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Color Choice (Redux)

I'm sure similar questions have been asked here before, but my search within the forum didn't turn up enough information to really help me with this decision, so I'm bringing it up again.

I just left the Tesla show room, where I had placed my 90D order last week. I originally ordered MC Red because my other choice (Midnight Grey) was not available at the store for me to compare to. Today I went back and they had both vehicles sitting next to each other. Now I'm questioning my color choice. I have until tomorrow to fish or cut bait so I'm literally down to the wire.

Any practical feedback on these two colors from owners? Any regrets on your choice? Problems with paint? Etc.

I love the contrast between body and trim the MC Red offers but I'm a rather introverted individual and am a LITTLE concerned that color is just too "in your face" for my personality. On the other hand, the grey is classic and classy, but rather ho-hum. First World Problem, indeed...


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Unfortunately I'm not sure anyone else can really help you here. Colour is an extremely personal choice, so whatever I, or anyone else will say is solely what we would want, not what you do.

Personally I like the red, it really pops, and I like that, I find the grey too boring. But that's me, not you, I can't speak for what you want.

The one thing that really jumped out at me though on a recent test drive was that no matter what colour I get, I won't regret it, the moment I sat down in the car and started driving, the colour of the interior, or exterior, just didn't matter any more, I know I could be happy in any colour Model S.
FWIW I was planning on blue, but ended up choosing red. I do a lot of driving on dangerous windy roads, so I wanted my car to be as visible as possible. Also, my last car was blue and I never drove a red car, and thought it would be fun to do something different.
All my cars have been red (if I had a choice). The roadster was a demo and yellow.

The MC red is beautiful and one of a kind. I never have regrets.

Not sure about the X, might just be too much - but who knows.

Of course a very personal choice. But gray would be just too impersonal.

You will never regret buying the car, no matter what color.
I still enjoy the complexity of the red after two years. In some light it's a bright, bold red. Sometimes it's awfully orange. At night it looks complex and deep. Colors are pretty personal, but I don't think you'd be disappointed with the red if that was your first instinct.
I have really stressed over making this choice and realize there is no "right" choice; I boiled it down to "head or heart?" Late last night I switched my order to Midnight Silver - "head" won out. The order confirms today.

Thank you all for the input!