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Spotify playlist only plays one song

Just updated to v10.0 in my model 3. Happy be able to play Spotify (premium account in the Netherlands). However, when I select a playlist it only plays one song. I have to select each song individually to play it Anyone has a clue how to fix this?
I have the same problem with Spotify in my car...during playlists it repeats the same song over and over even when the "repeat" button is not selected. What settings did you change in your app to get this to work correctly?
I adjusted the repeat settings on my spotify phone app. At this moment I have repeat-playlist selected on my android phone and no-repeat in my car.
I have this problem with my premium Spotify account in the car. It worked fine for a while but now gets stuck on one song in a playlist. Even pressing advance on the steering wheel will not advance it. It's a bit of a problem.
Then I don't get access to my weekly playlists etc though right? I mean Spotify is not useful to me if I need to start from scratch. I've had a paid account for years.

You can just make your playlists collaborative and share to your other account. Then, when you update a playlist on your personal account, your Tesla account automatically gets updated. The only "work" will be when adding new playlists and setting as collaborative and sharing.

I think this works for weekly playlists? Not quite sure about those.
I think it could be the Spotify app on the phone conflicting with the app on Tesla. I went into the phone app settings and turned on the "show local devices only" and the problem went away. My phone no longer tries to remotely control the playback on other devices anymore, unless I'm on the same wifi network.