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  1. T

    Supercharger - Spiceland, IN

    Tesla is putting in a supercharger at the Sunoco station in Spiceland. The address is 5809 IN 3, Spiceland Indiana.
  2. C

    Supercharger - Mishawaka, IN - Grape Rd

    I found a new supercharger under construction in Mishawaka. Western corner of the Meijer parking lot.
  3. B

    Supercharger - Evansville, IN

    From Marco, supercharger coming to Evansville, IN. Also reported it as under construction. He says "second", might be referring to the one in Haubstadt? Meijer 2622 Menards Drive Evansville, IN
  4. GabeIA

    Supercharger - Munster, IN

    Upcoming supercharger per Marco 🐐
  5. GabeIA

    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - Waterway Blvd

    New supercharger per Marco
  6. P

    Supercharger - Lebanon, IN

    There is a post on the Indiana Tesla Owners facebook community reporting that a new supercharger is under construction at the Starbucks by the I-65 Exit 139. Sorry, I don't know how to post a link from here to the post, but has a photograph which shows construction already well underway with...
  7. S

    New York resident buying car in Indiana

    I am a resident of New York state and i just bought the 2023 Tesla Model Y. The car is located with a dealer in Indiana, Indianapolis. I was told to buy the car outright and get it registered in New York. Can this be done? Can i get a temporary permit from Indiana to make the delivery and...
  8. I

    20" Uberturbine Wheel in Central Indiana

    I managed to put significant curb damage on one of my 2023 M3P 20" Uberturbine wheels and need to get a replacement. Anyone within a reasonable distance of central Indiana or willing to ship have a 20" Uberturbine wheel available?
  9. mwfriederichs

    Supercharger- Washington, IN

    On a road trip for work and saw this at the Hucks at 1 Gateway Dr, Washington, IN 47501. Searched for a reported SC at this location but nothing found. Adding this post, remove if a duplicate.
  10. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Chesterton, IN

    A 12 stall supercharger is planned for the Taco Bell with the address 704 Plaza Dr, Chesterton, IN 46304. Permits were issued in October.
  11. Catung

    Model 3 18" OEM Wheels w/ cover - Indiana Area

    I have a set of four 18" Model 3 OEM 18' wheels and cover as well. Has <100 miles use on them as I purchased aftermarket ones immediately. Like new condition for both cover and rims. Looking for someone that is able to pick up in Indiana. Central Indiana preferably. Looking to sell the set...
  12. P

    Joining the Indiana club

    I tried to join the Indiana group by pushing the join button. It says it can’t be processed. Any ideas on how I can join in?
  13. M

    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - East 86th Street

    A new 16-stall Supercharger is coming soon to the Target in Nora Plaza, on the north side of Indianapolis. Per the city, the permit has already been issued, although I'm not so sure about that. GPS: 39.914025, -86.139219 Address: 1300 E 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240 Full site plans are...
  14. M

    Supercharger - Shelbyville, IN

    An 8-stall Supercharger is coming soon to Shelbyville!! I found the plans in site drawings for the new Culver's under construction on Morristown Road. The chargers will be built on a separate parking aisle near the RV parking.
  15. M

    Recommendation request: Indianapolis body shop

    The Tesla certified body shop in Zionsville (Connan's) has a 2 month wait. I need some rocker panel dent repair and rust repair. Probably ppf and mud flap installation too. Thanks.
  16. M

    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - East Southport Road

    New Supercharger coming soon to the Meijer at 5235 E Southport Rd on the south end of Indianapolis. 12 V3 stalls will be built on the east side of the parking lot,
  17. R

    Supercharger - Elkhart, IN - George Craig & Henry Schricker Travel Plazas

    Just drove past the Elkhart/Henry Shricker travel plaza and spotted a line of superchargers. Am on my way from Cleveland, driving back home to Denver. This route is getting easier all the time with the travel plaza chargers. Love the convenience! Should be put on the map as under construction.
  18. mwfriederichs

    Supercharger - Howe, IN

    Superchargers are installed/under construction at the Gene Stratton Porter (Eastbound) and Ernie Pyle (Westbound) travel plazas on the Indiana Toll Road near Howe, IN. Westbound Eastbound
  19. N

    Indiana Waiting Room

    Ordered my Model Y AWD LR on 9/28. White with stock wheels, no tow hitch.. Got a VIN on 10/18. Now waiting on Delivery date. Hard to be patient. Any one else in Indiana waiting?
  20. Catung

    Install automatic front & truck - customization.

    Hi everyone! Anyone located in Indiana know a place where they will install automatic fronk & trunk? Or I'm assuming this is something that we need to buy the kit and DIY it? I've been looking online for a shop that does this, but unfortunately I have not ran into luck besides PPF...
  21. M

    Supercharger - Veedersburg, IN

    Hi all, I have uncovered the location of the future Veedersburg Tesla Supercharger. In an article from WCINews/NewsBug, it says that Tesla wants to build a Supercharger at the Casey’s gas station in Veedersburg (1020 E Second Street). A motion was made to move forward with Tesla (full quote...
  22. P

    Supercharger - Richmond, IN

    Last week a coworker mentioned that the Richmond, IN supercharger would begin construction this week. Yesterday a member on the Indiana Tesla Facebook group posted this image, so it appears that it is under construction. At the Meijer at 2507 Chester Blvd, Richmond, IN 47374.
  23. S

    Supercharger - Bloomington, IN

    I think Bloomington will be here sooner than you think will be getting info soon
  24. H

    Supercharger- Kokomo, IN

    Looks like Kokomo, IN is getting a Supercharger in the Meijer parking lot (2301 E Markland Ave, Kokomo, IN 46901). It's not a bad location (easy access to/from the Kokomo by-pass) and will fill a nice gap between Indianapolis and South Bend. Signs are up for 8 charging spots. No idea when it...
  25. M

    Supercharger - Michigan City, IN

    There is a new Supercharger that may or may not be under construction in Michigan City, Indiana. First reported by a Supercharge Info Forum member (@NovaLink) saying that his Tesla rep told him a new V3 Supercharger was coming soon to Michigan City, (full quote below). Note: no specific location...
  26. kcm117

    Supercharger - Zionsville/Whitestown, IN

    I heard early last year that a supercharger was planned for the Meijer in Whitestown off of I-65. I never got more detailed information other than a mention from one of the Tesla employees at the Keystone store. Location : 6650 Whitestown Pkwy, Zionsville, IN 46077 It looks as though they are...
  27. Chuq

    Supercharger - Indianapolis (Capital Avenue), IN

    New 12 stall urban supercharger has just popped up as open!
  28. R

    Indiana not EV friendly

    New gas tax will now charge, at time of plate renewals, a tax on EV in the amount of $150 a year and subject to at least a 1 percent raise per year. Indiana really does not care for Electric Vehicles. Hybrid car tax is $50. They say the average gas drivers will pay roughly $63. The tax will be...
  29. Mweida

    Supercharger- Merrillville, IN

    Under construction Pictures by Georgi Banchev Indiana Tesla Owners Group.
  30. A

    Model S Service - Fort Wayne IN

    New to the thread and not sure where to post this but wanted to comment on the Fort Wayne Mobile Service Experience. I was due for my 1y annual inspection and service and called Indianapolis SC and they informed me they had a Mobile Service guy in FW. They gave me his number and I called and...
  31. ktuffley31303

    Supercharger - Fort Wayne, IN

    I haven't seen any good leads on the location for the supercharger that is supposed to be coming to Fort Wayne. I've had a few guesses since Tesla stated they were targeting Fort Wayne. I went grocery shopping tonight at one of our local Meijer's on Lima Road and I am quite certain that will...
  32. Railhawk52

    Another Anti Tesla bill in Indiana

    Indiana State Representatives are at it again! House Bill 1592 (different from the one last summer) has been filed by Rep. Ed Soliday. From the article: "State Rep. Ed Soliday, R-Valparaiso, has filed legislation that would ban manufacturers of "all-electric vehicles" from selling directly...
  33. S

    Supercharger - Terre Haute, IN

    Do we have a thread for this yet? 2015 supercharge map at TM.com shows this is a planned expansion for this year.
  34. J

    Supercharger - Angola IN

    Mod note: TMC needed a thread that was dedicated/specific to the Angola, IN Supercharger site, and we didn’t have one. So just started this one by copying ~20 Angola-mentioning posts from the Mishawaka SC thread to here. Did they say anything about Angola? I desperately need that one for our...
  35. William13

    Supercharger - Mishawaka/South Bend IN

    (mod note: Tesla announced official openings for the Mishawaka, IN and St. Joseph, MI Superchargers for December 11th, see details in this thread) Mishawaka IN (South Bend) will have a supercharger very soon. The power company just needs to plant a pole and run the wire to power the six...
  36. islandbayy

    Supercharger - Lafayette, IN

    (Mod note: moved/split posts related to the Indianapolis SC to their own thread) Anyone have any information on a Indiana Supercharger?