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Current Delivery Times


Feb 18, 2021
If you already have Insurance... Seriously? Call your agent? What is this 1973? Just go online and add the vehicle. What am I missing? Are you insured by Brown Valley insurance??? (Lots of humor in there). /s

If not then a different process for sure.
State Farm. I have almost a dozen policies and yes, I use a local agent for many reasons. I did add my Tesla through the app (very easy), but even if you do that, my agent will call to give a quote and initiate payment. Nothing archaic, really.


Ordered 5-4; MYLR - grey/black - 19" no tow - FSD
May 24, 2021
Welcome home Baymax!
I Ordered May 7th, Text to make appointment May 29, vin assigned same day. Pick up June 03.
195XXX. The car is in great shape after updates everything seems to be working fine. The FSD is fun and can’t wait to explore more. AP did real well in the rain. Coming from a Subaru Crosstrek. Great upgrade from a great car. Already added mud flaps from abstract ocean. And possible rear PPF panels once the weather clears up (also Abstract) also I ordered the quick bandit front license plate holder. I was happy SC (Springfield NJ) didn’t install. I Never once talked to anyone from Tesla except when I handed in the paper work, they asked if I had any questions. Delivery took less than 30 min after a once over and I did a check list exam once i got home. First appointment for service scheduled (mobile service) for passenger door/window rattle ☹️ Driving me crazy (not a far drive) anyone else have the same issue? I’m trying to narrow down if it’s the window or door. but overall I’m extremely happy. Great not having to deal with the “dealership” experience and no more gas stations!!! Easy set up at home with a 40 amp primecom charger (needed 30ft cord)
Already using and loving stats for Tesla and Optiwatt! I love the Siri and Apple Watch controls.
Not delivered with passenger lumbar, rear PPF or mud flaps. I think I covered it all. Thanks everyone for making this relatively short wait informative and fun.
What was the scene at Springfield? I ordered the same week as you for pickup there. Still no VIN but hoping they're cranking out deliveries. CONGRATS on the new ride!


Mar 10, 2019
San Antonio, TX
Officially got the text message late yesterday to schedule delivery! The SC here must be slammed because the soonest appointment was 06-10.
That didn't work for us so we'll be picking up on 06-12, it's the light at the end of the tunnel!

(Also very glad because 06-13 is when our trade-in offer expires 😬)
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May 18, 2021
Johns Creek, GA
I just wanted to thank everyone for this site! I have learned so much about what issues to look for when I go to pick up my MY next week. Also, for everyone who had been talking about trade-ins and how they had gone up in the past month, thank you as I ended up making out great because of you! I had initially gotten the highest offer direct from Tesla but saw a lot of people talking about how their offers had gone up. Tesla's offer went up for me as well by $200 so I went back through and did all the online ones again just to see and received an offer from CarMax that was $5k higher than their initial offer - I literally dropped everything and took the car up there just to see what would happen and they paid me on the spot within 45minutes. I would probably have never checked again without this site so thank you thank you thank you to all the trade in posters!!

Now I don't have a car for a week so hoping my delivery date doesn't change!

Purchased 5/14 - MYLR White with Black interior, 20" wheels, no FSD, no hitch - VIN on 5/28 - delivery in Atlanta on 6/10.
RN 11496xxxx
VIN 196xxx


May 18, 2021
New York
I never actually got a text or email to schedule my delivery, after receiving my VIN I spent 3 days trying to get a hold of the Mt Kisco delivery team and eventually got through on a Sunday afternoon and got a 3 day window to pick from, 06/10-12


May 17, 2021
So California
For the demo vehicles, if we already have an order placed does anyone know if we can switch the demo vehicle for our order? And if its the same config do we get to keep the price we paid or are we gonna have to pay the price increase?
Anyone else think it’s not a coincidence that Tesla updates EDDs to mid July/August the same day they then dump a bunch of inventory cars on the market that have a price increase of $1,000? Come on. NFW it’s a coincidence. They’re sly.
Right! Pretty cunning
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May 18, 2021
They released so many demo vehicles today with 0-2000 miles and many colors and configurations! Check it out under existing inventory on the main tesla website.


May 26, 2021
Pulled the trigger and ordered a MYP demo under a separate reservation but keeping the MY LR on order. Got the VIN immediately. I assume I can refuse delivery if it isn’t to my liking. TBH I always wanted a MYP but was forced to ‘settle’ for the MY LR due to my other half. This one doesn’t have FSD. Time will tell whether or not this was a wise decision but I was ok with the extra 100 and 3 point credit score decrease by reapplying.
NICE! That MYP is gonna break your neck I bet. I've asked my wife at least 20 times to reconsider the MYP over MY LR, but she's dead set on the 7 seats...good luck!


Mar 8, 2021
Rochester, NY
For those who have already picked up or will be picking up, how does the scheduling work in terms of availability? So is a date range provided to you to schedule a pickup within? How many days is that window, typically? Are we talking a week?


Active Member
Jan 2, 2017
They released so many demo vehicles today with 0-2000 miles and many colors and configurations! Check it out under existing inventory on the main tesla website.

Does releasing that many demos also indicate that there is a change to the car as well? Noticed a bunch of demos pop up here in Canada as well.


May 18, 2021
Does releasing that many demos also indicate that there is a change to the car as well? Noticed a bunch of demos pop up here in Canada as well.
Not sure , i think they are just Model Y's that have been in the showrooms for a month or two. Some of them are also in transit from the factory but maybe the customer changed their order to hold or just cancelled their order and they are now up for grabs. What isn't fair is how some who ordered in April or May, can't be automatically assigned to one of these new cars with less than 50 miles if they have the same exact configuration. Why should the customer have to work for it ?


Supporting Member
Feb 23, 2021
Pale Blue Dot
After 10 weeks of totally unresponsive frustration with my order and more importantly with my SA, the saga is hopefully over.

Found an exact match in inventory and pulled the trigger!

Final score:
SA - No points in ten weeks.
Me - The game winning shot with just two days of inventory watching.

Final details to be provided once available.

(Original order still shows an August delivery 😐)

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