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vampire drain

  1. R

    Odometer vs total charge? Difference

    From what I noticed My model 3 lfp Sr , has 1012 on the odometer which accounts for 3.5 mile per kw which is equal to the 288kwh total charge However our trips says 235-240 watts per mile = about 4 miles per kw ... Which total charge should be 253 kwh But there 35kwh used out of nowhere...
  2. H

    Vampire unacceptable help

    I’m looking for help. I have 2022 s. I’m losing 20 plus miles a day when parked. Sentry mode and typical drains are off. Tesla says it’s within parameters. I’m going back and forth with them. They currently have my car In service. What to do? This is my 3rd model s since 2014. Never had this...
  3. H

    Self-Discharge Within 2 Hours of Recharge!

    As per my driving needs, I generally recharge to 60% from 30+% SoC 2-3 times a week. Typically, it's a schedule recharge early in the morning, right before my work commute. However, when I'm ready to drive in the morning, the battery SoC is down to 57%. The car is parked in the house garage...
  4. Z

    Vampire drain on standby

    I have a 2022 MSLR. All runs well but it has a wicked high battery drain if you park the car for an hour. No issues when i go to work and leave it for a few hours but if i stop for lunch or other quick 1-2 hour stop - the car seems like it’s been running and wil love 4-6% of the battery in 1...
  5. M

    Yet another Long-term parking vampire drain question, but some specific questions

    Thanks in advance for entertaining yet another vampire drain post. I will be leaving my 2022 Model 3 at San Francisco Intl Airport for 24 days in May. I've read through many of the posts in this forum about what to turn off (Sentry Mode, Cabin Overheat Protection; I don't have Summon on my...
  6. P

    Model Y actual energy consumption

    I bought a new Model Y and have been driving it for a few weeks. According to the car, I've consumed about 185 Wh/km over the entire time. However, if I go with the Tesla App's charging stats, it actually works out to 279 Wh/km. If I consider energy as charged rather than as delivered, it's 317...
  7. J

    12v battery / vampire drain / humming noise... Tesla errors?? Warranty??

    Hi everyone! I’ve recently buy a S70D 2016 and notice a daily vampire drain up to 8%!! (No summing or sentinel) Also notice humming noise from the front that I don’t know if is related... but from yesterday I’ve got the message “schedule service to replace low voltage battery” when it was...
  8. M

    Trickle charge 12V battery to stop vampire drain?

    For about the past year, I've noticed significant vampire drain in my 2013 P85. My car sits in the garage more days that it's driven, and I've noticed that I'm consistently losing about 0.4 to 0.5 mi/hr of range when parked, and this was after disconnecting all 3rd party connections. Long story...
  9. D

    Module failure

    Has anyone experienced a failure in a single module(or more)? I have severe vamp drain for the first 5-6 hours after parking at work (18 miles) and then it is normal after that. It seems to me that I have a failed module that has some type of short. Once the module is drained then I’m fine...
  10. fender4645

    What’s causing my MY to stay awake/suspended?

    Have had my MY for a couple of weeks. I finally got around to installing/configuring TeslaMate and noticed that my car doesn’t sleep and stays in the Online or Suspended state. How do I go about figuring out what’s causing this?
  11. D

    Vampire drain, how much is normal per day or overnight?

    Hello all, I have early 2013 MS60 (yes, still, yes original owner). Lately I have noticed a lot more vampire drain when the car is in the garage. For purposes of this thread, please note that I am combining all my observations relating to leaving the car overnight (unplugged), leaving the...
  12. S

    Recent Change to Vampire Drain

    I've always seen about 1% per day vampire drain on my 100 kWh battery. The last couple of months it has been much less, maybe a third of that. I haven't changed any settings on the car. Has Tesla changed something when the car is idle that dramatically reduces the drain?
  13. Mjezzi

    Solar panels charging 3 while camping?

    So I know there's already been a lot of discussion on solar panels not making much sense to charge a model 3 for driving, but that's not what this post is about. It's about creating enough power to negate sentry mode power consumption and also run a fridge/freezer. If there's an extra percent a...
  14. S

    Vampire discharge

    I've just been away for a holiday and on return noticed my M3P had almost completely discharged. I left it with about 240 miles and 10 days later it only had 47 miles. I left it plugged in all the time I was away. It wasn't a problem, but it might have been as I wasn't aware the drain was as...
  15. Q

    Vampire drain result for 2016 Model S 90D

    I thought I would share my experience with leaving my mid-2016 Model S 90D unplugged for seven weeks. I charged it to 92% before leaving and returned yesterday after 49 days to find it at 66%. I didn't use the app while I was a way, but a friend checked the car once after 38 days and found it...
  16. TimothyHW3

    Vampire Drain test (2) in Winter (Scan My Tesla Data)

    I am continuing the series of vampire drain tests. In my first test I showed you that you can lower your vampire drain in a day to 1-2km which is less than 0.5% a day. Now I did a series of tests over the course of 10 days. The results are very interesting. Few things out of the video: 1) The...
  17. AlanSubie4Life

    EPA Efficiency Numbers 2020 vs. 2019 - Tesla Model 3 SR+ Takes Crown

    I "happened" to be looking at the EPA efficiency numbers for the 2020 model year today.:rolleyes: This is kind of a look ahead to the promised 2019.36.1 efficiency changes which Elon talked about in the Q3 conference call. And it somewhat matches up with some of the information showing up on...
  18. B

    Losing major amounts of mileage while parked

    I noticed last week that I was losing significant amounts of mileage while the car was parked in my garage. Realizing I can’t argue my case without facts, I started keeping a log on Excel showing all trips and the mileage shown on the dashboard following each trip. Then each morning I would also...
  19. F

    Vampire drain disappeared after enabling Privacy mode

    During my holidays my Model 3 DM is parked in a depot of my enterprise. Not cool, not hot. No Wlan. No sentry mode, no climatisation is switched on.Energy mode ist turned to low. No charging. I didnt look by remote for 10 days. Then I checked it and it lost 40% = 4%/day! I unlocked it with...
  20. K

    SR+ range from Los Angeles to San Diego

    Hello, Anyone here has experience driving from LA to San Diego with a M3 Standard Range Plus (SR+)? What was your experience? Was the actual range enough for the long commute? Should I charge to 100% before I head out or refrain from using AP and heater/air conditioning? I recently got my SR+...
  21. Runebane

    Vampire Drain - just informational

    So on Friday after getting home from work I forgot to charge and left my car untouched for the entire weekend, I had more than enough charge Monday morning to go to work and back so I didn't use a SC at lunch. So 3 days between charges with nothing going on, no smart phone checking, no sentry...
  22. voip-ninja

    Alarming amounts of cold weather vampire drain

    I drove my car home yesterday afternoon and parked it in the garage with 49% battery at about 445pm. Outside temps were 38F. The garage is unheated but is attached to the home on two sides and doesn't typically dip below freezing (garage floor will have water puddled but no ice). Last night...
  23. dusdev

    YYZ airport parking - vampire drain in freezing cold

    Left for a trip on Friday, Jan 11th ((Model 3 LR AWD). Coming in to YYZ from about an hour away (100 km). The morning of Jan 11th charged to ~95%, around 480 km range. It was cold. Ended up arriving and parking at the airport with 352 km range remaining (78% range efficiency). Arrived back on...
  24. widodh

    Vampire Drain is still a major downside after 5 years

    In September 2013 I received my first S85 and ever since I've driven 250.000km (155,000 miles) on the ODO. 5 years later, this September, I received my new S100D and my wife now drives the S85 from 2013. I still love both cars, but the Vampire Drain is still the thing which bugs me the most...
  25. M

    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    I am not associated with this at all. I was seriously thinking of signing up for Teslafi.com but I just could not swallow the $50/yr subscription fee. I swear I looked for apps before on iPhone and didn't find much. I looked again today and found this and bought it immediately. It's $14.99 (I...
  26. B

    Insomnia: Car Won't Sleep, Vampire Drain, & Tesla Doesn't Know Why

    Hey Guys, Wondering if I can get some help on this forum. I've had my Model 3 LR for about 2 months. I noticed about 2 weeks into ownership that it was draining about 1 mile per hour of battery life when it's parked in ambient temperatures. I turned off cabin overheat protection, rebooted the...
  27. D

    Teslafi sleep

    Did anyone have a problem to detect the drive after sleep in teslafi? My short drives are never or rarely detected if the car was in sleep mode before the drive
  28. B

    Phantom / Vampire Drain on Model 3

    I have had the wonderful model 3 for a month now and when I first got it it was usually losing 1 mile over night and 1 mile whilst at work - sometimes 2. Recently its much higher, sometimes much much higher. Looking at my stats, it went up on from 18th April to about 3 miles per night and now...
  29. A

    Remotely activate Energy Saving mode

    Was thinking about vampire drain (M3OC has a topic about excessive drain, also reports from Norway). And I came up with just a software update. Tesla could add power saving (with connection drop) mode selection in the app (to all models, S, X and 3) So if vehicle is left alone for long, owner...
  30. D

    Countering vampire drain with 12v solar pannel

    Has anyone used solar panel to keep the 12v topped via the OBD, link posted below also dose the model 3 have a OBD connection AA Essentials 12V Solar-Powered Car Battery Charger Solar Panel OBD Version | eBay
  31. Thiago

    Charge Model S 12V battery from ICE

    Hello all, So I went on holiday and vampire drain brought the car to complete zero, including the 12V battery. Now, long story short, I can access the 12V battery through the frunk but only have a jumpstart cable to connect to a ICE car, like you would do on a ICE to ICE jumpstart. Question...
  32. Haxster

    Vampire Drain Measurements

    While on vacation, I left our December, 2016 build HW2 90D MS connected through the Tesla Mobile Connector to 240V. The car has ~4,800 miles on it. The charge rate was set to 50% at 5 Amps. Energy Savings was ON and Always Connected was checked. Cabin overheat protection was on (D’oh!), but the...
  33. M

    Is this vampire drain normal?

    I left the car idle for over a week and I almost killed it. I have it logging on Teslafi and I also added a blackvue 2ch. Could those be the cause? Some days were about 10-12 mile loss (24 hour period), some were as high as 21 miles. Outside temperature was steady around 70 degrees. Just...
  34. Haxster

    Another vampire drain measurement on a refresh MS 90D

    My December 2016 MS 90D sat quietly in my garage for two days. Settings: Power Saving: Off Always Connected: On (on home WiFi) Smart Preconditioning: Off Range Mode: Off Over a period of 47 hours, it's estimated range went from 198.4 to 189.2 miles. The car appears to assume that I will be...
  35. Mknac

    Tesla standard Nema 14-50 Question

    I have the standard charging kit that came with my car. Right now it is plugged into my Nema 14-50 plug. I didn't drive my MS today so it is sitting at 80% battery charge. Should I plug I tonight before I go to bed, even though it won't charge? The green light on the unit is on. Is this...
  36. navguy12

    Vampire drains, 12 volt batteries, parking over 14 days....

    Newbie here. Based on some things I've read about the Model S, some questions for discussion: I've read that a number of Model S owners are going thru 12 volt batteries once a year. Not sure why, but one assumes that there is an issue with the existing architecture of the battery bus system...
  37. N

    Battery drain while car is left off for several days/weeks/months.

    Hello, I want to share my experience on this subject. I have a new 2015 tesla Model S 85D. I left for 15 days trip overseas. I left the car at 257 range when I left, and when I came back I had 233 range left. I averaged a 1.6 miles loss per day on a period of 15 days. check box for "always...
  38. Matias

    Vampire drain a considerable cost on the long run

    Vampire drain has been quoted to be 1.2 - 2.4 kwh/day. For me that costs approximately 2 euros a day even if I'm not driving. It is a considerable cost on the long run. They really should address this better.
  39. 2Cybers

    Vampire Losses - How Much?

    I will have to park Joules for 10 days in a location that charging power is not available (Vacation on a no car island, must park car in ferry terminal lot). The parking lot is about 93 miles from the nearest Supercharger. I know she will not be dead, but depending on how low she is, I may...
  40. Matias

    Vampire drain in freezing temperature

    I have one question, which is not very actual at the moment :wink: If you leave Model S unplugged in sleep mode and temperature is below freezing, will car let the battery get as cold as outside temperature, or will it try to keep battery's temperature above some limit? At least this video...