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  1. RNHurt

    Have you noticed Spotify being weird lately?

    Spotify seems to be having trouble following my playlist recently (the last few weeks). I'll ask Spotify to play Rush and it will play 3 or 4 Rush songs and then switch to something completely unrelated, like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Even when I give it a playlist to play, say Rap from the...
  2. R

    Impossible to sign in Spotify

    Hello fellow electro-motorists, i recently purchased a mx 2017 and i'm having trouble with spotify. The app doesn't go past the 'spinning wheel' and when i try to sign in through the web page, i get a generic error message. The car has premium connectivity, so i can play the music using my...
  3. Colorado Y

    Spotify not starting

    When I got my Y a year ago, I started using Spotify with Bluetooth. No Premium Connectivity. I was pleased that it worked the way I wanted: when I left the car, the player paused, and then it automatically started up again when I got back in the car. Well that worked for a while. But for...
  4. A

    Remembering last played song when switching source

    Hi Guys, new Model 3 owner here. Is there any way for the car to remember the last song that was played when switching between music sources? Seems like a basic thing that all my old cars did. I like to switch between the radio and either Spotify or USB when the adverts come on in the morning...
  5. J

    Echo Sound through Spotify

    Hello fellas, I recently became a Tesla Y owner and received my car a few days ago. I have only driven 44 miles so far. However, this morning when I got into my Tesla, I heard strange sounds resembling an echo chamber coming from my audio speakers. The sounds seemed to be coming from my Spotify...
  6. D

    Spotify Issues after Infotainment Upgrade

    Original Car: 2017 Model S, 75D - MCU1, AP2.5, Premium Internet (or whatever it's called) Infotainment Upgrade: MCU2, AP 3.0 Issue: When I request a song in Spotify, the song will play. But after the song completes, Spotify will attempt to reply the same song again (instead of advancing to the...
  7. A

    Spotify always starts playing when I open the car

    Hey All, I'm a new owner of Model Y Performance and so far so good except that damned Spotify. Whenever I open the car or open the door it starts playing the music. Doesn't matter if I paused or stopped the music. It is extremely frustrating. Is that a cure for this "feature"? I mean, if I...
  8. B

    Tesla Spotify app

    Simple question I hope. I find subtle differences between the Spotify version I use with my Y vs. the versions I use with my iPhone, iPad and Windows. I enjoy having different song sort options on my PC, iPhone and iPad which I don‘t seem to have on the Tesla interface (e.g. sort by date added...
  9. corndog

    Spotify Bitrate Measured at 160kbps. …and 128, and 256, and… well, let’s talk about it!

    TL;DR The streaming bitrate for the Tesla in-car Spotify app appears to be variable, averaging around 128 to 160kbps. Disclaimer The testing and results I’m describing here are intended to provide some rough estimates for the streaming bitrate of the Tesla in-car Spotify app. They’re not...
  10. N

    Model Y P High End Audio Options

    Thanks in advance. I love my MYP but to be quite honest the sound system is slightly lacking. I’m used to subwoofers under my butt in my M5, and I am really big on just wow audio systems. Has anyone here updated all of the speakers or put in a new subwoofer? Anyone install sound proofing in...
  11. T

    Spotify Recurring Login Issue

    I recently purchased a 2018 Tesla model s 100d with the mcu2 and have premium connectivity. I have logged into Spotify premium in the car, and am able to stream and play music without an issue. My login works just fine, however every time I get out of the car and come back, Spotify requests me...
  12. NewMYLRDriver

    Spotify login on user profile

    Can anyone confirm that Spotify login is now associated with the user profile who is driving? I can only see a scant reference to this on the web, or do I still need to set up my MYLR as a family member in Spotify?🤦
  13. A

    Spotify - entering vehicle

    I’m sure this has been asked. I’m sorry I tried to search. Is there any way that Spotify will continue playing in a playlist at the point it stops when I exit the vehicle (using the Tesla interface)? I exit. Music stops. I re-enter and not only is Spotify clunky making me switch to another...
  14. A

    Phone music streaming to MS even when far away

    Very strange occurrence this morning. My 2022 MS was parked at home and I took the train to work. AirPods connected listening to Spotify on my phone. About 30 min into the train ride my music cuts out. Tried YouTube and it’s playing to my AirPods but Spotify audio isn’t coming through AirPods...
  15. S


    Can I or how do I delete Spotify from my Model Y screen?
  16. O

    Multiple problems with Model S

    I have had my model S for just over 4 years - and the honeymoon is certainly over! It's an expensive car and a supposedly premium brand, so : 1) Why doesn't voice command work reliably? 2) Why are the mapped speed limits so out of date and wrong? 3) Why is regen braking ineffective whenever the...
  17. Y

    2021 Model S LR 1-month Observations and Issues

    I've been living with my 2021 S LR for about a month now. I absolutely love this car, and wanted to start writing about my experiences good and bad, including several issues I've observed for which there may hopefully be a resolution, as well as adding another data point to many of the ongoing...
  18. Jitm

    Spotify Playlist

    Hi There, I am using Tesla Spotify account in my model 3. I have personal non-premium Spotify account where I have various different playlist I built over the years. Is there a way to sync playlist from my personal account to Tesla Spotify account. Thanks in advance.
  19. W

    Imported music on Spotify

    I’ve imported some local music to Spotify, can I play those music in Tesla Spotify app?
  20. B

    Spotify - Album Selection

    Moderation comment - thread renamed from "Spotify" to be more descriptive for those searching or browsing Hi all Quick one here, maybe I’m being soft and missed something Say there’s a track playing in Spotify, album thumbnail shows up in the left hand corner What if I want to look at that...
  21. corndog

    Has Spotify bitrate increased??

    I haven't seen anyone talking about this, apart from @greentheonly mentioning it on twitter recently. This morning I checked for myself, and I think he might be right! For context; I stop short of claiming to be an audiophile, but I am pretty picky when it comes to music listening. I always...
  22. S

    Spotify liked songs migreren naar andere Tesla?

    Hallo allemaal, Voor zover ik weet is er geen oplossing om nummers die we geliked hebben in onze model S eenvoudig over te zetten naar een nieuwe Tesla? We gebruiken de Tesla Spotify en niet onze eigen account. Iemand toevallig een handige oplossing? :)
  23. F

    No Premium Connectivity - Tricks?

    Don’t want to pay the $13.99+tax CAD monthly for Premium Connectivity. I’ve got enough monthly subscriptions already and I don’t feel as though I’m missing out on much. Something that I do miss, is using Spotify. I liked being able to choose different playlists, artists, etc. on screen, without...
  24. N

    Model S Spotify Issue

    When using spotify through the infotainment center, there are certain songs that do not play. The first song I noticed this happening to is "Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains. It just skips to the next song. I can listen to this song fine on any other device including my phone, and the toggle...
  25. riky

    Any Updates on SPOTIFY in Asia/Pacific specially S.Korea ??????

    (The title says it all) 머스크 선생님 스포티파이가 쓰고싶습니다....
  26. P

    Spotify loading endlessly

    I frequently have to reset my 2021 Model 3 because Spotify will just refuse to play. Good LTE signal, and the playlists load. But when I actually tap a song, it will load indefinitely forever. So I have to reset. This happens every day or two. Any ideas? I've seen a lot of chatter on the forums...
  27. IronCoffee_Max

    Spotify HiFi

    Spotify just announced HiFi. I'm an Apple Music person and I prefer Apple Music - interface, integration with everything, etc… - but I found this interesting nonetheless: Five Things to Know About Spotify HiFi — Spotify I know Spotify's integration with Tesla in the past has been iffy, but got...
  28. D

    Spotify bug?

    Wondering if anyone else is noticing the same scenario... Listening to a podcast, leave the vehicle... come back and the pod briefly starts playing where I left off then switches to the very first podcast episode. Happens every time and is slightly annoying.
  29. C

    Spotify Playlist - tracks missing

    I have 3 spotify playlists - 1 of of the play list only seems to be showing half of the tracks - anyone else had this problem - I have tried signing in and out of the account but still the same. All tracks show fine on the phone. no sure how to fix it anyone else seen this before or know how i...
  30. Krock65

    Spotify Free or Premium?

    Picking up my Blue Beauty on Monday. I've set up a playlist for the occasion in my free Spotify account. Will I be able to access it with the account in the Y? Or do I need to upgrade my current account to make that happen? I already have SiriusXM, Amazon Prime Music, and Apple, so don't...
  31. Ghaniba

    Leaf falling from the tree, onto the Tesla.

    I'm not sure if it shows my account age on this forum, but I've been considering Tesla's for a long time. I've been very close to buying one several times, but each time I couldn't justify it. Other vehicles I bought instead, 2016 Sonata Hybrid, 2018 Nissan Leaf. My wife and I both do real...
  32. G

    Spotify update - where is my songs list?

    Title says it all. I updated to the latest version and the spotify app is much improved. However, i can't seem to find a place to play all my "liked" songs. I generally just shuffle play through my library for the most part. Did the ability to do that disappear? Thanks for the help.
  33. ybbor

    Spotify and car "favorites"?

    Has anyone figure out how to add anything from spotify to the cars quick favorites section? I'd never seen or been able to get anything in to that quick list until 2020.44, then my podcasts appeared in the favorites list, but nothing else from Spotify. Also, is there a voice search or...
  34. DDotJ

    Firmware 2020.44.X

    Looks like 2020.44 is rolling out now with a lot of features and improvements: Autopilot Set Speed Spotify Improvements Media Search Improvements Media Sources Voice Command Language Source Release Notes from u/paladinfello
  35. Fernand

    Spotify search to kill you

    I used to love the voice command Search on the Model 3's sound system. It might not find exactly what you wanted, but it would always find and play a plausible choice. That was in Slacker. I got Spotify for $10/mo, hoping for better audio quality, and more choices. But ... Searches are now...
  36. G

    Spotify - Bugs/Shuffle Issues

    Hi! I'm surprised I don't see forums already posted about this. I found a few chains discussing it on reddit. The Spotify integration with Tesla's UI tends to be very problematic. I noticed it freezes a lot when I use it where I'll have to tap the playlist multiple times before it actually...
  37. D

    Voice Command Changes 2019.40.2.1

    After getting the 2019.40.2.1 update, the "Play" voice command works as it did prior to V10. It'll again play songs instantly instead of bringing up a list of items on the screen. Haven't dug too much to see how it determines which source to play the music from but I can confirm it'll play...
  38. S

    Spotify and streaming data SR+

    Hi all, I did a forum search and couldn’t quite get the answer but apologies if I missed it. I’m in the queue for a SR+ but according to Tesla website streaming/data is for the full premium interior only. Does the Standard range plus in the UK include any data and does it let you stream Spotify...
  39. mtapes

    Is there a search function in the Spotify App?

    I have not been able to locate a search function within the Spotify app for the Model 3. Is there any way, from within the Spotify app to search for an artist, song title, etc?
  40. RB88

    Spotify v10 vs Bluetooth Quality

    There was a bunch of chat about this when v10 launched, but now we are a few weeks in, I’m curious for opinions (and facts). How is the quality of Spotify via the car UI vs tethered Bluetooth (assuming phone set to highest quality)? Not convinced I can tell a difference (when I read a post...
  41. Spelly88

    Slacker and Spotify Observations

    I've had a hard time finding Slacker and Spotify details so I'm going to post some observations I've made in the hopes that it might help someone. If anyone wants to add on to this list, please do so. To start, let me say that since v10, for me at least, voice commands will no longer directly...
  42. surrelmar

    Spotify Playlist voor in iedere Tesla

    Hey! Dit is mijn eerste post. Ben erg blij met mijn M3, en om software V10 te vieren heb ik een Spotify playlist gemaakt met (wat mijn betreft) goede muziek voor de gemiddelde Tesla rijder! Het is vooral meer lowkey tech, relaxed house .. etc. Doe er je voordeel mee! En ik hoor graag wat...
  43. enolam

    Spotify library not showing

    Hello, I've looked on this forum and can't find the answer and Tesla "chat support" is taking HOURS... and I guess the awesome phone support they had when I purchased a year ago is gone. :-/ Anyhoo... I have Spotify Premium. The Spotify in my Model 3 is signed into my Premium Spotify account...
  44. N

    Phantom Drain with Spotify

    Hi All, Been noticing phantom drain of 12-15 miles overnight with my 100D MX AP2 MCU1 after the V10 update. Normally, I'd get -3 miles over night. Checked to verify that it wasn't due to sentry or smart pre-conditioning. I had a feeling that it was spotify related so I've been switching my...
  45. t0ddly

    Model 3 Spotify playback question.

    Hi All For some reason when i search for and select the album i want to play and hit the 1st song on the resulting song list it only plays that song - over and over. I'm clearly doing something wrong. But it doesn't behave this way on any other of my Spotify devices. Any thoughts? Thanks
  46. I

    Spotify playlist only plays one song

    Just updated to v10.0 in my model 3. Happy be able to play Spotify (premium account in the Netherlands). However, when I select a playlist it only plays one song. I have to select each song individually to play it Anyone has a clue how to fix this?
  47. R

    Spotify, Intune and Charge port questions

    Hi All, Can't see that these have been covered before, but if they have feel free to point me in the direction of the thead. Issue 1: When I have charged overnight and come back to my car, I cant release the charge cable from the charge port. Even if I click the boot button once, it still...
  48. Chris350

    SPOTIFY - Search and Podcasts Question

    Now that Spotify has been activated... I have the following questions (I am a Premium Subscriber) I can't seem to find anyway to access my Podcasts..... nor can I do any searches in Spotify. Am I missing something?
  49. PoitNarf

    Spotify and Hulu included in 2019.32.10

    Via @tesla_truth on Twitter: Steve Jobs Ghost on Twitter Supposedly this is not an Early Access version.
  50. R

    Spotify (in de model 3)

    Ik heb een vraagje, bij de long range variant van de model 3 zit het premium interieur waar schijnbaar iets van Spotify bij zit. Betekent dit dat je met dit premium pakket Spotify kunt gebruiken, maar wel je eigen Spotify premium account kunt/moet gebruiken, of dat er ook een Spotify account...