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Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

DeltaOne and Jlcboston,
I wondered what that barely visible icon did. I'm going to be using that the next time I drive! Thank you!

I noticed today that this icon (the one with the arrow) has two modes. Before pressing the icon the audio screen can be full screen or one line at the bottom. Once you press the icon it's appearance slightly changes and it can be full screen or mid-screen. To return to one line at the bottom you have to press the icon again.
I haven't been here much for most of this year, but I'm making a special return appearance to tell you everything I don't like about V11. I'm sure I'll forget some things, so it'll probably take a few posts. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Tesla should be paying me as a consultant on their UI's before they release the updates. I'll tell them what they are doing wrong.

I downloaded V11 this morning (Merry Christmas!) and took one short drive and I already see numerous problems.

The TL;DR version - everything is either ok or needs to be put back how it was. I didn't see one single thing that I thought was an improvement.

One thing we've never had that we need is the ability to set the default headlight setting to OFF. For 3-1/2 years I've been getting in my 3, entering PIN to drive, opening Controls, and turning the lights off manually. I'm a big boy, I can decide for myself when the headlights need to be on.

The mileage / power and trip meters were removed from the bottom left and put in the Controls screen. Why? And then they removed the tenths digit from the trip meters! Now how am I supposed to know when I've driven a mile AND A HALF? Nice double fail, Tesla! Can't even swipe sideways in the bottom left of the screen to bring them up like they've been since I bought my car in May 2018!

Heater controls are different. Not really good or bad, but they didn't need improved.

That "customize" X at the center of the bottom edge -- there is NOT ONE THING in the available icons that I ever use. So it is useless to me. I play no games in the car, or caraoke, or web surf while driving. And I'm alone in my car 99.9% of the time, so no need to entertain passengers. Put the battery icon there, not just the energy graph which I almost never use. Put the trip mileage meters there.

The battery / charge icon opens into the Controls screen to show the battery now, instead of the old dedicated battery screen. That was a change we didn't need.

Turning the streaming channels off, like AP news or Comedy stations or whatever - I used to just tap the Phone icon next to the Streaming icon. Can't do that anymore.

I'll think of more the next time I drive somewhere later today. So far I see V11 as one big bad idea.

We should have the option to select which version of the UI we want. I jumped from 10.2 to 11.fail . There's more than enough memory in computers these days to store the different versions.
Got to have to agree so much with you who needs all that crap at the bottom I just want to be able to listen to my music turn the volume up or down know what song is playing which they buried off the existing screen and if anybody can be helpful since I'm not the only one who drives this car it would really help if I could increase the font on my profile so that I wouldn't have to squint at the screen and take my eyes off the road it would be nice if we had a shortcut in just the basic controls heater air conditioning seat oh and by the way if I change the font for my screen does it change it for everybody else who uses the car that would suck
My biggest complaint is the seat warmers. Why remove a dedicated button for something that gets used probably by most people driving during colder months?? Does not make sense at all and if they did feel it necessary, why not make them an option instead of stupid games or social media crap you shouldn’t be using while driving anyway?? Makes you wonder what NHSTA will say about these changes or if they even know about them. Tesla seems to be thinking they are selling an entertainment machine rather than a transportation device.
Not only that, BUT, they also made it impossible to operate all seat warmers from one menu, inexplicably splitting up the front and back seats.
So I've had 2 updates since the v11 and I keep hoping they would address the issues everyone has mentioned... and they haven't.

One nitpick I have is the way they do the blind spot monitoring cameras. I like this feature, but I think the "picture" should go in the same place as when you enable your cameras... middle left when signaling left and far right when signaling right. Where it is right now covers the visualization screen which could also cover the virtual cars that are actually in my blindspot. Being able to see both the camera and the visualization is better to me and having them left and right relatively also gives me an indicator of which camera and direction I've signaled (yes... because sometimes my old brain forgets what is left and what is right :) ).

Anyways... here's hoping the next update fixes stuff... I don't mind the v11 re-orged menus all that much... just the shortcuts and status icons they took away.
Agree - V11 was a total downgrade. Updated it this morning and had to make some Xmas drop offs during the rain in SoCal… nothing is intuitive anymore. Why are the windshield wipers buried in the Control menu with tiny icons that are impossible to click on while trying to drive in the rain? Why are the front seat warmer icons also equally buried in the now crappier HVAC controls? Why do the interior schematic of the seats only allow you to turn on the rear seat warmers?

This is a total crap show. Gimme back my old version!
Just wondering if some of the controls are able to be voice activated and therefore not as important to be seen on the screen especially while driving just wondering
A new Homelink button should be on the bottom left of the screen under the car visualization. Do not have to use the green one on the top bar.
I have my car programmed with home link to open automatically within 30 feet of the garage door is that something that you could consider doing in your car versus pressing the home link icon

So this icon is typically "first line indent" control out in the wide wide world.

From what I read, (I'm still on v10), it's kind of trying to be more of an expand text arrow? (like the old arrow that rotates 90° CW (from right to down) to toggle more text?

I've re read the explanations above and can't figure this out. Does it change when used?

Seems rather odd use of an existing icon for something different.
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2020 Model S LR+
Sep 24, 2021
I asked my wife to adjust the seat warmer today and she started with the streaming icon - red with vertical lines, it does look like a heater. She is very computer savvy but still took a a minute (with my help) to get there.

They simply decided to ignore all existing knowledge in the realm of ergonomics: icons, positioning, interactions, etc. Pot is legal in CA but they should not be smoking while working.
So this icon is typically "first line indent" control out in the wide wide world.
From what I read, (I'm still on v10), it's kind of trying to be more of an expand text arrow? (like the old arrow that rotates 90° CW (from right to down) to toggle more text?
I've re read the explanations above and can't figure this out. Does it change when used?
Seems rather odd use of an existing icon for something different.

This new (v11) icon toggles the audio screen. Under v11 the audio screen has two sizes: 1) full screen; 2) bottom row. When you press this new icon its appearance changes slightly and the audio screen now toggles between full screen and half screen.
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