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V2G - Octopus Powerloop

I’ve just come across the Powerloop trial by Octopus where the battery of an EV is used as a home battery. They use the Leaf for this. We have both a Leaf and a M3, the Leaf is only used a couple of times a week when we need a second car (and not at all during lockdown). So it would make sense to make use of that battery. You could charge it up at night when the rate is low and then use it during the day.

However the website says that you need to be on the standard OctopusEnergy tariff.
You get £30 cash back per month if you complete 12 cycles of the car being plugged in between 7pm and 5am(?).

If I could still use the OctopusGo tariff it would be a no brainer but assuming about 200kWh per month for charging the cars (that figure is based on one car though - I don’t have non lockdown figures for two EVs) Octopus Go gives me a saving of £20. So the Powerloop would only give me a saving of £10 but I would potentially run the Leaf Battery to the ground(?)

Has anyone participated in the trial yet?
Are there any wall chargers that you can buy already? (The quasar wallbox seems to be used but you can only register interest in it on the website)