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  1. T

    Superchargers not showing up on route

    Deleted this post due to mis categorized, sorry.
  2. N

    Map Orientation

    Is there a way to have the map auto align to the vehicle direction no matter what, i have noticed that it will sometimes auto align after you move the map during the drive after inactivity, so I am wondering if it will realign consistently after manually changing the orientation?
  3. N

    Navigation stops

    When I input stops in to the navigation via the app, it will only let me put in 4. Is there a way to do more? I have not tried sitting in the car to do this.
  4. B

    Updating navigation without updating software?

    Anyone able to update their navigation without updating their software? Been on 2022.44.25.3 (ff63b3ae90e). Have zero interest in updating it. Went to do my daily commute today. Told me to update navigation. From what I always remembered, navigation was always separate to the software and...
  5. D

    How to change US map to EU version

    Hi everyone. I have a 2021 Model 3 brought from United States to Europe. I got the latest software version and the latest Navigation update, but it's NA navigation. Is there a way to install EU(Europe) or ME(Middle East) navigation? Thanks in advance
  6. I

    Navigating to The Home Depot

    Every time I ask my Model Y to drive to The Home Depot, the screen shows that it understands what I am asking, but then it changes and says, “navigating home”. Anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions?
  7. K

    Using an App without losing view of Navigation

    I would like to see an update to the UI that allows for using apps without losing view of the navigation. Currently, if you open an app it takes over the primary area of the screen and covers the navigation. You must dismiss the app to see the map. The most common scenario for me is riding...
  8. M

    Programming for round trip

    How do you program for a round trip say home to destination and then return to home?
  9. T

    Lose Celluar Connection Navigation (non supported country)

    Hello! Im planning to drive my Tesla Model S with Premium Connectivity through a non supported country. And I wonder if the Navigation will still route to a supercharger if its needed and then follow the navigation? Thanks
  10. B

    My new model 3 is having constant software issues - did anyone else experience this?

    I just bought my Model 3, about two weeks ago and I am having constant problems with my navigation system and cameras. My navigation just stops working and shows my car parked in a parking lot I left days ago. All my cameras just show black screens any time they are in use. I have tried...
  11. A

    Updating navigation data?

    My 2018 Model 3 MR (No FSD) is still using navigation data from last summer (202228). Is there any way to prompt it to update the maps other than parking near a wifi access point?
  12. L

    Add stop doesn't show options on map?

    I've had my Model 3 since January, and one thing that has annoyed me is the add stop feature. I search and it only shows me the list without zooming out the map and showing me where they are in relation to my current route. Is there a way to do that? Because otherwise it's pretty useless to...
  13. D

    Navigation algorithm wrong or based one what?

    2015 P85D I've got a 140-mile trip to the nearest SC in a couple days and was playing with the navigation system. I set the destination for the SC and the system came back with 4% remaining starting with 87% (or 216 rated miles)... so is the navigation system telling me my efficiency is going...
  14. M

    Saved Previous Charging Location

    Did they completely remove non-Tesla charging locations from the map or am I missing some setting? I've done some searching and can't find this exact problem with so many other problems displaying chargers. I'm looking for places that I have charged before. Not even Home and Work show as...
  15. A

    Map navigation does not match google maps

    Map directions are slightly longer compared to what I get on google maps. (using the same settings, no toll avoidance, premium connectivity) Sharing a destination via the app does not change anything, as only the final destination is shared. Google maps is aware of some smaller roads that chop...
  16. T

    Navigation to no-charger destinations (i.e. backcountry), handing off external plans to navigator

    I use my T to go to backcountry destinations. If you navigate there, where there are no chargers, and arrive with 10% you'll get stuck. On my computer I can hack a trip that is there-and-back, which makes sure you can make it to destination and back to a charger, but I can' t easily do that...
  17. C

    Navigation History

    I need to determine the specific date when I navigated to a particular place that is in my navigation history on my Tesla model S. It is listed as having occurred in July, more than 90 days ago. How can I get the specific date that it in the system?
  18. D

    No ETA

    Is there a way to view the ETA with the latest update to navigation? Quite infuriating if they left it out
  19. S

    Trip planner shows wrong charging time.

    Hi! I have some problems with my navigation, it shows wrong charging time to leave to next charging stop. It happened on my last road trip. For example, I need only a 10 min stop but the navigation want me to have a 30 min stop. And the second thing is that when I just use supercharger in my...
  20. DNSJames

    Tesla and their “Airplane View”…… what gives?

    Why does my beautiful gigantic navigational map have me flying at 12,000ft while driving? I see this tiny speck… and then realize it’s actually a massive shopping mall. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to zoom the map in where it’s actually useful… and have it track me at the same...
  21. B

    Supercharger details popup obscured by list of nearby superchargers. Workaround?

    I just received my new MY LR currently running software 2022.8.2, aka V11 last week. Today sitting in my garage with the car at 80% charge, I was practicing with the navigation and planning a day trip. Navigation said I would arrive at my destination with 38% remaining, and the round trip would...
  22. Z

    Inaccessible charging stations in Tesla navigation

    Twice I have planned a stop at a non-tesla charging station using Tesla navigation in my Y only to find it is in a private apartment or office building with a gate. It would be nice to know that in advance....
  23. Y

    2021 Model S LR 1-month Observations and Issues

    I've been living with my 2021 S LR for about a month now. I absolutely love this car, and wanted to start writing about my experiences good and bad, including several issues I've observed for which there may hopefully be a resolution, as well as adding another data point to many of the ongoing...
  24. SilentFlight

    Sending a destination with no address to Tesla

    A question for any techies/programmers here... We are developing a navigation-related app that can send destinations to Tesla. I couldn't find any documentation about the list of formats accepted by the app, but from my testing, it seems to accept addresses shared from various apps (e.g. from...
  25. Mikedrives

    How do we navigate to multiple stops?

    My wife is on her first multi-state road trip in our 2019 M3SR. She is using the touchscreen for navigation, not an app. From her texts just now: ------------------------------------- Here’s the basic challenge: I can navigate to Richmond, but I can’t navigate to Dayton with a stop in Richmond...
  26. L

    GPS Pronunciation

    I have noticed that mispronounced street names by the GPS are occasionally corrected. (Here in Los Angeles, for example, the GPS has learned the correct pronunciation for "Cahuenga" and "Tujunga.") Is there a way for Tesla owners to submit other corrections? An especially egregious...
  27. M

    Automatic Calendar Navigation Not Working

    My iPhone’s calendar automatically syncs to my 2019 Raven Model S, but, even though I have automatic navigation turned on in the car settings, the navigation map does not automatically show directions to the next appointment in my calendar when I get into my car. It used to work some time ago...
  28. 3

    Map Updates?

    Living in Adelaide, South Australia. Model 3 December 2020. Had one map update since delivery. So many errors with speed limits, when will these be fixed? Also, off topic, but, do the cameras detect overhead speed signs?
  29. G

    Inaccurate Navigation

    My two year old Tesla 3 mid-range navigation is unreliable. January 5 I tested positive for the Coronavirus and had to drive to a hospital, feeling pretty crappy, to get antibody treatment. Nav took me way out of the way and it took nearly 1.5 hours to drive there. It was right off the Garden...
  30. LeeStafford11

    Weirdness with AP/Nav after single lane use...

    tl;dr I drive home every day via multiple freeways and there is a section where there is an HOV 'flyover' lane and I use it every day that I can. My issue is that when I use AP/NAV together I have to briefly drop out of AP to make the transition to the flyover lane (the Tesla Nav will not...
  31. COS Blue

    "Take me home"

    I've had my Model S for 2.5 months. I was trained by my sales adviser to use the voice command "Take me home" to navigate home. Works like a champ. Until update 2020.48.30 -- now "Take me home" brings up a map of all the businesses that have the word "home" in them. Didn't take me too long...
  32. Z

    Incorrect navigation A14-M11 intersection

    I’m having problems with navigation when travelling north of cambridge westbound along A14. Roads appear in map, but navigation tries to use no existent junctions. Anyone else having the same problem. Apple maps and Google maps work fine.
  33. TESLEV!

    Phone Home Request Creates Navigate Home

    M3, Long Range Dual Motor here. Has anyone had this problem: While driving I request a call home, for example, and the car turns on Navigation and wants to navigate me to "Call Home". This occurs randomly - not every call request I make creates a navigation. I tried a soft re-boot. No...
  34. S

    How to make the Navigation more accurate

    Hey folks. I love the layout of our navigation, but the accuracy has a lot to be desired. My navigation doesn’t recognize some main roads, particularly when they go under a highway overpass, and makes it nearly impossible for the system to route in the most direct and efficient manner. This...
  35. JenniferQ

    Navigation won't work. Says "Service required"

    After the previous firmware updates, my nav quit working. I have hard reset the whole system but still can't get the nav to locate where the car is or navigate anywhere. The error message I get is "Service required" and nothing else. I am on AP 1.0. Firmware is all updated. I searched the forum...
  36. .FP.

    Points of Interest - Alerts

    Hi, I tried to look into this and can't find anything on it. Does anyone know if there is a way to set up points of interest in the navigation and have the car alert you as you approach each one? Thanks in advance!
  37. BobbyD1

    Poll: how do you feel about the traffic indication lines in the nav?

    Searched but didn't see a discussion about this. Anyway squinting at the screen to try to see those teeny tiny, super thin traffic indicator lines is driving me a bit crazy. IMO, it would be great if they were thicker and more legible. Even better, what if the thick blue navigation/directions...
  38. Jonny Ringo

    Who would prefer Waze Navigation?

    I am missing Waze navigation in my model 3. It seems silly to me that we do not have this as an option, who agrees?
  39. B

    Navigation: traffic info has disappeared!

    Although in the past I had the option to use traffic info to find the quickest route possible in navigation, now all of a sudden this option has disappeared! I still do have the red/amber indication in the map itself, but when I go to the navigation options (both during navigation and in the...
  40. S

    Navigation AI is lacking

    So last year* sometime there was an update that magically knew to set your destination to work in the morning and home in the evening. Wow! this was a time saver. For the past 7 weeks I've been working from home and haven't been driving a lot. But when I do get in the car in the morning it...
  41. P

    Weird Place Names on Navigation Map

    My navigation map displays not only major points of interest, but also purely random, obscure businesses ( a nail salon, consulting business in a residence, small attorney’s office, etc.). Why? Is this advertising? How do I turn off these weird places? Nothing in the Manual about this at all.
  42. Minecon_CA

    No more map exit visualizations?

    Did this get removed in version 9/10? I noticed that these visualizations don't appear anymore.
  43. S

    Navigation History Disappearing

    Last week, all of a sudden, my navigation history, Home, Work, Favorites all disappeared! There have been no changes or firmware updates since 2020.4.1 from Jan 2020. I reentered some info in. And then a few hours later, it disappeared again. I've done multiple resets, but all the history...
  44. J

    GPS lags after leaving underground car park

    I'm parking in underground car parks quite often (also at home) and since day 1 my Tesla Model 3 has trouble finding the correct GPS position after leaving such a car park. It takes about 2-4 minutes for it to find its location and before that the navigation system doesn't work properly. This...
  45. M

    What does live traffic visualization look like?

    I recently subscribed to premium connectivity but I'm not seeing anything different in my navigation that may resemble "live traffic visualization". I have all the other features like music streaming and web browsing but my navigation is unchanged. I was expecting something like red lines for...
  46. hacer

    Weird charge planning on my recent road trip

    My model S has version 2019.40.2.1 software. I took a trip to Hawk's Nest state park in West Virginia the other day, starting from home (Clarksville, MD). I didn't do any prior trip planning and I'd never been to that area before - I just put in the destination to the navigation. It came up...
  47. E

    Hear my phone’s notifications when connected to Bluetooth but listening to other audio source?

    I did a search but couldn’t find an answer here. So I have two phones - an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I realize I can only have one connected at a time, so at any given time, whichever phone is connected via Bluetooth, my phone’s notifications are routed through the Tesla...
  48. T

    EU navigation in US car

    Hi everyone I have a 2014 US spec car in EU. Now I am trying to install EU nav on my car. On microSD card in MCU I found two versions of Valhalla navigation. One is NA-2018-706 and another is NA-180906-1605. Car shows only NA-180906-1605 is active. I have an image of EU Valhalla navigation...
  49. int-veh

    Online routing takes to wrong address

    Checking to see if anyone else has encountered this issue. For past year or so, I think probably when they introduced online routing, the map routes to the wrong location when i enter my home address even though it shows the destination marker correctly. It looks like it is the local post...
  50. Marmac

    Traffic overlay missing on map

    Not sure how long ago this happened, but I just noticed that I no longer have the red lines on my maps when there is heavy traffic. I have a 2018 LR Model 3. I have the v10 update. Another thing I’ll mention (not sure if it’s related to this issue) is that when I took delivery of the car in...