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Higher value EVs not eligible for £3,000 PiCG (grant) anymore!

kelvin 660

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Aug 21, 2020
Moderator comment - thread renamed for clarity from "Tesla not getting £3,000 grant anymore!"

I wonder what will happen to new prices?
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I didn't spot this anywhere else....

It is to be announced that the car grant for EV's will drop to £2,500 from today (March 18) and that the upper limit for eligible cars will be dropped to £35,000.

This effectively means that the cost of a Tesla is set to rise.
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I wonder what will happen to new prices?
This article is originally from The Times which is linked In the DM article.....states that it is “with effect from today”? Behind a pay wall, so can’t see it all.....

Presumably, finalised orders won’t be affected, or will they as final balances not paid?
It's not a surprising move tbh it was always going to reduce until it was gone, and I suspect lease deals won't be affected until next month.. It is hard to argue the taxpayer should subsidise someone who wants to pay 40K on a new car.

I guess Tesla could knock 2,500 off the price of a new car to compensate or they could raise the price because the cars are selling well enough and they don't need to keep the cost of the LR under 50k
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It’s hard to argue that this isn’t fair, really. Most EVs are under that threshold, and this is about getting your average person out of an ICE (a new one) into an EV.

Your average person looking at replacing their runabout is going to be looking at Zoes, Leafs, i3s, etc. Teslas are a bit of a “luxury” EV, being positioned as an aspirational brand.
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I can understand reducing the grant. Reducing the threshold seems far to soon in my opinion. Not enough people have adopted EVs yet. They are more expensive than equivalent ICE and there's not much you can get for under 35000. At least nothing that isn't a city car. Maybe a leaf?


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GOV.UK site has been updated, links are above.

Pretty sure the Tesla invoices/orders say that the PICG is subject to availability, not guaranteed, etc.

It looks like the Govt caught everyone on the hop with this, as it wasn’t mentioned in the budget etc.
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It looks like Tesla have reduced the price by £3,000 as there is no mention of government grant on website...
Call me a cynic, but that just gives the impression that the manufacturer were pocketing the grant as opposed to the consumer......much like the OLEV grant, which sees installation inflated compared to what a local company would charge........

I know it’s unfortunately the norm, but still.......
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