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Reason why no Apple Carplay

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forums. I'll be picking up my M3 SR+ next week!!

I've been seeing posts about why Tesla doesn't support Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

I'm not sure if people are aware but if a manufacturer wants to support Carplay, they are required by Apple to add an Authentication Coprocessor IC in their HW. This chip is a black box from Apple and is used by the Carplay code for authentication.

If Tesla didn't install this chip already, there's no way they can add Carplay as a software update down the line.

As for Android Auto, there's no such restriction.

Apple relaxed the hardware requirement a while back. CarPlay can now be implemented purely with software.

I personally hope that Tesla adds support for CarPlay at some point in the future, particularly as competing EVs are released to the market that have support for it.

As to why Tesla hasn’t added it to their cars - the answer is simply “Because”
Back in yea ol' days of yorn, Elon once promised we would have phone screen mirroring. I assume that was the direction they wanted to go vs Android Auto or Car Play.

Now I think they hope they will get to hands off eyes off FSD and we will just browse our phones. :rolleyes:
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file this under, "meh". i know there seems to be some interest here, but i'm glad it doesn't exist in the vehicle.
"I don't want it, so nobody else needs it"

I don't understand posts like this. Okay, you don't want it, but there are a lot of people who do. There is a lot of functionality with CarPlay (and probably Auto) that Tesla just doesn't have (and no, I am not talking about texting).

While I love my car, the Tesla entertainment UX leaves a LOT to be desired.
I think it's a strategic decision. Tesla wants to own the full experience and platform of the entertainment system. This will become even more valuable when FSD is reached (don't know when) and the passengers full attention can be had.
Yeah, gotta have someplace to plug in your Zune, right?
I got a ton of that from the idiots on facebook back before the car was even available. Didn't think I'd get it here, now, in this day and age. I'm sure you're kidding, most likely. Actually I do have a large collection of various DAPs, all of which work better than the onboard usb audio system. And I even have everything needed to add an aux jack here, the only thing I'm lacking is the inertia to install it. I already pulled the panels out once to install a dashcam back before the onboard one was available, don't really want to mess with doing all that again.
No Zune's here, though, sorry!
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I was a big Carplay supporter before I got my Tesla. However after a trip in California with a rented Rav-4, burning up 20 gb of data using the map software over 4 days, I became a distant supporter. Additionally I was not very happy with how difficult it was to shut off the message app when I had people in the car. Still love the app, but I'm quite happy with the Tesla set up right now, with the exception of Apple Music.
All I want is for the Nav system to incorporate live data from Waze. Besides iMessages, Waze is all I really use CarPlay for.
I do not use the onboard Nav on the Tesla - it does not route as good as Waze. For example, every morning, it automatically sets up a route to go to my office. It typically shows an arrival time 10-12 minutes later than Waze and I end up arriving within +/- 1-2 minutes of the original ETA on Waze.

Despite having the Tesla Nav setting set to use HOV lanes, the Tesla Nav still takes me routes that Waze used to use before I get my M3 and didn't use HOV.

Right now, I am not seeing a benefit to Premium connectivity. I will have to see if I have Live Traffic Visualization or Satellite View Maps during the "Free Trial" on my SR+ (not sure if it is something I need to enable in the settings - it's not something I've looked for previously). The quality of music streaming is sub-par (I have a Reus system and the compression of streaming is really noticeable).
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