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  1. houstonian

    Will Tesla Buildup Superchargers to Accommodate Anticipated Demand from Ford, GM, Rivian, and whoever else, Adopting NACS circa 2024/2025?

    With the recent news of Ford, GM, Rivian - and presumably others - moving to adopt Tesla's NACS plug and therefore be able to use the SuperCharger network (that is presumably v3 SuperChargers) starting circa 2024/2025, what's your best guess as to what impacts, if any, this will have on Tesla...
  2. danny

    Ford Going All-In on Tesla Supercharging | TMC Podcast #42

    Next gen Ford EVs will include NACS port for access to Tesla's Supercharger network. They will also have a NACS to CCS adapter for existing Ford EVs and will be made compatible with Tesla Superchargers via software update. We discuss this as well as other topics. Topics- 0:00 Stream begins 0:20...
  3. J

    GM to Drop Apple Carplay and Android Auto in Future Vehicles

    GM to drop support for Apple Carplay and Android Auto in Future Vehicles, beginning with the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV. Instead, GM will offer a built-in Google-powered infotainment experience on its future EVs that offers versions of Google Maps, Google Assistant, Spotify, and more. So far Ford...
  4. R

    Ford Mustang Mach-e spotted in the wild

    Saw my first Mach-e on the road today in Hertfordshire - have to say it looked pretty cool. Not sure I'd pick a white one but the front grill area is pretty striking. Nice car. Looking forward to seeing more and more EV's on the road :)
  5. G

    From A Ford Raptor to Tri-Motor Cybertruck - Anyone Else?

    I’m Swapping My 2019 Raptor for a Tri-motor Cybertruck, anyone else doing the same?
  6. TMC Staff

    Blog Ford Gives New Details on Electric Pickup

    Ford hyped it’s planned electric F-150 pickup in a media briefing Wednesday, saying the vehicle will be “designed and engineered for hard-working customers that need a truck to do a job.” The comment seemed to be a dig at other planned electric trucks like Tesla’s Cybertruck and Rivian’s R1T...
  7. MichaelP90DL

    Apparently Ford will pass on building a battery factory....

    From Teslarati, by Joey Klender: Tesla’s battery strategy will not be adopted by legacy automotive company Ford, because Jim Hackett, the company’s CEO, says there is “no advantage” in migrating capital into owning a cell manufacturing facility. During Ford’s Q2 2020 Earnings Call in late...
  8. TMC Staff

    Blog Side-by-Side of Model Y, Mach-E Shows Similarities

    A photo of the Tesla Model Y and the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E charging side-by-side offers a good size comparison of the two electric crossovers. The photo was posted to Twitter by Simon Wong, who said the Ford test car was spotted in Waterloo, ON, Canada. Ford’s Mach-E is...
  9. TMC Staff

    Blog Ford Says ‘First Edition’ Mach E is Sold Out

    Ford says the “First Edition” of its recently-unveiled, Mustang-inspired, all-electric Mach E is officially sold out. The Premium edition and the GT are still available for pre-order.  The limited First Edition comes with extended-range all-wheel drive, with red painted brake calipers...
  10. Xenoilphobe

    Tesla Cybertruck vs The Competition (Ram 1500, F-150, Silverado 1500 and Tacoma)

    Tesla Cybertruck vs The Competition (Ram 1500, F-150, Silverado 1500 and Tacoma)
  11. Xenoilphobe

    2021 Tesla Cybertruck vs 2020 Ford Ranger comparison

    2021 Tesla Cybertruck vs 2020 Ford Ranger comparison
  12. Xenoilphobe

    Tesla Cybertruck vs 2020 Ford F-150 (all models) comparison

    Tesla Cybertruck vs 2020 Ford F-150 (all models) comparison
  13. TMC Staff

    Tesla Takes Tug-of-War With Ford to Twitter

    Tesla showed a video during the Cybertruck unveiling event of the all electric pickup dragging a Ford F-150 in a tug-of-war. Ford has called the video absurd. Some challenged the fairness of the video. In fact, scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson chimed in with a suggestion, saying it...
  14. Shiraz8484

    Thoughts on the Mustang Mach E

    Yesterday Ford unveiled the first true competitor (IMO) to the Model 3 and Y and I would say they did a pretty good job! 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E officially revealed for the L.A. Auto Show It’s pretty clear that Ford wanted to match Tesla on everything from Power to Price. However, given that...
  15. TMC Staff

    Ford Says Electric Mustang-Inspired SUV Will Challenge Tesla Model Y

    According to Ford, the two vehicles could even arrive on the market at the same time. Ford says that its first dedicated electric car, which will be a Mustang-inspired plug-in crossover, will be positioned to compete with the recently revealed Tesla Model Y. If you recall, Ford posted a tweet in...
  16. ShearModXY

    Some Toughts: Ford Teaser Tweet & Model Y

    So this article was pretty entertaining... "Ford Teases Mustang-inspired Electric SUV as Model Y competitor" from Electrek... So then here's my reply I posted in the comments for the article. 1. I thought I shoukd have posted my ramblings on a more suitable platform so as to not overwhelm a...
  17. emorog

    EV Dream come true

    Hello from Wisconsin. I have wanted an all -electric car since I was a kid. I currently have a Ford CMax-Energi (PHEV) and can't wait to not ever buy gas again! Tesla Model 3 3/31 online res. 4/18 invite & config ??? Vin ??? Delivery JMonroe Enhanced Autopilot Long Range Battery Rear Wheel...
  18. Patrick0101

    Tesla Competition: Culture Eats Strategy!

    The traditional automakers have decades of experience, incredible supply chains, vast dealer networks, and more. So does that mean that Tesla is doomed when the legacy automakers "wake up" and start making EVs? I don't think so, here's my reasoning, let me know if you agree or not. Tesla...
  19. mspohr

    Ford's new CEO signals focus on autonomous vehicles

    Interesting that Ford just replaced its CEO due to declining stock price. The new guy was formerly the head of autonomous vehicles and this should signal a shift to autonomous Fords. But, it's not too impressive that this new guy seems to have no technical background. He worked at Steelcase...
  20. TD-3

    Navigant study: Ford leads autonomous, Tesla 12th?

    Link to article below. Would love to see the whole study. Ford leads self-driving tech pack, outpacing Waymo, Tesla, Uber: study
  21. S

    Google Pairs With Ford To Build Self-Driving Cars

    Google Pairs With Ford To Build Self-Driving Cars