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  1. X

    Charging in Paris @ Belib : do I also need to pay parking?

    I’ll be traveling to Paris in April. I’ve ordered my Belib card and paid the 7€ subscription fee for none residents. What I can’t find anywhere is whether or not I also need to get a paid parking ticket when charging at a Belib station on the street. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. C

    la Model 3 arrive dans le store de Paris place de la madeleine

    puisque j'ai fait une commande de Model 3 avant de prendre une model S, j'ai eu vent de l'arrivée de la model 3 dans le store de Paris par email. si il y en a qui se sentent d'aller voir sur place et de s'asseoir dans la model 3, faites péter vos retours ici!
  3. BobbyKings

    Tesla Model 3 in Paris October 4-14 2018

    Anybody visiting? https://www.mondial-paris.com/en/visiteur/exposant/551/tesla Wonder if the European version will feature CCS....
  4. AlexG

    How does Trump quitting Paris Agreement affect Tesla?

    Here's why I think Trump quitting the Paris Agreement is not that big of a deal, but also it's time for Elon to leave Trump's advisory board:
  5. lunitiks

    Elon Musk: Departing presidential councils

    Out he goes Twitter
  6. S

    Charing in Paris options?

    (opps typo in title , should read 'Charging'. TMC does not allow editing title after it has been posted!) I plan to drive Amsterdam --> Paris --> Amsterdam over next week with family. The plan is to use the supercharge networks to get to and from Paris. However, I was wondering if there is any...
  7. S

    Amsterdam <--> Paris charging options?

    I plan to drive Amsterdam --> Paris --> Amsterdam over next week with family. The plan is to use the supercharge networks to get to and from Paris. However, I was wondering if there is any convenient charging network that I can use in Paris itself for changing my Tesla S. The only networks I...
  8. voyager

    Diesel banned from Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City by 2025

    The mayors of Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City have pledged to ban diesel vehicles from their respective cities by 2025. Speaking yesterday at the C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City, the leaders said they’d also work to further incentivise the uptake of alternatively fuelled vehicles and...
  9. Z

    BMW management to skip Paris show over electric car impasse

    BMW management will skip Paris show to strategize on electric car impasse
  10. PascalH

    Tesla Model 3 premiere op de Paris Car show??

    Volgens het artikel op de site van Tesla Model 3, le grand buzz du Mondial - Mondial de l'automobile wordt tijdens deze car show in Parijs de Model 3 voor het eerst aan de wereld getoond? "Au Mondial, pour la première fois, la marque américaine exposera son modèle le plus abordable…" Tesla is...
  11. nwdiver

    A message from the ISS to Paris...

  12. Ktowntslafan

    Devastating attacks in Paris, hostages taken ahead of COP21 climate talks

    Our thoughts and condolences are with the people of France tonight. Terribly sad. Devastating attacks in Paris, hostages taken ahead of COP21 climate talks | National Observer
  13. purplewalt

    Electric Plane @ Paris Air Show.....

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/11664405/Electric-airplane-of-the-future-set-for-take-off-at-Paris-Air-Show.html At the Paris Air Show: Two-seater Airbus E-Fan 2.0 electric prototype to have a range of 100 miles, speed of 136 mph, makes hardly any noise. Batteries will be lithium-ion polymer...
  14. R

    Model S in Paris, France, or elsewhere in Europe

    I am a roadster owner in the USA, but transferring to Paris in August for three years, and ahve to leve the roadster behind. Would prefer a used Model S rather than an expensive three-year lease from Tesla Paris...
  15. C

    Stationnement gratuit Paris 2h

    Pour info, le stationnement est gratuit sur les stationnements payants de surface dans Paris 2h en véhicule électrique lorsqu'on est pas parisien (plus sinon). Carte spéciale et disque nécessaire. Pour obtenir la carte gratuite par téléservice : Guichet Parisiens - accueil
  16. Daniel 74

    Charging Biaritz - Paris

    Good morning fellow tesla drivers, Excuse me for posting this message in English, but I need your advice. We're driving today from Santander to Paris. We will charge in San Sebastián and will need to recharge around Bordeaux and around Tours. Could you provide us with liable places to...
  17. J-Philipp

    HOW-TO : PARIS AUTOLIB' and Tesla Model S

    Planning to visit Paris ? Check this thread : Can a Model S charge at Autolib Stations (Paris, France) ? It's in the "France" forum, where everything is written in French, but not that one !
  18. Taipan

    Eric PB from Paris, just ordered an MS 60 for UberX and an MX for me

    Greetings all, I'm an old-timer Made-In-Germany cars fanatic, started with a VW Passat V6 4 Motion then BMW Z3 M Coupé, Audi RS4 track-modified MTM 460hp Safety Car for FR/UK RS clubs and BMW 330d xDrive Touring for daily use. Recently found out about Tesla and was convinced after googling...
  19. C

    Arrêté 2 fois hier à Paris

    Pour l'anecdote, ma plaque étant paire, j'ai été arrêté deux fois hier en fin d'après-midi dans Paris et Porte Maillot. J'ai essayé de dire que c'etait une Tesla, qu'il ny avait pas de pot d'échappement ... "Monsieur, votre carte grise !". Après mûre réflexion - le 2e n'avait pas l'air...
  20. 6

    Paris restricts car use

    BBC News - Paris restricts car use after pollution hits high Diesel vehicles blamed for polluting Paris air by authorities - Torque News http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/11/27/caremissions-study-idUSL5N0JC35120131127
  21. D

    inauguration quasi sûre Jeudi 13/02 au 5, rue Olympe De Gouges - Gennevilliers-Paris

    Qui va y aller ?
  22. Soulopoulos

    RoadTrip Brussel -> Parijs (26/11/2013)

    RoadTrip Brussel -> Parijs Dinsdag 26 november zal ik van Brussel naar Parijs rijden. Een roadtrip van 336km in +/- 3u15. Hier zal ik documenteren hoeveel kWh ik verbruik en waar ik zal laden. Zodat als iemand anders ook eens naar Parijs wil rijden ze gebruik kunnen maken van de lessons learned...
  23. N

    My first road Model S road trip Munich - Paris

    Last weekend I did my first longer road trip with my S. I was really curious how the S compares to my roadster when doing a longer trip. So far I have made quite some trips with my roadster and I guess I can say that I have some experience in planning. However the trip had quite some surprises...
  24. J-Philipp

    Can a Model S charge at Autolib Stations (Paris, France) ?

    (Note à mes concitoyens : je démarre ce fil en anglais, de manière à ce que tout le monde puisse suivre la conversation, et en particulier nos amis des pays limitrophes qui vont venir à Paris. Mon anglais ne sera pas parfait, mais chacun pourra ainsi participer.) (Note to my fellow citizens ...
  25. widodh

    Paris motorshow 2012

    Hi, I'm hoping that Tesla will attend the Autosalon Paris 2012 so I can travel there to show my girlfriend the Model S, but does anybody know if Tesla will be attending? Oh, she wants to visit Paris, so I found something to combine it with :-) They are not on this list: Exhibitors 2012
  26. jcstp

    Bolloré Bluecar in Paris

  27. jcstp

    Free parking and charging in Paris for EV's

    Google Translate
  28. magesch

    Trip from Stuttgart to Paris

    I will participate the ZERO EMISSSION RACE (WAVE - World Advanced Vehicle Expedition - Zero Emissions Race) and have to plan the trip from Stuttgart to Paris. Do someone have some info regarding charging points / hotels with charing facilities on the way? Thanks magesch
  29. jcstp

    Shanghai to Paris in electric car

  30. Doug_G

    Paris to launch electric car sharing program

  31. Jaff

    Paris Auto Show...AP article

    An AP report from the Paris Auto Show...some interesting numbers ...some disappointing... At Paris, conventional engines still going strong By Colleen Barry,Greg Keller, The Associated Press ADVERTISEMENT PARIS - Hybrids and electric cars may get top billing. But at the Paris Auto...
  32. dpeilow

    Paris Sales and Service Centre

    Tesla to open Paris store next week http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20100921005399/en/Tesla-Open-Paris-Store-Week
  33. dpeilow

    EMXGP - Paris - June 4th

    EMXGP to launch electric auto racing with Paris premiere - Autoblog Green
  34. P

    Peking to Paris - the Green Class

    To all Tesla drivers in search of adventure. In 1907 four cars succeeded in driving from PEKING TO PARIS[/B]. They stunned the world. Mass production followed. They'd launched the Age of the Motor Car. Now, in 2010 from September 10th to October 16th there's going to be another Peking to Paris...
  35. TEG

    Paris EV sharing plan

    Autolib: Paris' Electric Car Sharing Plan - BusinessWeek
  36. A

    A quand une concession TESLA à Paris ?

    Hello to you all, I will try to make some efforts to practice the language of Shakespeare, that unfortunately I control very little. :frown: (Please google translation). :wink: So one of you know if TESLA soon plans to open a Retail Shop in France, other than Monaco? :confused: Lover of...
  37. B

    "Rendezvous in Paris" -- fake?

    Does this race through Paris streets seem faked? If not, it's pretty insane driving. YouTube - Rendezvous in paris From the YouTube comments: "On an August morning in 1978, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB and had a friend, a...
  38. Finkenbusch

    Tesla exhibits at the Paris Motor Show 2008 Oct 4-19

    http://www.mondial-automobile.com/Portals/2/plaquette/Pictures/pages/complet.pdf Brochure