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Deciding on second EV, a non-Tesla

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I am torn on deciding the second EV, definitely getting another Tesla is too boring. Looking at the used audi e-tron, or March E. But...
Before I decide, I want to experience a non-tesla ev. I borrow my brother-in-law's chevy bolt over the weekend for a road trip with a charging network in Bay Area, California. Here is what I have to install apps and prepare
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Even though I have all that apps, still have issues with charging. The road trip charging is day and night when you compare with Tesla. Imo, if you buy a non-Tesla EV, then you should expect to use it for your daily commute where you can charge at home. Public charing is not there yet for non-tesla EV

What do you guys think? Can anyone share the experience with public charing for non-tesla EV? I really don't want to buy another Tesla for a second EV, but I really "turn off" by the third-party public charing.
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I have been driving Tesla as my main car since 2014. For my second car i have had Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul EV and Kia Niro EV, and have experienced some frustration with non-Tesla Chargers. I understand the Mach E has some kind of software called "Ford Pass" or something like that that enables you to charge at non-Tesla quick chargers by just plugging in. No need for a card or to look at anything on the charger. IF that really works then the Mach E could be the way to go. I hear it is also fun to drive and a pretty good car. There was a new video a few days ago by a guy test driving a VW ID4 and trying to charge at EA quick charge stations. It was a disaster. for now, i can not recommend the ID4. It is a real slow car too.
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I am also in the market for 2nd EV as well. I test drove other EV makers but no Supercharger def killed my interest. So, I am leaning toward CPO 2017-2018 Model S 75D to experience some new stuff like air suspension. Model 3 is off the table for me since it is so similar to Model Y. If you do not mind getting used vehicle, I think getting CPO S or X might not be bad idea. I am hopping that roll out of refreshed version will lower the cost further. Just my 2 cents since I am in similar boat!
I have a Model Y and a Bolt (I bought the Bolt first). I find the Bolt to be fine for exactly what you said: local journeys where I don't have to charge again until I get back home. Taking it on the road is just too much worry and extra effort and time. Other non-Tesla cars charge faster, but the spacing and reliability of all the other networks is still a strong push toward Tesla if you ever want to go on a long trip.
Timing for your decision is important. Lots of non-Tesla models coming and supposedly improvements to public charing network. Ask yourself how far you drive, how much you actually need charging outside home, and what you think will make you happy. Agree with all the other commenters here - budget, needs, etc. I picked up a used BMW i3 for 1st EV and it works perfectly fine for my needs (and was a great deal too!)
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We had a Leaf on 3 year lease. Just returned it today because we got a SR Y to go with the LR RWD 3 we've had for almost 3 years.

We both did not like the leaf (compared to a Tesla). If it's your second car and you don't need public charges then it's good also we had to deal with cold and the reduced range was not enough for the wife's commute in winter.

I used a handful of different types chargers (L2 & L3) with the leaf and if they required an app they were about 60% successful in working within a minute and probably 20% just wouldn't.

I like now both car are the same, don't need to think about where stuff is when I get in :) Sure boring but the Tesla eco system is great and hard to escape!!!
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Porsche Taycan. It has different tech implementation and interfaces. Driving it is a Porsche driving experience. Of course, the build quality is Porsche.
LOL, I wish. My budget is around 50K. Looking at used e-tron or new March E. I am hesitating to pull the trigger due to network charing.
I don't want to spend 50K car then have to end up using it for the daily commute. I want to enjoy the road trip with 50K car.
If I cannot do a road trip, I might as well spend less money on a compact car, like bolt, leaf, or I3, and use it for the daily commute.
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Polestar 2 and Volvo EC40 could be considered. They both, however, suffer from lack of dedicated infrastructure especially charging.
Plus both are Chinese owned. You may have a privacy concern as well.

Saw this article today

I wouldn't go ICE again. Too many parts that go bad (there is a reason CarShield ads are all over the place), plus oil changes and gas.
I like the EV "full" tank every morning even though I now have to fill up my own windshield washer fluid! *gasp*
We had BMW i3s for about 5 years before our Tesla. While we never had any issue with L2 chargers, L3 chargers were unreliable in my experience. Based on some of what I've heard/read recently it doesn't appear this has changed recently. In my experience they would work around 50% of the time or less, and as this was consistent across 2 different i3s, I'm fairly certain it was not a problem with the car. Because that car had a range extender (backup gas generator) even in those times that a charger failed us we were not totally stranded, but without the extender we would have likely been stranded at least a couple of times (and we did not take too many long road trips). The only L3 chargers which were consistently functional were the ChargePoint L3 chargers at the local BMW dealer. Everything else was a tossup.

IMO the supercharger network is a huge and necessary asset for Tesla.
I drove a Chrysler Pacifica PHEV for 4 years and probably only went to the gas station 7 times in that time frame. It was great but that's also when I knew I should just get a pure EV. Tried out the Kia Niro EV but it was just too small compared to 1) my minivan and 2) the Model Y.

I get the whole "would rather have a non-Tesla" but I'm just a month into my Y ownership and it's amazing compared to my Chrysler. I still miss the size of a minivan (and those sliding doors) as I've driven some sort of minivan for the last 17 years but I figure the next one will be the CyberTruck... only about a year or so away and I expect that experience to be a bit different from the Y.