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Voltswagen Is Now VW Of America’s Official Name

TMC Staff

May 19, 2017
It’s a little early for April Fools, isn’t it?

Volkswagen of America is no more. No, it hasn’t filed for bankruptcy, but you are now expected to refer to the same company as Voltswagen, believe it or not, according to a recent press release published by the German giant. And no, we know March 30 isn’t the first day of April, known for jokes and shenanigans, so this piece of news is 100 percent real and official.

We too thought it was a joke, as many people even in the comments below our articles about electric Volkswagens often came up with variations of the formula. We’re not sure where VW got the idea – it may have been from one of our dear readers’ comments – but Voltswagen is now the official name.


Still don’t believe us? Check out VW.com, then, and you will see that all mentions of Volkswagen have been replaced with Voltswagen. And with the reference...

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Yes, it was already debunked and a worse flub than the iHOB/iHOP rename last year (or was it the year before)? But how embarrassing was it that they released an April Fool's stunt on March 30? :rolleyes:
Kudos to VW for having a little fun while promoting what we all know the future is. Besides, its just more free advertising for Tesla as well.

Yeah, no. This was a half-baked idea executed SHOCKINGLY poorly. As a dieselgate victim, I agree with him completely.

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how did "diesel gate" impact you?

I own one of the effected vehicles. It was not bought back. The revised ECU / TCU programming as well as whatever hardware changes were done has both decreased fuel economy as well as performance relative to how it was when we bought it.

To be clear, we were compensated. And that may or may not be equivalent, it's still a great vehicle. But if the vehicle had this performance when I bought it, I probably wouldn't have gone for the diesel option to be honest.