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Can't contact a human at Service Center

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I tried calling my Service Center today, Lyndhurst Ohio. Humans no longer pick up the phone. The message refers you to the app for online scheduling or chat.

Anyone else experience this?

Unfortunately, this is the new "normal" for Tesla ownership. Calling any number now refers you to use the App or directs you to their support page to use the "Chat" option (which has been disabled).

Calling the Service Center directly... no one will answer and their voicemail box is always "full".

Just so new Tesla owners know... it wasn't always like this. Tesla used to provide very personal service. For a time, the Centinella Service Center would even let you store your car, and they would drive you to LAX and pick you up when you came back... car washed (this was a bit above the call of duty).

However things have degraded significantly since then. With the introduction of the 3... these days you'll find get better service from Honda or Kia.

Creating the World’s Best Service and Warranty Program

heh... that's Elon from 2013... and it's only gotten worse.

Hint: Calling Roadside assistance is the only way I know of to talk to a human anymore.
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Weird, I called my local service center today after a missed call from them to review upcoming service appointment. Selected parts in the voice selection message and got someone right away. Costa Mesa service center in California.
I've found the best way to get a human at a service center is to be as friendly as possible to your SC rep, and keep up the relationship with them via email. At the two SC nearest to me, I've gotten a point of contact at both that I can email as needed. For one of them, I even have their personal cell phone number they told me to reach them because otherwise it is impossible to get a human at the SC otherwise.

Roughly, getting a human at a SC is an "off the menu" option, like the $35k Model 3.
The new non existent service, we dont care. We have too many broke 3s to answer. I called, no answer. I was sitting out front.
They are all young kids. The new service manager must be 30. She acused me of taking off belly panel, i told her to read my service records.
Zero customer karma.
I drive there. Only solution.