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Supercharger - Burbank, CA (Service Center, no longer on nav map)


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Jul 9, 2012
Los Angeles
Wanted to start a dedicated thread for this Supercharger reported by Lump here: Service Center Burbank Ca.

811 S San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502
Google Maps

This is a remarkable find. Thank Lump! It is shocking that no one found this. Just like Redondo, though that was found after construction was mostly done.
I will highly likely never need this one, but good to know it's there in case I am trickling back home from somewhere east.
Anything nearby to enjoy while grabbing some Joules?
Excellent location. Very close to the i5! I used to work right around the corner there. It will also help a lot people living on condos that can't charge at home. There are many many condos in Burbank.
No, it won't help, what with Tesla sending out letters to people who use local SCs "too much". 'Free for life' just doesn't make economic sense if SCs are to get constant use. The only way to make it work is for Tesla to institute a payment scheme for such users, if they want to sell cars to people living in apartments/condos/townhomes (assuming installing L2 onsite isn't an option).
WRT too few stalls, I have visited a couple of SCs that were under construction in my neck of the woods at which the contractor told me they were already plumbed underground for more (in multiples of 2). Perhaps they do that everywhere it's possible.?
& WRT local SC use, buy a Tesla, charge there.
I was speaking to the service manager at Van Nuys when I got my car serviced around the first of the month. He said (if I remember correctly) that this location will be open 24/7 and have a refreshment area. He said he is pushing to get another charger on the 5 side of Los Angeles. Great guy