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First Highway FSD experience: Any chance that FSD is using a different navigation engine?

Perhaps that is what we 'non-FSD buyers' get just now when we pay a monthly fee. Autopilot with Steering beta. It does a pretty good job of steering and staying centered, and changing lanes on request, and excellent adaptive cruise control. But definitely not passing by itself, nor exiting, nor turning 90° corners after stop signs, nor starting up by itself after stop lights.
I did a software update this morning, and voila! Now I can turn on and use FSD Beta (I'm subscribing monthly)
I believe it was 2023.11.6 ? It updated to 2023.12.10, taking about an hour on a relatively slow motel wifi connection to download. It said '25 minutes'. After about 40 minutes, I got in thinking it was done (I had not checked on the app) and it ran the driver's window down halfway and would not put it up! My bad. So I sat there to prevent theft until it finished, rebooted, and all was back to normal. Per release notes, I then had to go into Autopilot and elect to use Beta.

I just used FSD Beta on a five mile drive through suburban Grand Junction, Colorado. It managed turns, and stoplights red and green, starting up from stops at reds without delay, and negotiated a roundabout adroitly. Impressive, with no intervention or dropouts. It asked me to apply pressure to steering wheel twice to prove I was attentive. Tomorrow we take it on a multihour freeway drive. I had subscribed for 28 days without getting it, so am glad I can renew it confidently.
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....and you won't/can't (until we get a major update) since almost paradoxically the newer 11.4.x Beta is on an older software version (23.7.10).

I was wondering about that. I did end up getting 11.3.6 and figured I probably won't get 11.4.2. But even when I subbed I was already past 23.7.10. So it is what it is. I think going forward if I'm not subscribed to FSD I won't be updating my software unless there's a major issue with my current build. That way if I do sub and want to use it for a month or two I won't be stuck in limbo waiting for an update that includes FSD.