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  1. R

    Detailing shop in Austin, Texas for model S?

    Guys who is the best detailing shop for window tinting and ceramic coatings in Austin Texas? Do you know anyone recommended by Tesla?
  2. CADetailing

    Vendor Ceramic Coatings & Why You'd Love Them!

  3. SumaPerformance

    Vendor 15% Off Ceramic Coating | 2-Year Protection with 1 Bottle, done in 10 Minutes.

    Have you always wanted to try DIY ceramic? Now it's the time with the15% off promo. Use "WELCOME15" at check out. www.sumadetail.com Formula developed by us to ensure that 1 layer lasts 6+ months that can be done in 10 minutes. Simply wipe on and wipe off. reapplying every 3 months for the...
  4. R

    White Spot After Touchless Wash

    Hello everyone so recently I had a touch less wash. I didn’t check the car well until the next day and then I see these. I tired to wipe it with water and a microfiber towel but that didn’t work. It didn’t even change or go away and reappear. I feel like it may be under the wax or polish from...
  5. ArizonaEV

    Phoenix detailing/wraps

    Wanted to start a thread specific to the Phoenix area with discussions about local installers and to share experiences, advice and of course - pictures. We are going to color change our Model Y with 3M matte metallic blue and currently getting quotes from around the Valley.
  6. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra *New Website*

    Wanted to update y'all on our new website Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra where we've just designed a brand new website to help educate / share our stories with our Tesla clients through updates, pictures and videos of our Tesla vehicle protection services for you amazing Tesla clients in the...
  7. Space_CowBoy

    Car wash in winter at home [Need advice]

    I'm planning on setting up my garage to do car washes at home. Not sure what my requirements would be given that the winters here can be brutal. Additionally, what type of waterproofing would I need to do to the walls(bathroom paint) and or floors(epoxy). Also, would the drain need to be...
  8. wmself

    Home detailing/coating - you can do it!

    I'm seeing alot of posts about people going to shops to get their MY detailed and then ceramic coated. I'm not talking about a wrap, just ceramic coating. Yet from my experience this is still quite expensive - from $800-$2000 depending on who you go to, and if it's cheaper then you have to...
  9. M

    Model 3 SR+ - Auto Detailing Question for Montreal

    Hi fellow Montreal-Tesla owners. I'm curious, i live in the west island (pierrefonds west) & i wanted any recommendation for a good place to get my M3 detailed (i.e. wash/wax/polish for exterior, & a detailed interior). Wax is important because i noticed small scratches around the door handle...
  10. P

    Anyone used ceramic sprays?

    I’ve seen ads for Exoforma Ceramic Shield, hydrosilex, chemical guys hydro-something, etc. Has anyone actually used any of these products? Recommendations? Reviews?
  11. ParksDetailing

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Matte Paint Protection Film Conversion

    Hello All, My name is Nick Parks, and I am the owner and operator of Parks Detailing. My company recently joined the Tesla Motors Club as a detailing vendor for the Southeast, and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of this amazing community. We look forward to connecting with you all...
  12. UAP_YYC

    Vendor Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coatings - Calgary AB

    Hello Tesla Motors Club! We are Ultimate Auto Protection and we're new here and thought we should introduce ourselves. We are a new TMC local vendor and we want to get to know you! First of all, Happy New Year to everyone, 2020 is going to be huge. Lets make some really great things happen...
  13. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Glassparency for your Tesla

    We love hydrophobic glass coatings, they dramatically improve your visibility in the worst conditions, rain, snow, ice. The problem with applying on Tesla cars has been that other products have caused the wipers to chatter which can be more than aggravating. Having a couple of Teslas in our...
  14. SteveD

    Exterior detailing

    I have a friend of mine who is a car care specialist at Griot’s Garage in Tacoma, WA. For any car enthusiast, this is the place to visit. Check out www.griotsgarage.com Claire has been working for Griot’s Garage for 5 years and is an expert in car detailing. She is very knowledgeable about car...
  15. SergeLangendoen

    Vendor Een High-End Bower & Wilkins Headset cadeau bij een lakbescherming van uw nieuwe Tesla!

    Speciaal voor onze Tesla klanten hebben we een actie welke klinkt als muziek in de oren! Laat uw auto beschermen en ontvang een High End koptelefoon gratis Kiest u voor minimaal een Modesta Glass Coating voor uw gehele auto dan ontvangt u een Bower & Wilkins PI3 In-ear draadloze...
  16. AutoArmour

    Vendor San Diego Cars and Coffee 4/6/19

    Hi everyone, We're hosting a Cars and Coffee event in San Diego on Saturday April 6th. There will be complimentary coffee and donuts, as well as healthy food vendors (Thyme For Lunch & Everbowl), and a DJ providing music. While not exclusive to Teslas, a lot of our customers are Tesla owners...
  17. EliteFinish

    Vendor Teslanomics (Ben Sullins) Model 3 Protection Education

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share our video with Ben Sullins (Teslanomics) if you haven't seen it yet, we run through factory defects, wash damage, and protectants like ceramic coatings. This video was made in April of last year, but this video is still relevant for your Model 3, and really any...
  18. EliteFinish

    Vendor Crazy Customized Red Multi-Coat Model 3!

    Just wanted to share this gorgeous Multi-Coat Red Model 3 with everyone. Hopefully it gives somebody inspiration for their Model 3 to see what can be achieved with these cars to make them exactly how you want and feel better than brand new! What are your opinions about what you love or would...
  19. AutoTalent

    Vendor Introduction

    Note from TMC Staff: This Vendor used TMC for advertising purposes, but did not fulfill agreed upon financial obligations to TMC. As such we do not wish to have their name associated with TMC and do not recommend other users deal with them.
  20. R

    Detailing (shops & mobile) in Mont Co, Md: who ya got?

    All of the threads on detailing services in this region seem a bit dated. The providers we see here frequently (I'm a customer and fan of TLC in Chantilly, VA) are too far away for cleaning. I'm in search of a quality detailing shop for interior/exterior cleaning of my Tesla S & 3. I'm not...
  21. Extreme Autowerks

    Vendor Oh Tesla with your HUGE panels of glass. We tint Teslas. A. LOT.

    Oh Tesla with your HUGE panels of glass. We tint Teslas. A. LOT. Of Teslas. We actually have the experience and knowledge to tint these large panels with just one sheet of film. There are installers out here that make the same claims BUT for a much cheaper price! Sounds great right?? No...
  22. T

    Vendor Our exclusive Tesla Detail Studio is under construction - Follow the Process

    As we mentioned earlier in the year, we are opening a studio in Tampa that will be exclusively for Tesla vehicles. This new facility is located exactly 1 mile from the new Tesla service center in north Tampa. In this location we will be offering: Window tinting Auto detailing Clear bra...
  23. PapaSlabes

    Recommendations for Detailing Shops in the Greater Boston Area

    I was washing my current, aging car yesterday and noticed the many small bits of black all over the front that don't want to come off even with a concerted effort, and it made me think I should be more seriously considering some sort of protective wrap or sealant for my Model 3. Seems like it's...
  24. S

    XPel Ultimate Damage - fix or replace?

    I have Xpel Ultimate w/Cermaic Pro coating on my X. Someone opened their door and damaged the Xpel (1 yr ago) but saved the car from damage. Xpel is almost 2 yrs old. While at the hand detailing place, they got water inside the hole of the wrap and it filled up like a ballon. My question...
  25. A

    Foam Cannon and Air Compressor Recommendation

    Hi all, I want to purchase a foam cannon and air compressor online that are compatible with each other and produce the best foam car wash experience possible, i.e., foam application, thickness, adhesion to the vehicle, etc. Can anyone post product names or Amazon links to this combination of...
  26. Envious Eric

    Vendor New Model X restored to Better Than New!

    Paint Correction + Envious Detailing + Modesta BC04 This is the highlight reel, head over to the blog for more info and pictures Previous client returned to us with his new Tesla Model X in a black metallic paintjob. This color really looks amazing on this car, without all the swirls and...
  27. J

    Looking for good deailer in Tampa

    I worked for years with Andrew from Mayestic Car Wash to detail my car. His service was always awesome and cheap but unreliable. Lately this "unreliable" turned into something a new word must be invented for. I have finally enough and are looking for a replacement. Anybody can recommend a good...
  28. EliteFinish

    Vendor *San Diego Cars and Coffee* Feb10th Hosted by the AutoSalon

    Hello Tesla Family, On Saturday Feb 10th, 2018, Elite Finish Detailing, SD wrap, & Auto Armour PPF Inc will host another spectacular Cars & Coffee at The Auto Salon featuring high-end automotive vehicles, aftermarket manufacturing companies, and local dealerships. This event will attract many...
  29. Rik59

    Detailing in Ottawa

    Received my red Model X in late December. Last Friday, I took it to Luxus Auto Care for the full spa treatment: 1. entire car coated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum (7-year guarantee); 2. Wrapped front bumper, hood and side mirrors with Llumar wrap (10-year guarantee); 3. Wrapped area coated with...
  30. T

    Vendor We would like to say - THANK YOU!

    I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to the many of you from all across Florida who chose First Impression as the place to have your new or CPO Tesla properly detailed, enhanced and/or protected. 2017 was a great year for First Impression thanks to the many Tesla owners who...
  31. EliteFinish

    Vendor From "Damaged to Dapper" Model S Transformation @ the Auto Salon

    Happy Holidays Tesla Family, We are back in high gear at the auto salon, sending out this amazing CQuartz Reserve transformation. Here we have a 2013 Model S P85 Plus. Obviously from the photos this vehicle needed some special attention to return the luster. The owner daily drives this beauty...
  32. selfbp

    Wew White Interior fun

    As if I didn’t see this coming, the first new black jacket I got gave me some good transfer on my arm rest and some on the seat. I’ve tried: -Water -Eco Green Cleaner -70% ISO Alcohol -Magic eraser -Optimum No Rinse (per YouTube detailer video) -My tears Nothing’s working ugh. What have you...
  33. T

    Vendor Model 3, S or X Clear Bra Promotion for December

    A clear bra is the absolute best protection you can put on your new Tesla Model 3, S or X. A ceramic coating on top of the clear bra takes this protection to another level because we're now protecting the film, making it easier to clean and adding a much higher resistance to staining and...
  34. EliteFinish

    Vendor 2013 Tesla Model S

    Good afternoon Tesla community, hopefully everyone is having a wonderful and safe holiday season. As we close in on 300 Tesla's, I would like to bring this job we did this past week. Vehicle: 2013 Tesla Model S Service Provided: PPF Removal Full-Paint Correction and coated with Cquartz Finest...
  35. igotzzoom

    Any Experience with Mr. Tint or Elite Auto Films, San Jose?

    Hi All. Just wondering if any of you have had any experience with Mr. Tint or Elite Auto Films in San Jose. I'm planning on doing a factory pick-up of my Model 3 when it's ready. I know OCDetailing in Fremont has a strong following in the Tesla enthusiast community, but he's in the opposite...
  36. S

    Body wrap shop in NYC area

    hi there, anyone recommend a shop where i can get a body wrap, powder coat wheels, and window tints? Preferably, I would like to be all in one place but different places is fine as well. This would be for a model x solid black vehicle. Any recommendations for which body wrap, powder coat...
  37. garyjac

    Mobile Detailing

    I had Josh from Spectrum Auto Refinishing remove a few minor blemishes from the car today. First class work. If you need someone to do this kind of work and you don't want your car in the shop for a day or two then this is the way to go. Very professional job.
  38. Ski_

    Model 3 Hands-on (by OCDetailing)

    Here are a couple of links to @Joseph Torbati (OCDetailing) hands on with the Model 3. Originals seem to have vanished... Tesla Model 3 - Aero Wheels Tesla Model 3 - Paint There was another two: the screen in-detail, and another as a walk-around (I think)-- Anyone have a link? I'll update...
  39. T

    Vendor Our new custom built enclosed trailer to transport your new Tesla is here!

    As many Tesla owners already know and have experienced, we offer a free concierge service where we pick up your Tesla from your home or Tesla delivery center, bring them to our facility to perform the work requested and later delivered to your door steps. This service is available at no cost to...
  40. James@AutoNuvo

    Vendor Introducing AutoNuvo: Clear Bra - Ceramic Coatings - Paint Correction Specialists

    Greetings Tesla Motors Club Members, My name is James Melfi and I represent AutoNuvo, located in Holliston MA. AutoNuvo is a premium car care company that strives to bring the highest level of workmanship to our clients while upholding the highest levels of customer service. Every vehicle...
  41. G

    Detailer in Orange County XPEL Nanoskin and Paint Correction

    All, forgive my LATE post...as this detail was done in March. Our new 90D Model X went direct from delivery straight to Innovative Detailing. If you live in SOCAL and are looking for a guy, recommend hitting this one up. I had spent months researching what I wanted to put on the new X. I spent...
  42. Knightro

    Before and After Gtechniq CSL and EXO v3

    I asked my DS not to detail the car upon last week's delivery and spent 8 hours this weekend washing, claying, cutting, polishing, and applying Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and EXO v3. Well worth the time and effort. I'm hoping for a solid 2 years of this same hydrophobic action. Complete...
  43. IGotEastBay

    Delivery & First Service Center Experience

    I took delivery of my new MS 75D a few weeks ago. Went to Fremont and took the factory tour and then picked the car up after. I inspected the car at pick up and noticed several issues (the biggest one being a scratch on the driver's side small left window that I can eventually have replaced when...
  44. Mike M

    Colorado - Llumar Films Wrap & Rayno Phantom Tint - MX 90D

    We just got our MX 90D back from Colorado Detail and they did an extraordinary job. Full front and rear bumper wrap in Llumar Films Clear Bra, GtechniQ Crystal Serum paint treatment and Rayno Phantom 30% tint on driver and passenger windows with 20% tint on upper half of the front windshield...
  45. ElektraMS60

    Glass Coating on my 2016 Tesla Model S

    I just got my car fully detailed and glass coated. The front of the car has an XPel self healing clear bra wrap had the rest glass coated. If anyone is in the Orange County, California area, this place is the best. Website - Innovative Detailing Best Detailing Services in Orange Country Yelp...
  46. AutoArmour

    Vendor San Diego Cars & Coffee This Saturday! Benefiting Food Bank & Motor4Cars

  47. AutoArmour

    Vendor San Diego Cars + Coffee - October 15

  48. F

    Vendor Our monthly post from a new detailing vendor, thanks!

    Most geeky car detailers like us will chuckle to ourselves when we hear someone say, "It shines like it was on the showroom floor!" because inside we're saying "...really, that bad huh?" This isn't a knock against people who think their brand new cars are shiny enough right off the showroom...
  49. S

    Cost-effective solutions for new car: Paint Coating? Tint? DIY?

    I just picked up my S60 today. Absolutely adore the car, and now I'm thinking about how to beautify and protect it, and I'd love to get your thoughts. My car is on a two year lease, so I don't want go too crazy (saving the splurge for my Model 3 P100L coming in 2018!). So cost-effective...
  50. EliteFinish

    Vendor Welcome to San Diego's Premier Auto Salon

    Greetings Tesla family, My name is Robert Nishnic, Director of Operations for Elite Finish Detailing. Let me begin by expressing our gratitude; we feel absolutely privileged to be a Tesla Motors Club vendor. Our team brings the desire and passion to educate the thousands of enthusiasts of...

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