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charge port

  1. B

    Fluid at charge port

    Searched but couldn’t find anything. This morning I went to unplug the wall charger charger and noticed the ring was red. When I removed the cable there was an oil like fluid on the cable. Wondering if anyone knows what this might be. I didn’t smell like coolant more like hydraulic fluid similar...
  2. A

    2013 Model S charge port pops open on its own

    On my 2013 Model S P85, I often close the charge port door only to have it pop back open a few seconds later. Once in a while, it seems to pop open all on its own long after it has been closed. Has anyone else experienced that? When it's locked it feels secure. Also, it looks like the LEDs...
  3. Padelford

    CCS upgrade & charge port change

    My charge port has started malfunctioning (no lights, slow to allow charger connector to engage, etc). Does the CCS upgrade include changing out the charge connector?
  4. C

    Reset manual charge port release.

    Just got my Model 3 last Thursday. On Monday charged up to 100% for the first time, and found our adapter was locked. We used the manual release to get the adapter out. Now we are getting an error message "Charge port latch not engaged", and our charging has been reduced significantly. Tesla...
  5. B

    ‘Charge port LEDs may not illuminate’ / brand new Model Y

    MYP just picked up 9/11/22…getting this warning already: ‘Charge port LEDs may not illuminate. Charge port functionality not affected’. Seems to charge fine, but what gives? Couldn’t find an answer on this forum. Thanks
  6. A

    2014 Tesla Model S charge port failed

    Hey I need some advice... it was a decent 70 degree morning that had rained. car is soaked and plugged in. the car also works perfectly fine, holds charger drives lovely etc. I was in a rush to get out the door as quickly as I could. I went by the car and it auto unlocked and just before the...
  7. T

    2013 S 85 charge port problem

    Hello, first post here. I bought a used 2013 S in August last year. It had about 89k on it then and just rolled over 100k (miles) yesterday. For the past month or two, I'd noticed weirdness when plugging in a charging handle (mostly at home with my 120V level 1, but occasionally with away...
  8. Tam

    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    https://abc7.com/tesla-model-3-car-freezes-while-driving-la-drivers-freezing/11743278/ I got 3 different Tesla cars since 2012 from classical manual mode to the fancy FSD and each one of them has its screen displays frozen from time to time but I thought nothing of it. They would either reboot...
  9. K

    J1772 adapter charge port latch logic inverted

    We just bought a 2015 Model S. When we use the J1772 adapter, the charge port latch is locked only when the car is NOT charging. For example, if I put in the adapter first, it immediately latches. Then when I put in the J1772 outlet, the car unlatches the port. Then it gives a warning about...
  10. W

    How can I get Tesla to stage firmware for a DIY part swap?

    Hoping that someone here can help me figure out how to go about getting a firmware deployed and staged so I can replace the charge port on my 2013 P85. I have the new charge port assembly coming from eBay this Saturday and the swap seems pretty straightforward. My only problem is getting g the...
  11. C

    Charge Port Replacement - Misaligned?

    I have a 2018 LR RWD Model 3. My charge port has been failing to open for the past few months. Mobile replaced the whole charge port but the replacement looks misaligned when closed and I noticed a gap where you can see the light from the indicator glowing through. I don't know if it is a bad...
  12. M

    Inside Charge Port broken

    My girlfriend took out the charging cable from our 2018 75D with CSS retrofit and the inside of the charging port fell out. It's not the repair costs that has gotten us worried but more the idea of how dangerous this could have gotten. Has anyone had a similar issue? Could this be heat related...
  13. S

    Charge Port not Latched

    Today I found a new failure mode, and I have no idea what I can do to fix it. I plugged the car into the usual 240 V outlet, and the lights surrounding the socket turned orange. Inside the car, a message said "Charge Port latch not engaged." Eventually it started charging but at a much reduced...
  14. NoMoGas

    2014 MS Added HEPA/BioWeapons Defense Mode/Refresh/Interior

    So just finished my massive upgrade project for my 2014 model S. - OEM refresh front bumper cover and hood with custom latch - Auto open/close front trunk - Upgraded to LED headlights - Added HEPA system with bioweapons defense mode - Added motorized charge port - Upgraded to 2020 interior -...
  15. B

    Red light on charge port after extended plug in session

    I assume I am like a lot of folks and have been leaving my car plugged in and charging more than usual without using it much. IE it is plugged in for several days at a time between uses. Twice in the last month it has displayed a steady red light. There is no indication on the displays inside...
  16. MediumFidelity

    Hard to Connect Charger After Replacing Charge Port Pin Deadfronts

    I had my 2018 LR Model 3 in to a Tesla service center to get the tires rotated, and to give it a once over. While it was in, they replaced the charge port pin deadfronts as part of SB-18-44-010. SB-18-44-010 details here: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10154509-9999.pdf Now when I...
  17. J

    Tesla Model 3 Service Issues

    Model 3 Standard Range Plus Service Issues: a somewhat reasonable rant. Please read to the end. This is long, here is a summary: I just barely missed out on free supercharging miles, I missed out on white (which is a paint I wanted but couldn’t muster up my wallet for. This is a stupid remark...
  18. T

    2013 S 85 Charge Port Replacement Tips?

    Hi all, The charge port on my 2013 Model S 85 has a few issues and the service center said that the port and door should be replaced. Unfortunately they quoted ~$900 to do the work, whereas used charge ports and doors are about $75 on eBay. It doesn't look like a lot of work, and the port is...
  19. S

    Puncture / Invoice Estimate from Tesla (+ Chargeport Isolator Pins Repair)

    Hi All I got a dreaded puncture - I think it's a flooring staple from next door who are having floors replaced :-( Phoned a few tire places no-one would touch a Tesla so planned appointment with Tesla SC (maybe I need to try harder with Tire shops) A couple of questions: 1. They sent me a...
  20. G

    Guy Messing With My Charge Port

    I was parked at a public charger overnight when a random guy walked up and Sentry mode activated. It recorded him checking out the interior front and back (nothing was on display) before messing with the charge port. Not appreciated. This was all the shots of him that Sentry mode recorded, I...
  21. JimVandegriff

    Unusual problems - Mobile service fixed them

    I had two unusual problems with my 2016 X. The first dealt with a glitchy driver's side mirror, and the second was focused on the charge port lights. Here is the story - about two weeks ago I noticed that when I opened the driver's side door to get into the car, the driver's side mirror...
  22. J

    Manual firmware update (for new charge port)

    Bought brand new charge port for P100D year 2017. Part number: 1061353-00-F. The old one is mechanically damaged, albeit charging works but in limited mode. When charge port physically changed: The car says "Software upgrade required". Port will not unlock Doesn't charge if opened via...
  23. Peter.h

    Charge Port issue (physically loose)

    I discovered yesterday that the actual socket in the charge port on our new roadster is physically coming loose - it flexes into the car when you connect the charge cable. I seem to recall seeing a post about this issue before but can't find now. Has this happened to anyone before? What is...
  24. Cloxxki

    Mid Range charging speed.

    I'm curious for the first reports on how this thing will perform charging. Long Range seems to top out the Super Charger at 120kW for a bit of a session, as do Model S and X in some versions and conditions. Will the MR just charge slower or will it in fact hit a similar peak speed? This might...
  25. fallen888

    Charge port doesn't open with finger poke

    I've had my S for two years now and I remember being able to open the charge port with just a finger poke or slight push. Now I noticed in the past couple of weeks that I'm not longer able to do that. Did this feature get removed/changed? Or is my charge port door acting up? If it's broken, I'd...
  26. T

    At car wash, how do you avoid charge port opening?

    Will charge port open when phone is in car with me and the port is touched by brushes when the M3 is in neutral?
  27. SomeJoe7777

    Unlock Charging Port Button Doesn't Work

    So, I have a unique situation where I think there's a bug in the M3 controls. I currently have both a 3 and an S, the S is leased and will be getting returned in about 3 weeks. Right now, the 3 sits in the garage, and the S outside. Because of this, I haven't been using the button on the...
  28. M

    A great looking home charger for Tesla

    There are quite a few home chargers out there, but there is one particular design which I am fond of - the Andersen A1 Home Charge Point (Premium Home Charge Points For Your Electric Car | Andersen). It fit's the premium Tesla looks and does a decent charge if you want to charge your car at home...
  29. B

    Charge port door needs replacing - contact Tesla service

    Anyone ever get this alarm? I am now charging the car and the port seems to be working fine!
  30. plasmo

    Is there (still?) a tax credit if you install 14-50 charger in your home?

    I read that this might have ended, but does anyone know if there is a tax credit if you were to install a 14-50 charger outlet in your home? I will be installing two 14-50 outlets in my garage from my fuse box in the basement, which will cost around $2300 and was wondering if anyone got a tax...
  31. K

    Problems Disconnecting Charger in the Morning?

    Does anyone else have problems disconnecting their charger in the morning? I've had the Model X 75D for a few days now and when I go out and press the button to disconnect it, the color changes to blue for a second and then back to green. I usually have to click it a few times, go in to the car...
  32. Electricfan

    Charge Port Door won't open - 5 day old car

    Anybody else with a car built in May having issues with the charge port? Mine wouldn't open without banging on it with the heel of my palm (the suggestion of the Tesla service people) from day one. Now tonight even that procedure won't open it. I was going to wait until they could service the...