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Has anyone has FSD removed for an extended period of time, like a week?

Has anyone has FSD removed for an extended period of time, like a week? I was told by Tesla service once we are granted FSD it would not be taken away. I will sell the car if FSD is removed and I will never buy another Tesla.
I own a 2018 Tesla Model S 75D with upgraded self driving computer and FSD activated. I was driving to the nearby hardware store this Sunday afternoon in my Tesla using FSD. Most of this drive is on an interstate highway. When I was nearing the exit from the interstate the dash lit up saying to take control immediately and that FSD was disabled for the remainder of this trip. I get to my destination a couple miles further and I receive a surprising message: “Full-Self-Driving (Beta) Removal FSD Beta has been temporarily removed due to continued improper use. The feature will be restored in approximately one week.” With an “OK” radio button at the bottom of this message.
A few details: I was driving this car with talk radio over the speakers so I could hear any alerts it might produce. It produced two audible alerts very briefly before it blared at me to take control. I’ve had this car over a year now. I’ve been using FSD for around 8 months. I’ve had it scold me and even a couple of times take away FSD for a particular drive. I’ve always found it strange that I have to apply around seven pounds of pressure or a bit more when the car flashes at me in order for it to notice my hand is actually on the steering wheel the entire time (but this is a conversation for another thread).


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