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FSD beta in LA?

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I wonder if the FSD beta will be pushed to Los Angeles cars in the next couple weeks? Seems like the current beta is in good shape, and given that Tesla has a large LA fleet, it'd make sense to drop it here first. Hopefully they don't wait months to provide the update, especially after raising fsd by $2k.
I don’t except the beta to pushed widely before end of year, if that.

They’ve already said that currently it’s only going to safe drivers. So being in California. Or LA has nothing to do with it. Neither does pool size in a specific area. Broader coverage, over wider area, with more variety would be better for collection.

All that said the 2020.44.10.1 is rapidly being deployed to the fleet. Faster than anything else I can think it recent memory. While the release doesn’t state it has anything to do with FSD it might be a first step. It’s possible it contains a chunk of groundwork; perhaps the same FSD as the beta but not in a usable state to non beta users beyond the current official functionality.