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  1. D

    Tesla CPO cars

    Hi everyone I’m new here. I wondered if Tesla does CPO cars for rent. Please advise. Thanks
  2. Lasairfion


    Isn't it about time that Tesla innovated its sales model, like it has everything else about cars? Please check out Know You Know's latest In Depth video regarding an idea put forward about how Tesla should sell cars; and then take the time to Tweet Elon with #salesfleet. You never know: it...
  3. Big-T

    Any thoughts of the price of the model 3 going up if the steel/aluminum tariff goes thru?

    Like the title says, if the Trump plan for steel and aluminum tariffs goes into effect will this raise the price of the model 3 (and other cars). If so by how much and when?
  4. F

    Where to find Demo Cars preferably Model S

    I am definitely thinking of purchasing a Model S and take advantage of the tax credit while I can. I then realized If I can find a demo car for a relatively cheaper price and take advantage of the tax credit at the same time that would be great. Does anyone have any recommendations or websites...
  5. thewallaby

    New Norwegian Tesla Service center 2018

    Long story short Tesla is expanding to a much needed large service center in the Oslo area. Old, new and potentially new owners can take a deep breath now. (Text google translated from Norwegian). It is amazing to see the growing interest in whole-electric family cars, which has led to a...
  6. K

    Electric Parking Brake Wiring

    Hello, I am seeking information as to how the EPB system works exactly in these cars. I would like to retrofit these calipers onto another vehicle, which, due to poor design properties have high failure ratings and an aftermarket supply that is even worse. I plan to use these in lieu of the...
  7. D

    2018 Nissan Leaf & ProPILOT Assist - Hands on

    If you would have told me 2-3 days ago that we would be the owners of a new 2018 Leaf SV with ProPILOT Assist I would’ve called you crazy, but that’s exactly what just happened today. After finding an ad for a rather substantial discount on a brand new model and being extraordinarily skeptical...
  8. C

    Video of Model 3 in Canada

    Hi all, We Canadians are waiting, with a combination of great patience and immense frustration, for our chance to configure our own cars now on reservation. A few days ago the Victoria EV Club brought a Model 3 up from the USA for us to look at, and I've made a couple of videos which are on my...
  9. RedOctober

    Dirty Money

    i just watched the first episode of Netflix series Dirty Money. It was about VW and how corrupt the german automaker really is and at what lengths they will go to deceive the public. It’s a must watch for anyone who is wondering why some of us are never going to purchase another ICE vehicle.
  10. Y

    Red Vs Blue for Modal X, what would you pick

    Hi guys, I am about to order my new Modal X, and I'm really torn apart between red and blue color. I am 27 female living in LA. Red looks really sexy and blue looks cool and classy. They both look very flashy in the showroom, but what about under the sunlight with a bit of dust? I mean I will...
  11. H

    Anyone regretting their purchase

    I was super excited to get my CPO 16 Model S 70D and sang praises to Tesla. However, in my 15 months of ownership and only 47,000 miles on the car I have been to the service center 8 times for three broken door handles (replaced with previous model not the new stronger ones), needing to have...
  12. I

    Has anybody worked out the wall charger communication protocol yet?

    I charge my Model S entirely from Solar power in an off grid location. When the sun goes behind a cloud I need to adjust the charge rate down a bit so I don't flatten the house battery. To do this I need to talk to the wall charger to tell it how much it can have dynamically. I am 99.9% certain...
  13. E

    Rat gnawed brake hydraulics

    A rat gnawed thru the brake fluid reservoir last year. I patched it up with epoxy but it is leaking again. Might have to get a new reservoir. Any suggestions what part for my dual motor S to get apart from going to Tesla?
  14. Olds442

    The GAC Enverge, at Detroit Auto Show.

    The Enverge is a deadly looking electric car from a company you’ve never heard of You probably haven’t heard of GAC, the Chinese automaker with big designs on the US market. At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, GAC is seeking to up its profile in advance of its 2019 US...
  15. X

    Charging Etiquette?

    A random thought came in my mind. What is the community's opinion on asking to charge at a friend's or family member home? I personally think a lot of people would assume it would run their electric bill sky house (my parents thought so at first lol) So I wanted everyone else's opinion of it.
  16. R

    2014 85s For Sale

    Moving and must sell, 2014 85s, Red, 32K miles, great condition, new snow tires on wheels, new cover, 110 plus reg. plug in. $55K
  17. dgpcolorado

    As Electric Cars’ Prospects Brighten, Japan Fears Being Left Behind

    NY Times: As Electric Cars’ Prospects Brighten, Japan Fears Being Left Behind
  18. ABCTG

    BYD auto store downtown Los Angeles

    I noticed a BYD auto store has opened up in downtown Los Angeles, Anyone checked it out? Thoughts? Opinions? Technology | Auto | BYD "Is not only the fruit of a sudden inspiration, but also the loneliness of exploring the unknown." BYD North America 1800 S. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90015...
  19. Great White S

    ICE cars parked at supercharger stalls

    I see a upcoming trend of ICE cars being parked at supercharger stalls. Is there any legal action possible?
  20. X

    Issue with Tesla Mobile app

    I’m currently out of town and when I checked on my car yesterday the range was blank as well as the odometer. I called Tesla today and they said the car was in a deep sleep but I sent someone to wake the car up and the issue continues. Anyone has any ideas?
  21. M

    autopilot en het trolley probleem

    Autonomous Cars Don't Have a 'Trolley Problem' Problem Donderdag weer in discussie terecht gekomen met een fervente petrolhead en tegenstander van autopilot / autonoom rijden... "Ik kan beter rijden als een computer" "wie gaat wat betalen bij een ongeval" etc etc. Ongetwijfeld herkenbaar voor...
  22. Evoyager

    ZF Autonomous steering wheel coming to CES 2018

    "ZF's advanced steering wheel concept represents an important step in the evolution of automated driving while helping to enhance safety and driver awareness. As we prepare for Level 3 automated functions, the hand-over of control between vehicle and driver using highly accurate feedback will be...
  23. dgpcolorado

    NY Times: What Needs to Happen Before Electric Cars Take Over the World

    What Needs to Happen Before Electric Cars Take Over the World
  24. G

    WTB - Nissan Leaf

    I know this is a Tesla site but as Model 3 cars are delivered, I assume many of you may own a Nissan Leaf that you don’t need anymore. I am looking to purchase a Leaf as soon as possible. If anyone that has a Leaf is selling or considering selling, please let me know as I would be interested...
  25. Lhshockey24

    Tax Credit

    Effective date.−The provision applies to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2017. Senate Amendment No provision. Conference Agreement The conference agreement does not include the House bill provision. 3. Repeal of credit for plug-in electric drive motor vehicles (sec. 1102(c) of the...
  26. M

    Tesla Model S 60 For Sale - Gray

    Hi, I’m selling my Tesla as I live and work in downtown San Francisco and am finding a car to be more of a hinderance. Used 2013 Tesla Model S in San Francisco, CA 94107 - 470193420 - Autotrader
  27. Bonehead33

    Upgraded audio??

    Hi all I've got a loaner 2017 brand new 100d and the sound system is great. I presumed it was the upgraded audio system but I looked in the boot and there was no sub on the left. My question is- do the new cars fitted with upgraded sound have the sub elsewhere or is it still the case that if...
  28. M

    Tesla Sales Vs Worldwide Electric Car Sales

    TSLA - Infographic Worldwide electric car sales are expected to reach 9-20MM by 2020 and 40-70MM by 2025, according to IEA. Tesla expects to deliver 100,000 Model S & X vehicles in 2017. A brief timeline of electric cars.
  29. S

    Semi-Truck Industrial Application

    I am doing a project for my graduate degree and I need some information regarding Tesla power electronic drives. Do tesla cars have braking resistors for use in emergency in case there's too much current going into the battery too quickly? This could occur if there is an overdriving load beyond...
  30. Leopold Stotch

    Sharing is Caring! Here's some posters

    Tired of people parking ICE cars in supercharger stalls? Here's some windshield flyers to spread out!
  31. E

    Hi from the UK

    Hi All, I'm Joe, currently putting together an EV site - EV-olve.com, I joined up here as I'm a huge fan of Tesla and Elon Musk, I've put my introduction post in the Model S forum as it was this car that sparked my interest in EVs! The site is very basic and in development at the moment, but...
  32. wipster

    I'm sure this has been considered, but...

    ...I'm going to ask it anyway. Since charge time is such a big deal with electric cars, is it possible to split a battery pack into 2 or more packs with each pack taking a charge from a separate Supercharger? And most importantly, would that speed up the charge time? It seems like it...
  33. K-MTG

    Revamp EAP + FSD Purchase Terms?

    Since all new Tesla's contain the hardware for self driving - why doesn't Tesla treat EAP/FSD as software? For instance, wouldn't it be much better if Tesla tied EAP/FSD with the owner instead of the car? What if I can go to MyTesla and purchase EAP/FSD and tie the license to my car, when I...
  34. Olds442

    100 years ago, and in 100 years from now?

    Looking at cars from 1918, just to see where we were 100 years ago I can't help but wonder what cars will be like in another 100 years. thoughts? predictions?
  35. K

    Saw the New Nissan Leaf 2nd Gen - Not a bad car at all...

    So I was wondering around Ginza the other day and walked into the Nissan Building and wow, I didn't know the 2018 Nissan Leaf redesign was out! I know comparing the Leaf to Model 3 is like, comparing an apple with uh... cantaloupe, but... The styling was not bad (compared to the previous...
  36. D

    An Open Letter about My Model X Body Repair Experience...

    Nearly two years ago, in December 2015, I was fortunate to place an order for a new Model X 90D. The anticipation of owning and driving a brand new, and at that time, relatively rare electric SUV made by Tesla had me walking on air for the six months I waited for my Model X to be produced and...
  37. C

    2016 Model X P90D Ludicrous Loaded For Sale Price Reduced

    Titanium loaded with all most all upgrades. 16,000 miles Took delivery last October. Just lowered price. Ceramic coated and wrapped front end, hood, mirrors, seat backs and sills. $104,900, It is listed in autotrader. ( Hope I can say that here.) Cars for Sale: Used 2016 Tesla Model X...
  38. D

    OVMS V2 hardware

    best members, For school I do a project and I want to tune a car with the OVMS v2. Unfortunately, the OVMS v2 is no longer available, so I'm looking for someone who has 1. Is there anybody who wants to sell him? or would like to loan for money so I can do my project. Kind regards, Dylan
  39. mspohr

    Tesla's Secret Second Floor

    Why Tesla makes more parts in house... And why other companies should do the same Inside Tesla's Secret Second Floor | Backchannel The answer is simple: Our goal wasn’t to build the best electric vehicle. It was to build the best premium car in the world that just happened to be an EV. This...
  40. efusco

    Redemption Code for Kid's Model S Founders- $425

    Just got my redemption code for my referral. My kids are 18, 18 and 13 and don't fit. Selling for $425. Per the Radio Flyer's website... Every lithium ion battery powered Tesla Model S for Kids comes equipped with high-end features to recreate the ultimate Tesla experience including: working...
  41. voyager

    Oxford plans to ban petrol and diesel cars from 2020

    Oxford will ban petrol and diesel cars from its city centre from 2020 onwards in the latest round of air quality plans. It’ll be the first city in the UK to introduce such a ban, going further than London’s Congestion Charge and upcoming T-Charge for high-polluting diesel cars. Oxford City...
  42. K

    Elonroad: Guess that Mr. Musk must be flattered

    Swedish company has launched a pilot around what they named ELONROAD "ELONROADs concept involves a conductive rail laid on top of the road. It has inclined sides to make it smooth when changing lanes. Elonroad is 5 cm high and 30 cm wide.". Guess that Musk only can flattered that his name is...
  43. S

    Dumb leasing question.

    So, I've never leased a car, and always owned my cars for 10 years or so. It seems if I buy a MS for 90K, and finance it, I have to come up with 10% down, and pay the "registration & use/sales tax" fees (~$7200). So, I need to come up with $16K. I'm then financing 81K over 72 months which...
  44. Cyclone

    NC Commissioner restrictions on Tesla Charlotte

    Folks, sadly NC continues to put up roadblocks and hurdles to Tesla and their way of doing business. Already we had the issue that Tesla Charlotte being unable actually sell cars. You could check out a car in the showroom, take a drive in one in a lifestyle/showcase experience, and work with...
  45. lunitiks

    GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2018

    Munich Oct 10-12, 2017 Israel Oct 18, 2017 Taiwan Oct 26, 2017 DC Nov 1-2, 2017 Japan Dec 12-13, 2017 Silicon Valley March 26-29, 2018 Plz post all vids, slides/pdfs/docs you can get your hands on. I'll kick off with some good Jensen Huang action here (GTC China 2017) - best part is from 1:17:47
  46. voyager

    Maserati to use electric drive from 2019

    During a conference call with investors, the boss of Maserati’s parent company said the brand would now spearhead the wider group’s push to electric, which will see more than half of FCA's range use some form of electric power by 2022. All Maserati models to use electric drive from 2019 | Autocar
  47. mtndrew1

    Some Model 3 Thoughts

    The car has been shown, the launch features and specs are published, and prices are available. I'm a legitimate Model 3 intender and I'm parsing all the teeth gnashing over various elements of the launch. The loudest voices in the last 48 hours seem to be from those who expected a self...
  48. A

    Tesla Makes History - Again

    Tonight Tesla hopes to make automotive history again. Delivering much anticipated Model 3s to anxious prepaying customers. These having put their money where their most principled proud hearts lie. Showing faith in the electric car brand by investing a deposit of $1,000. Okay they paid to be at...
  49. Simbalwa

    Being forced to sell our two Teslas- Moving from Michigan to Ontario- PLEA FOR HELP!

    After many failed attempts of getting through to someone at Tesla, we're taking to the "interweb". This is our, now somewhat desperate, plea for help. After YEARS of standing by and supporting Tesla in Michigan...through thick and thin (relatively early supporters), we're being left out in the...
  50. M

    Enquête Rapide

    Bonjour, Je suis un étudiant en Baccalauréat International qui fait une recherche sur Tesla (dans le cadre d'un essai). Je serais très heureux si vous pouviez consacrer 2-3 minutes pour répondre au questionnaire suivant. Vos réponses m'aideront infiniment pour rendre mon etude concrete...