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A back and forth shake on highway bumps.

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well,

I noticed something today, every time I go 55-70 MPH, my car makes a back and forth shake when hitting bumps. It is not dangerously violent but subtle, it is annoying and uncomfortable. I do have the 20in Induction wheels but I highly doubt this is the cause. Anyone else with this experience?
Sometimes setting the tire pressure of the rear tires slightly higher or lower than the tire pressure of the front tires can reduce the forward/back pitching motion.

Start with all 4 tires at the same cold tire pressure shown on the label in the driver's door A pillar.

Add 1 to 2 lbs above the recommended tire pressure to both rear tires and test the ride.

Reduce the tire pressure of both rear tires 1 to 2 lbs below the recommended tire pressure and test the ride.

Repeat if necessary by resetting all 4 tires to the recommended pressure, then slightly increasing or reducing the tire pressure in the front tires. Test the ride and compare with how the Model Y rode with the rear tire pressure set slightly lower or higher than the recommended pressure.

For reference I have the 19" wheels and have found that my 2020 Model Y rides better when the tire pressure of all 4 tires is set 1 to 2 lbs higher than the recommended 42 PSI. I judge the ride as improved when driving over rough surfaces. I have not experienced the pitching motion you described.
For what it's worth, I've been having the same problem on a particular stretch of new concrete highway. I'm a lot more aware of it if my head is close to the headrest because it keeps smacking me. The other day I was driving my Golf Sportwagen and noticed similar behaviour but with a lot less movement, probably would have ignored it if I hadn't been sensitized by the experience with the Tesla. I'll try playing around with tire pressures to see if I can damp out the harmonic motion.
Another thing you can try is to load up the lower storage bin in the rear hatch area with extra weight. Carrying unnecessary weight can impact your efficiency but in a vehicle that already weighs 4400 lbs before passengers and luggage it may not make a noticeable difference in range or efficiency.
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For what it's worth, I've been having the same problem on a particular stretch of new concrete highway. .

I have this exact same problem on several concrete roads around here too. The Model Y is Extremely sensitive to the joints in concrete roads and rocks back and forth on some of them. The Model 3 that I used to have had no such issue on the exact same roads. I was hoping / thinking that the Model Y would have a better / softer suspension than the Model 3, but boy was I was wrong.
At least I am not alone. It reminded me of an ICE car with a faint cylinder misfire. The sensation of jostling back and forward at random times. 55-65 is the worst. It is driving me nuts. My model 3 never felt like this. I lowered the tire pressure to 38, but it’s not helping. Figured I should break in the car for 5K miles before I try more as I see it mentioned to give it time.