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Predictions on when Tesla will release selfie cam driver monitoring

When will Tesla release selfie cam driver monitoring?

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I haven't seen Green report any footage of drivers in all the videos he released of wrecked Teslas. Maybe for privacy reasons, or it's not being recorded. I'd welcome it if it meant I didn't have to continually move the wheel during NoA. My wife's Subaru has it and it constantly nags her (as I do) when she looks away from the road while driving.
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To follow up on my “possibly never 100%” a “driver monitoring cam” quite possibly ranks up there with LIDAR to Tesla. Not necessary to complete their mission. FSD should / would not require a monitoring system of any kind inside the car. Therefore no driver monitoring camera necessary.

The camera will be necessary for Robotaxi and that is much more likely....
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For those who missed it, verygreen confirmed that selfie cam driver monitoring software is already in development at Tesla:


The selfie cam is in all Model 3s and Model Ys ever made, but AFAIK only in the new refreshed Model Ss and Model Xs.

Here’s what the view from the selfie cam looks like: