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Road trip got messy

Headed out for a Saturday road trip in the MS. After reading some posts I decided to put my 2 daughters in car seats in the second row as opposed to the rear facing seats. We were headed to Julian from San Diego. There are a lot of winding roads and we made it within 10 mins of our destination and my 3 yr old vomited all over the back seat.

My reaction as a Dad overpowered the MS owner in me. Haha. Once we returned home, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the car.

Anybody else have some car sickness issues with the kids?
My little girl gets sick too. She hasn't been sick for a while but I figured out that dropping the speed slightly to ensure I can maintain a smooth speed through the corners suits her better. Constant regen and speeding back up after enduring cornering throws her stomach right off.

In fact I was in the back of a MS and the regen and instant torque in city driving made me feel a bit off.

Just try try to keep the speed the same and if the corner is too sharp go easy on the regen and acceleration.
Take a bag with you with a towel and a bowel with a plastic bag in it. Few spares and that will sort any mishaps. Usually my kids say when they feel unwell.

Luckily its not usually the horrific projectile vomiting that cones with the bugs. Happened to a friend when his kid got sick. The car smelt for a year or so!
While this is a common problem for some humans, regardless of vehicle, there are certain things that make it better or worse, mostly smooth driving helps, and jerky driving makes it worse. For a relatively new owner still getting the hang of the regen, it could be difficult to get an MS to feel as smooth as people are used to, enjoying the instant torque of the EV won't help either.

Some general additional hints that help for people that are susceptible to motion sickness, look out at the horizon, ideally in the direction of travel, do not focus on items in the interior of the vehicle. (the kids may be bored, but if they get queasy take away toys, especially books or anything involving reading. try games that encourage looking out of the vehicle, "I spy" type games, or travel bingo work well)
maintain cooler air temperature to the face, try to sleep.
My favorite time was when one of my younger sisters was visiting with her family. I pulled over with her panicked "I'm going to be sick!". And I wish I had a photo of her four kids, faces pressed against the car windows, saying, "Cooooool! Mom's throwing up!!!".

Best. Ever.
Ginger is good for reducing nausea or you can get some travel sickness lollypops for kids to suck on, they seem to work.
Are the kids able to see out of the windows when in their seats, it can be a problem if they cannot see the surroundings as they travelling along.

I remember years ago my uncle had a Ford that I'd feel sick in just travelling a short distance but I was fine in his other cars, just something about that car!
My girl gets sick in the back seat of the bmw 330ci if too up. Also felt sick in the model p85 in a test drive. Probably a combo of reduced back seat visibility and the driving style.

She never feels sick in Dodge Ram 2500. But her cousin got sick all over the back of that... So who really knows...