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  1. ammulder

    How does margin really work?

    Let's say I wanted to sell some puts periodically, hoping to make some cash without selling shares. Right now I have next to no spare cash in my brokerage account. Because, you know, I used it buying TSLA! :) I think I have heard people recommend selling out of the money puts on margin, when...
  2. spehanich

    Easter Egg Menu Does Not Appear

    Just picked up my Model 3 SR+ today and have been playing around with various settings ever since. Plan to take it out for an outing this weekend but still have a lot to learn. I like to play around with the controls until I figure something out. If it takes more than an hour, then I ask for...
  3. R

    Future Model Y Owner - (hopefully)

    I'm total newbie. Never drove a Tesla but would love to buy a LR Model Y. Uncertain if I can afford it, whether it will fit in our garage, and how it'll handle cold Catskill winters. Also: is it smarter to wait until after Battery Day to see what's coming next? Have been lurking and learning...
  4. A

    Requesting expertise on buying from tesla.com/used vs dealership

    Hi! 1. Is it "safer" to purchase used Model S from tesla.com/used than dealerships? 2. What are some important things to look/test for if I do go with a dealership (which seems cheaper) vs from Tesla I did lots of digging on reddit but I was hoping to get some inputs from the community here on...
  5. Marius A

    P3D+ tires and rims, noise and costs

    Sorry if this has been asked before, didn't find anything but I might suck at searching for info. I've ordered a P3D+ and added the OEM winter tires. I have never cracked a rim before, and seldom had scratches, so I wasn't immediately worried about the low profile tires on 20" rims. However...
  6. T

    Electric car newbie

    I am about to take the plunge and order a leased M3. This will be my first ever electric car in anyway. Before I place the order could I get some help on the following please. 1. How do I go about getting a home charger installed? 2. Do I get a Tesla one or universal one? 3. Are they all...
  7. S

    new member from London, UK

    hi all, hoping to become owner at some point in near future. looking for London area based mechanic, skilled in rebuilding crashed Model S, please. thanks in advance!
  8. D

    what are M3 fleet considerations for institutional newbies?

    My Indiana university wants an electric car for recruiting and such. We currently have a Honda Clarity PHEV that folks are used to driving/sharing (it generally doesn't get charged away from home, just at it's space at work). I obsessively follow EVs and renewable energy, but I realize most...
  9. I

    New Model 3 owner

    Just bought an almost-new Model 3 here in the US (Florida) and couldn't be more stoked! I am partially disabled, and am moving to hand controls, so I thought I'd get a very safe car with good convenience features to install the hand controls. If anyone has experience with hand controls for a...
  10. B

    Ramblings/advice sought?

    Hi all I'm not much of an expert on cars in general or EVs. I've been a fan of Tesla for some years, driven in friends' model Ss and test drove myself, but concluded I wouldn't buy one for a combination of reasons. I then put down an M3 deposit 18 months ago in the knowledge it was...
  11. D

    Pair Rental car to app

    Hello All, My M3 was having some issues with map updates and backup camera showing up on the screen, so I brought it in for a service appointment, said it would be a few days and assigned me a loaner. I was fortunate enough to get a MS 75D and was told that it's still fine to go ahead and take...
  12. M

    Can't Enable Autosteer

    After picking up my model 3 this weekend and driving for awhile I noticed I had driven over 50 miles so I decided to try out autopilot as I was on the freeway. However, it wasn't working, just cruise control. I noticed that the car was reading speed limit signs and recognizing all the other cars...
  13. Spelly88

    Thinking about purchasing, but have a bunch of newbie questions...

    Hey all! I’m hopefully going to take the plunge shortly so I wanted to do some research and ask some really newbie type questions. Reading this forum over the past week has been extremely helpful! I just had a few questions that I wanted some more clarification on… I apologize in advance if...
  14. karpetkutter

    Charger Configuration and Install New M3

    Hi Guys , I have just recently received my invite to configure my M3 and now that I have the order setup its time to think about chargers. Where did you guys go for chargers? I was looking at the Tesla charger but not sure if you get the rebate on it? It wasnt until I was on here that it...
  15. Sam_Alset

    Hello Tesla community, newbie here

    Hello community, I'm new to the world of tesla and new to the forum. So I took the plunge and sold my bmw i8 after only 12 months of ownership and depreciation of £45,000 (ouch). It all happened as a result of test driving the p100d model S which just made every other experience i have...
  16. fasteddie7

    Help with a video series on ownership (if it's cool)

    I'm not sure if this is cool with the sites T/C (If not mods please let me know and I'll delete immediately) I've been working on a series to be put on youtube about all of the ins and outs of Tesla ownership for those who wonder or those looking to get a Tesla in the near future. From extreme...
  17. D

    Essential Accessory List

    I tried searching for a list of some must/nice to haves but can't seem to find the right terms. I just ran across hockey pucks which seem pretty important for not breaking the jack mounts. Is there a list of various accessories to go along with a new Tesla? I'm a Volt owner so it was...
  18. aollivierre

    MY First Tesla....Help! :)

    Well, I am seriously thinking about moving forward with my first Tesla. I found what I believe to be good a car online and it has 90k miles. Should mileage be a huge issue with these type of cars? would love to hear your thoughts.... Specs: What is missing? Your Model S 85 kWh Performance...
  19. O

    2010 purchase

    Newbie here, I am looking at a 2010 Roadster with 2119 miles on it. Vin 5YJRE1A16A1001126. Since I know nothing about these cars I would appreciate any guidance, advice, or any info before I purchase this or another Roadster. Would this be a 2.0 or a 2.5? Is anyone familiar with this particular...
  20. fasteddie7

    Hello Everyone! I'm new here! Ordering a 60d Model S and I have some ?'s

    What are some things that all of you current owners wish you knew when ordering? I'm new to zero emission vehicles, and I live in western Pennsylvania, so my primary available charger will be the one I install at my home. Is the necessary hardware included with the S or will there be more for...
  21. S

    Another newbie - sizing & tax

    Hello Teslians, First off, I'm currently purely a wannabe but have been following Musk and his companies for many years. I'm not a 'green' person whatsoever (in fact, the quicker we kill this planet the faster we will be motivated to get off it, but Elon Musk is working on that too), however...
  22. Z

    Finally got my Tesla Model S

    Hi Everyone, I finally rec'd my new Model S 90D last Saturday Oct. 3, 2015. I picked it up in Palm Springs, CA so I could also try out the Supercharger station in Cabazon, CA on my way home. I couldn't be happier. Back in 2008, I got bit by the electric car bug. First, I converted a 1995 Geo...
  23. lucy

    Is a cross country road trip to pick up a Tesla a good idea?

    I live in the EV desert of Iowa, and once the MX is finally out, don't really want to wait the extra month or more it will take to get my car shipped here, or to St. Louis or Minneapolis. My reservation # won't be until next year, but I have a question... Is it a good idea to fly to the home...

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