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No monetary referral credit for Model S purchase in Ohio


I Sing the Body Electric
Nov 8, 2014
I received the following email this afternoon, basically stating that it's against Ohio law to provide a monetary credit for a referral of a car purchase and therefore Tesla will credit the entire amount to the buyer:

August 28, 2015

Various states have laws that were enacted to prevent rogue car salespeople. You can imagine an era when legislators were concerned about stereotypical “car salesmen” trying to sell cars without a license. At Tesla, we sell our cars differently. We don’t use traditional car dealers let alone rogue salespeople. However, our Referral Program has struck a chord with Ohio regulators, who have claimed that aspects of it do not comply with this type of law.

Our Referral Program was never designed to make you a salesperson. Nevertheless, due to the position taken by Ohio regulators, we are making one change to our Referral Program for our customers in Ohio. Now, when someone buys a new Model S through your referral link, the $1,000 credit that you were to receive in your Tesla account will instead go to the person receiving the referral. That person will now get $2,000 (instead of $1,000) off the purchase price. The program otherwise remains as described in Elon’s email to you.

Our apologies for this change.

The Tesla Team
If I purchase, I'm going to use a local referrer even if I get less $$. I have lots of questions and would even like a test fit in the garage (difficult driveway turn). They deserve their part of the credit.

Hard to figure out where "local" is for you, since you didn't add your location.
I'm in Cincinnati, if you have any questions.