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Supercharger - Evanston, IL

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Oct 18, 2018
https://cityofevanston.civicweb.net...tion 1-R-21, Authorizing the City Manager.pdf

What: Tesla is in negotiations with the City of Evanston, IL to build a V3 supercharger of 12 stalls in a public garage in downtown Evanston (Maple Avenue Self Park). [Note: The garage DOES charge fees to use, but the first hour is free and the movie theater validates for up to 4 hrs. Full details on parking rates viewable here.]
Address: 1800 Maple Ave, Evanston, IL 60201

GPS: 42.050353, -87.685491

The resolution authorizing the City Manager to sign the leasing agreement with Tesla passed at the City Council meeting on 2021-01-11. Tesla currently has Evanston listed on their map with an expected opening some time in 2022. They should be getting into the planning approvals process soon, if they haven't started already. Assuming the plans don't change, the superchargers will be on the second floor of the garage, along the north wall of the building. The lease agreement with Tesla also includes Tesla providing 14 Wall Connectors (L2 EVSE) to the city for their use. No info on where they might be used, whether in this same garage or elsewhere, but it's entirely up to the city to use them how they wish. Tesla is just providing the HPWCs.

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Hi there! My name is Wes and I am a student at Northwestern University. I'm writing a story for the student newspaper, The Daily, about the future of electric cars in Evanston. I'd like to interview Tesla owners who live in Evanston, Illinois. We can talk on the phone and it will take about 10 minutes. Thanks for considering! If you're interested, contact me at [email protected]
Swung by today. Under construction.
What’s the cost of parking there ? Any free time for charging ?
Yes, everyone gets 1 hour free parking, then they are charged for added time. The opening post has a link to the full parking rates for the garage (right above the address), if you want a more detailed breakdown. I just checked and starting at the beginning of the year they started charging $1 for the first hour.