof Enhanced Auto-Pilot Full Self-Driving...
  45. T

    Reduced supercharge speed on 100D?

    The reduced supercharge speed on 90D's has been discussed for quite a while. Is anyone aware of 100D is affected as well? The 100D is less than 2 years on the market so probably not too many cars out there with heavy supercharging like 200 times. The 90D with 86kWh battery has a high charging...
  46. B

    DIY Fix for Model S Push-to-Talk Button Issue

    If your Model S's push-to-talk doesn't work, try this DIY fix: My Tesla Is Broken on Twitter It worked for me, but now I have to apologize to other drivers and pedestrians when I want to navigate by voice or play music.
  47. aikisteve

    Uncorked 100D beats P100D in sports mode

    To my big surprise, the uncorked 100D beats the P100D in sport mode. Would expect the same results at least. But maybe the cars are set up the same, but the weight difference plays a role... But at least I got payback as well :-D (test was done under controlled circumstances. Do not try to...
  48. Lhshockey24

    $977/mo Late 2017 Model S 100D Midnight Silver - LOADED

    My lease is up for grabs. I don't drive enough, so we are going to be a one car family. Car is in San Francisco Bay Area. Closest to Dublin or Fremont service centers. Current Buyout: $88,000 End of Lease Buyout: $67,710 Lease began: 11/30/2017 Lease ends: 12/1/2020 Monthly payments before...
  49. FamilyT3sla

    2018 Model X New MCU LTE Failure

    Woke up Sunday and did not have LTE/3G or wifi internet access. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  50. S

    Software Version at Delivery

    I took delivery of MS 100D today (3/21/18) and am confused by my software version which reads “v8.1 (terminal/info2-factory 654252a)”. This seems to be a different nomenclature than the typical format (i.e., 2018.10.4). Anyone have insight into what my release has / doesn’t have? I’m still...