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What do you need to take for collection?

Whenever i visit the service centre I take my mobile phone with preloaded films and a bluetooth headset, Additional snacks 'cos the one's available are fine but not suitable for the long haul. Wallet with cards and license and a very polite, patient but firm attitude. Today I'll probably add some nice freshly picked apples from my orchard for the staff since they're stuck with 'da rulz' too.
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Half mutter the name of someone who is on the list for handover on that day and you'll get a car with no questions asked.
I think that might be true. When I collected mine I just told them my name - no request for ID, driving license, nothing!

Certainly take your USB drive for TeslaCam, then you’ll have a record of your journey home :)
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Just there at 11.00. Just driving licence. They said they were processing 300 today at West Drayton. Really efficient. Great Service. I was back home by 12.30! I was quite impressed as they were dealing with about 25 per half hour.
Well, arrived around 20 minutes early, they checked the drivers license, showed us the trunk and frunk on the showroom model along with discussing charging. Then we were taken outside to the car, checked it over and it was perfect other than a couple of tiny marks on the plastic part of the steering wheel which I'm not bothering about. Signed and on the way less than 20 minutes after arrival. Stockport was full of M3s, mainly in white and mainly performance models, which were all being prepped. The drive home was not the most exciting being very wet and very busy motorways but I did manage the odd squeeze of the 'shock pedal' :D job for tomorrow is fitting the accessories.
I also forgot to say that the car had 5 miles on it, was charged to 71% and they made a set of plates for my personal reg FOC. Very impressed.
Was hoping for some plates when I pick up on Monday but they have already sent an email out saying they won't be making any private plates until 4th October. To top it off they have now moved my appointment back to 16:00 so I'll have to drive home through rush hour traffic on the M60
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