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Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

Zhe Wiz

Go Big Red
Mar 15, 2021
Ithaca, NY
Put it in context. Neither of these is a race car. If you bought either of these to race, you bought the wrong car. Neither of these is even close to the M3P in performance. Hell, the M3 LR with boost would be a good match up for the MYP in a straight line.

The point is, the MYP has an early lead but his MY LR clearly was making up some of that time. It just comes back to the MYP's performance is biased for the initial acceleration off the line. After that it clearly flattens out. It is not some amazing supercar. If you want to compare one magazine tests, look at C&D's tests for both cars.

Yes, the MYP beat the stock MY LR 0-60 and in the 1/4. Look a bit deeper and the MY LR beat the MYP to 130 mph by almost 0.6 seconds. So obviously the MYP was being ran down at higher speeds by the lowly LR. So maybe dig a bit deeper in your brain and think about this for a moment. The MYP gave up a pretty significant lead and was being out accelerated by the base MY LR. I would like to know why that is happening if I had a MYP. It is supposed to have about a 50 HP advantage (or possibly more) and if there is any place it should able to continue to show that you would think at high speeds.

Maybe you feel the need to impress someone with how quick your car is. I don't know. I look at the data and see where it leads me. I have considerably quicker vehicles than the MYP its slightly quicker time 0-60 didn't really matter to me given the premium asked for it. If it somehow empowered you, or made you feel good to drive a MYP, good for you. I never felt the need to impress anyone by what I drive.

Looks like I struck a nerve. :) Pretty sure I said nothing about impressing anyone, that’s all you.


Apr 30, 2021
Wow, that was your takeaway from that post. It was about the performance, that supposedly you care about as a RACER. Well maybe you aren't but who cares. No need to waste any more time with you.

Zhe Wiz

Go Big Red
Mar 15, 2021
Ithaca, NY
Wow, that was your takeaway from that post. It was about the performance, that supposedly you care about as a RACER. Well maybe you aren't but who cares. No need to waste any more time with you.
It’s just weird that you say the car Is not a race car, then proceed to compare the two at 130 MPH. Seriously, I was just pointing out that the two are very different speed wise and that one shouldn’t discount a .5 second difference. It’s a lot. That’s it. Somehow that became me needing to impress people and buying the wrong car, yada, yada. Really just sounds like you’re justifying your decision. Just like me. I think 1/2 second is worth it, you don’t. I just want people to realize that 1/2 second is a lot. It is. That’s it. I even tried to do it in a light way. I’m not sure why my post was offensive to you.
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Sep 16, 2018
Model Y Long Range vs Performance
If you are coming from a BMW, MB, Audi, Dodge, or any ICE vehicle, the Model Y Long Range will blow your mind.
Don't drive the Performance and you will be thrilled with the LR.
The LR is the smarter, more practical answer.

If you can afford the Model Y Performance, drive them back to back.
If the Performance puts a smile on your face that won't go away, get the Performance.

For us, we would have been happy with the Model 3 AWD if we had just never driven a Performance.
When we added the Model Y, there was no looking back.
I have since driven a Model Y LR for 4 days. It just made me miss the Performance.

There is no logical reason for buying either Performance model.
It's just that three years later, every time I touch the accelerator in either Performance, I can't help but smile.


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Jan 13, 2016
Clear Lake TX.
Good run. Have you checked your 0-60 Darmie? It would be interesting to see. With your 12.9 run, you are closing the gap on a MYP at the end compared to what the cars do comparatively 0-60. C&D said their MYP ran a 12.1. If the gap 0-60 is LR 4.8 vs P 3.7 sec (no rollout) that equates to a 1.1 second advantage early one. By the end of the 1/4, are only .8 seconds behind and very close to the same trap speed.

60 mph: 3.6 sec
1/4-Mile: 12.1 sec @ 113 mph

Obviously with your 980 motor you have some good options if you don't care about warranty.
No 0-60.
YES, yes. I've been procrastinating on that option 😉 but really can't wait. When that happens, I'll just get me the big plaid emblem to mount on the back.

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