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Current Delivery Times

Does anyone know whether if I was to add tow hitch to my order would it have an affect on my order time (either positive or negative)? Placed may 21 with current edd aug but may want to add this on without adding a delay.
Anyone with recent experience
Have two friends, one ordered tow 5/6 and took delivery 7/17. Other friend, no tow ordered late April (but changed wheels 5/9) and took delivery 7/18. VINs we’re 228xxx and 231xxx respectively.
Does anyone know whether if I was to add tow hitch to my order would it have an affect on my order time (either positive or negative)? Placed may 21 with current edd aug but may want to add this on without adding a delay.
Anyone with recent experience
So not recommend adding. May out you in back of queue. You may have to pay any price increases since you ordered. Just add after delivery.
Set for a Chicago delivery
I'll call that location Monday and express some frustration.
Keep us posted what you hear. With Chicago being such a rail and cargo hub I kind of expect deliveries here to be a little more consistent and timely.

Next week will be 8 weeks since my order date, if no vin by then I’ll probably pop into highland park and ask what’s going on with my order.


MY5 5/24 wh/blk 19" tow-- MSLR 6/1 MSM/blk 19"
Apr 12, 2019
I know we all are so anxious to get our hands on our cars. So much expectations, frustrations and everything else you can think of, if you can survive this phase, you can survive anything as you all would have learnt what patience means.

The question to the folks who got their cars, how did you feel after you got the car (say a week of delivery). Were you still like a kid in the candy shop, or just meh or still havent reached home after you started your drive :)
Although your statement is true it makes it very difficult for some to plan. If someone gets an 8-12 week EDD and sells a car planning on the 12 weeks then they should be able to plan on a realistic 11-13 weeks. If there are supply issues or anything else that could cause a delay then Tesla should say so. Slight delays caused by ramp ups or assembly line issues should be considered reasonable. But anything over 10 days past the original high side of an EDD should be considered equivalent to an Elon "Two week" statement.


Jul 8, 2021
So i have the 3D Maxpider floor mats (dont have the car they go in but thats just a minor detail). Going solely off the looks of the mats (which look awesome sitting on my garage floor, not in a MYLR MSM ordered 6/6) they seem to have a velcro-like bottom, i assume to keep them in place. Not sure if that helps but for what its worth, its what I got!

to think, i was worried the car would come in before the mats :)
I have them for my Honda Clarity and they look great! Of course, they're double the price for the Y.


Just an American living his best Canadian life...
Jul 7, 2021
Ottawa, ON
Hi everyone! Been following this thread for awhile now but decided to share my very frustrating experience.

Ordered 5/30/21. MYLR White with black interior. 19wheels. FSD. Plano, Texas. My SA who did my test drive said I wouldn't get a car until August which I was totally fine with at the time. Surprisingly I got matched to a car mid June for June 30th delivery. Everything was set to go - insurance proof given. 2 days prior to delivery VIN completely disappeared from my account. Talked with a SA who said it looks like the car had some issues which was why I was unmatched and that I would be rematched for mid July delivery.

Well a few days pass and I get a second VIN and the generic EDD of September. 2 weeks pass then suddenly that VIN disappears and the EDD delivery date was October. I was given the exact same explanation as the first one.

Next day I get matched to a 3rd VIN with an EDD July 26-31st. I was in constant communication with my SA who said he is very confident this car will be made and should have the car by the end of the July. This was 2 weeks ago. Earlier this week I talked with my SA who didn't know why my car hadn't been produced yet but is scheduled to be made on June 29th. Very frustrating but felt like this was going to be the car...NOPE! Checked my account to day and guess what?! NO VIN EDD October. UGGGGG! This is the 3rd time and this time I can't get ahold of my SA. Not sure if they are off for the weekend or what. Absolutely ridiculous! Honestly if I didn't have the wall charger already installed I would just go with the Ford Mach-e. I think I have the worst luck in Tesla history. 😢
I was considering the Mach-E on my short list of EVs also…until I saw the wait times on Ford’s website (still current):

Select: 16+ weeks
Premium: 24+ weeks
California Route 1: 16+ weeks
GT: 28+ weeks

Considering the above, plus a lack of public charging infrastructure where I live, I had to rule it out.

But I hope you get your Tesla soon! I’m sure you won’t regret the wait once you do! 🙂


Supporting Member
Jul 24, 2017
Orlando, FL
Last Sunday we picked up our Model Y. Below is how our journey unfolded.

2021 MY LR | ⚪White exterior | White Interior | 5 Seat | 20" Induction | Tow | No FSD
🗓️ Ordered 5/10 | Profile completion: 5/11
  • Placed on May 20th and profile completed the following day
  • Order included trade-in of our 2018 Model 3 LR RWD & private financing (from M3 #teamblack to MY #teamwhite)
    • despite all other reports Teslas offer before tax incentives was best of all estimates received (local dealership came close but convenience of Tesla made that decision simple)
    • As an existing member Digital Credit Union (DCU) were awesome. I was already pre-approved, and no credit-pull was required.
      • Note: because of the spike in new customers wait times are longer than I have ever seen before. Customer service was top notch though!
The Loooonnnnggg wait….
  • Actually, I cannot complain there are others that ordered before me still waiting and I pray you get your car very soon.
  • Estimated Delivery date (EDD):
    • Originally date following profile completion: 5-12 weeks
    • EDD started to show timeframes in June in late May/early-June
    • In mid-June my EDD shifted to September for over a week then started to indicate a July delivery. (Note: EDD was a lot more erratic than this summary)
    • Took delivery 10 weeks after order
  • During this time my trade-in estimate expired twice. Renewing was easy – I just needed to submit new odometer readings and was typically finalised within 48hrs. Estimate didn’t change either time.
Vehicle assignment, the blue button and delivery schedule
  • July 13: Trade-in estimate expired for the 2nd time. Resubmitted odometer reading.
  • July 14: Received email in the early hours that my “VIN is Now Available”
  • July 14: Logged into Tesla account and accepted Tesla Vision disclosure (blue button) - 228xxx VIN assigned
  • July 14: scheduled Phoenix delivery on Sunday, 18th July
  • July 14: called SA and confirmed my assigned VIN had bio weapon defence mode and had a build date of July-12
  • July 15: Trade-in estimate finalized again for the same original value
  • July 16: Called SA and confirmed car was ready for delivery
Trade-in and Delivery (July 18)
  • Model 3 trade-in was seamless
    • Checked in on arrival, one of the delivery reps checked odometer, had us sign some DMV documents, validated odometer and that was it (15mins max)
  • Model Y touchless delivery was good also
    • Car was covered in back dust
    • Identified and noted various cosmetic issues on the interior and exterior which have been scheduled to be corrected in two weeks. Some I have been able to clean up myself or was corrected during paint correction. Can share if anyone is interested.
  • Dropped into Hyer Quality Detail on July 19 for full frontal PPF, Ceramic coating and window tint.
    • 3-day turnaround – picked up on the Wednesday afternoon
    • These guys did an amazing job!
This post is already quite long so I’ll post key learnings from my experience separately. TO BE CONTINUED.
Gratz! Its so good to see you taking delivery! its been so long since we've seen one <3


Supporting Member
Jul 24, 2017
Orlando, FL
Any of you know (or have experience) if the 3D maxpider floor mats can be placed on top of the OEM carpet mats instead of replacing them? I don't have a ton of storage room so I prefer to put them on top, but I'm unsure if that creates a fit issue (or if it's negligible). Thanks in advance!
I bought 3 different kinds of mats and I did try that with the maxpider and it does work. it makes them fit a bit tighter which was nice


Supporting Member
Jul 24, 2017
Orlando, FL

She's perfect! 3 miles, Bioweapons Defense Mode, USB stick, no mud flaps, no PPF. We had two Teslas already and know what to look for and have not found any issues.

Hope y'all get your cars soon!
Awesome! Congrats! What was your VIN?
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