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  1. W

    First time Car buyer

    Hi Community member, it’s my first time buying a car and I placed the order for model y last year in Nov. it has been a grueling wait since then. As a first time car buyer what are your thoughts , should one go for ice vehicle or electric , also I don’t have home charging since my apartment does...
  2. P

    Found a way to elimate ICE-ing

    This is only an idea but logically it would solve the issue. What we need is a 20ft Supercharging extension cord. So whenever someone tries to ICE the Supercharger spots you would pull directly behind them (blocking them in) then pull out the 20 ft extension cord and plug your car into the...
  3. Space_CowBoy

    Rear defroster not working

    I picked my 2021 SR+ last December and haven't done much winter driving since I work from home ever since the RONA started. The few times I did go out when it was snowing, the rear defroster didn't work. Brought it to SC last week and they replaced the rear window where the heating elements are...
  4. T

    Model 3 Paint (Ice Scraper Damage)

    Hey all, just trying to get a real sense of how I should feel after I damaged the paint on my Tesla Model 3 Performance (2021)... Saved up for 7 years just to give it scratches all over in the first blizzard :'D. Has missing paint inside the doors, underneath the frunk (hidden) etc. I love the...
  5. B

    Doors frozen OPEN!

    Oct 25, 2020. Left Model Y outside in light snow for several hours. When I went to move car into garage, door handles were frozen, but broke free fairly easily. Door opened, but I found I could not close doors after entering car. Widow hit cold door seal hard - felt like window would break...
  6. UncaNed

    Educate about Tesla's imminent disruption in the established auto industry

    What's the best link to educate about Tesla's imminent disruption in the auto industry in a simple decisive manner? Asking for my friend who just inherited an auto parts junk yard and needs to know what's happening to classic ICE manufacturers so he can figure out how it will affect the demand...
  7. T

    Start ICE car with flat battery using M3?

    Any suggestions how I might use my M3 to start my oldtimer with a drained battery?
  8. Lasairfion

    Getting your Latte or Burger could cost Employees their Lives

    Air at McDonald's and KFC drive-thrus 'could cause irreparable harm' Researchers in Coventry say workers at McDonald’s, KFC and Costa Coffee drive-thru restaurants could be breathing in polluted air. The union representing some the workers is calling for urgent talks with the fast food giants...
  9. I

    Does anyone else still prefer to drive their gas cars?

    While I do like my Stealth Performance Model 3 I enjoy driving my gas sports cars MUCH more still. The Tesla serves its purpose as a commute car a few days a week. Any else feel the same?
  10. Zcd1

    EV and ICE enthusiasts: Can't we all just get along??

    One thing that has amazed me in the year I've owned my Model 3 is the amount of H8 and venom spewed at EVs in general and Teslas in particular. From ICE-ing Superchargers, to "rolling coal", to road-rage incidents to internet commentary, I just don't get from where all the ill-will stems...
  11. srs5694


    After freezing rain yesterday and snow overnight.... Iced-1 by srs5694 posted Dec 18, 2019 at 8:56 AM Iced-2 by srs5694 posted Dec 18, 2019 at 8:56 AM Iced-3 by srs5694 posted Dec 18, 2019 at 8:56 AM Iced-5 by srs5694 posted Dec 18, 2019 at 8:56 AM Iced-4 by srs5694 posted Dec 18, 2019 at 8:56...
  12. Colgate2004

    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    Brand new owner here (actually not-even-owner yet; I pick up my car in 2 weeks). I am planning to buy a second set of wheels to run studded snow tires (we get a lot of snow & ice where I live). My car is a non-Performance dual-motor AWD, long-range/extended battery Model 3. I've done this on...
  13. MrG_NY

    Winter Driving Tesla Cars

    I found this video to be good at showing the capabilities of the Tesla models in the snow.
  14. T3slaOwner

    First Impacts of EVs

    As EVs start to enter the mainstream of car buying, it seems to me one of the first effects we can expect to see is a lowering to the price of gas. Right now there are almost 700,000 BEVs on the road in the US and the number is growing rapidly. That is barely 0.25% of all light vehicles which...
  15. Lasairfion

    Charging times reducing significantly

    Do ICE cars still have a fill-up time advantage? Yes, of course. But EVs are catching up fast. Previous year's trip: charge times were on average between 35-50 minutes This year's trip: charge times were on average between 15 and 30 minutes Total trip charge time this year : according to A...
  16. Jivas

    ICE’d in El Paso

    Someone ICE’d 4 of 8 Superchargers in El Paso, Texas.
  17. StealthP3D

    Why I love my Model 3 in cold weather

    I'm an avid snow skier and I've really been having a blast this winter with the Model 3. Here are some of the reasons why 1) Cabin heats up almost instantly with the powerful electric heater. 2) Remote control of cabin heater is great on a ski morning or near the end of a ski day. 3) Winter...
  18. T

    Heated windshield wipers

    2017 75D without wiper blade defrosters and heated washer nozzles. In Finland. Eh. That said, has anybody installed aftermarket solutions like Heated Windshield Wiper Kit Crystal Clear Blades: Automatic Heated Windshield Wiper Blades Do these work? Cheers, --T
  19. R1Fast

    ICE/Audio SQ Build Log (Mosconi, ScanSpeak, JL)

    Hi folks, In addition to a decent list of upgrades to the interior, exterior and suspension of my P3D, I'll be doing my own custom audio install. This thread will serve as my build log to share with you all, and if it helps even just one person answer questions on a similar project, it's worth...
  20. David29

    Ice strikes again (door handles and frameless windows)

    I thought I had learned how to manage the Model S door handles in cold weather during the past two winters. But today I experienced a new wrinkle in this challenge. We had snow, then rain yesterday, followed by a freeze last night. I cleaned the snow off the car late in the afternoon, hoping...
  21. fasteddie7

    Single digit temperature washing

    Just pulled in my (not heated) garage and looked at my salt covered Tesla. Forcast shows single digit temperatures for the next 10 days, just wondering what everyone is doing to keep their Teslas clean during this mess. I've used the touchless in the past around 32 degrees and other than the...
  22. FlyF4

    Reasons I HATE driving my old car

    No, not the model X…. talking about my “X” car, the Toyota. You know, like an ex husband or ex wife! After months of driving my MODEL X, I get in the Toyota ICE and here is what happens: Yea, this is sick humor I open the Frunk to put my briefcase in there, only to realize an engine is in...
  23. selfbp

    Going from EV back to ICE

    Alright I got my new S75 last week, and I’ve been running the wheels off of it. 800+ miles and numerous launches are in the books. I’m really starting to love the autopilot along with the instant torque (I’m on the new updated motor). Today was the first time going back to drive my truck, 05’...
  24. Haxster

    Ten reasons why ICE cars are better than EVs

    1. Can roast marshmallows on your exhaust manifold 2. Can rev your engine at stop lights 3. Can “off” yourself with carbon monoxide 4. Can show off your engine bay to friends and neighbors 5. Can add fancy aftermarket exhaust tips 6. Can schmooze with the smog...
  25. iwannam3

    One pedal driving in an ICE?

    One pedal driving is very popular in electric vehicles, doesn't seem like any technical reason you could not do it in and ICE with a CVT. Do you think any ICE manufacturers will bring it out as an option while they are playing catch up with Tesla? A lot of people will have an ICE and a BEV and...
  26. J

    Front windows sticking after snow and ice storm

    Yesterday NJ received snow and ice. Right after the storm I was able to heat the car and then open the front door without issue. This morning after an overnight freeze the driver's window didn't move down the way it normally would and the door didn't open very well at all. After using a small...
  27. C

    What are the best arguments you've heard NOT to get a Tesla S/X/(3) ?

    I'm not sure if this is the right branch here, but I keep wondering why people are still keep buying premium ICE cars. Do people seriously argue about not being able to drive ~400 miles in one tank on $80k~ cars? Do they really need to take their 650i on rock-chippy road trips? I have a slight...
  28. fasteddie7

    Trade in experience/ advice of a ICE for your Tesla

    I searched the threads for information on trade ins but all I see were threads on trading in Teslas. Does anyone have any experience with trading in their internal combustion vehicle for a Tesla. I currently own a Nissan I have 11 months left on. How easy / fair is the process through Tesla...
  29. Advicebox

    Non Teslas Routinely Parking at the Truckee Supercharger Location

    So should we be notifying anyone? or just letting it continue? I did a write up this morning with pics, but twice I've seen this at the Truckee Supercharger location. It didn't impact me personally so I just took my pics and moved on. Aren’t Tesla Supercharger Spots Sacred Ground?
  30. mspohr

    Why Do Car Buffs Dislike Tesla?

    Interesting article in Slate/Quora about car buffs vs Tesla. He makes the argument that car buffs are enamored with nostalgic memories of good times in the past and will ignore improvements in favor of these memories. "Because car buffs are almost all nostalgia weenies. Most love a specific...
  31. N

    Tesla Charging at Apartments?

    Has anyone had difficulties charging up at an apartment complex or condo? What solutions does everyone use?
  32. igotzzoom

    Talk Me Out of It: Dodge Charger Scat Pack before Model 3.

    Hi guys. I apologize in advance if this post offends any of you, but I just have to confess I'm a dyed-in-the-wool car buff, and have a fondness for anything with wheels, whether its powered by electrons or hydrocarbons. Those of you that follow the new car market closely may be aware of the...
  33. igotzzoom

    Carpool buddy getting new job. Driving Solo in SoCal with ICE. :-(

    Well, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. One of the people in my carpool from Irvine to El Segundo ended up taking a job closer to home, and won't be carpooling with my group any longer. The other (original) member of my carpool, is going in with a co-worker at 5 a.m. (a little too...
  34. robatbeach

    I can't imagine going back (or Driving the Future Today)

    Tesla first appealed to me due to its use of alternate fuel technologies. However, when I first went to the Tesla store what struck me was that Tesla has reached the simplicity on the other side of complexity (which is the grail for those of us in engineering design). They have removed the...
  35. Matias

    Regenarative breaking on ice/snow,sliding ?

    Regenarative braking on ice/snow,sliding ? I read from Swedish car magazine "Teknikens Världen", that on winter regenerative braking can make cars back slide, if braking is set to "normal". I would like to hear Tesla owners experiences about regenerative braking on ice/snow.
  36. David Rhee

    Supercharger - East Greenwich, RI

    When I arrived at the East Greenwich, RI SC, 7 out of 8 spots were ICE'd! I spoke with one ICE owner who parked inthe spot about the spots being reserved for Tesla charging needs, he was very annoyed about it, to the point of being hostile! This SC could be a big problem spot in the future when...

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