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why no beep for backup sensor in Model 3? [rear cross traffic warning]


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Jul 31, 2017
I do remember Elon saying on twitter a while back (over 1 year ago) that they would add rear cross traffic warnings, who knows what happened to it maybe they will add it with the vector space birds eye view when they release the FSD rewrite?


But the car lacks the hardware to actually do that.

The birds eye view isn't magic, it's just stitching together what all the cameras can see.

You can't include things none of the cameras can physically see.
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Oct 22, 2018
San Diego
By the time the single rear camera on the entire back half of the car can see anything to the sides like some idiot zipping toward you in the parking lot it's too late.

But the car lacks the hardware to actually do that.
I think it's more accurate to say it lacks the hardware to actually do that well.

My guess is that whenever they actually get around to doing this, they'll just use the rear camera. Which will work (if they can get detection to actually be nearly as good as a human analyzing the same footage), just probably not as well as radar, and probably will require a little more backing out than other systems. And it doesn't have as good a field of view.

My guess is that implementation could prevent some collisions though. Problem is that radar-based RCTA is so good that people who get used to it just blissfully back out and count on it working - and it picks up people and carts, too, quite well. I can't see that working out too well with the camera-based system, with just a few pixels to count on to provide the necessary information.

Ampre Sand

Nov 18, 2016
My previous car (GM product) had rear cross-traffic detection and vibrated your seat, left or right side, plus a bright red arrow on the touchscreen to warn you. It was OK, except for the false alarms... that car had frequent false alarms on the ultrasonics and cross-traffic that I started to just ignore it. Hopefully those systems are better than what we had in 2016.


Mar 29, 2021
Peyton, Colorado
I live in rural Colorado. Dimes to dollars when I park at I park at Tractor Supply, Big R, or at the local Deere store, there will be two duallys next to me or a dually and van or minivan. There is no way I can turn my head and see the traffic when I back out of the parking spot. The beeps in the Accord give the assurance that it's safe.
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Nov 9, 2020
The fact it physically lacks rear radar would be the big one since that's usually how it's implemented.

Ah, until just a few moments ago I didn't realize the distinction between radar and ultra sonic sensors. I was aware that there were different sensors used for long range (for forward collision and adaptive cruise) and short range (such as parking), but didn't know it was two different types of tech. I have noticed that the mirror/side cameras do give you a wider angle view when backing up and I have been using those when reversing out of my driveway - I suspect that could be used for a less than perfect, but better than nothing, cross-traffic warning.


Jan 18, 2021
My VW did this, and was very smart... slow moving cars, no noise and I could cut them off. Fast teenagers or other distracted drivers going too fast it would beep away.

Thing is, for me, I don’t annually miss it. It’s very very rare that I park any car in the crowded areas. Moved away from that mess long ago...


Feb 28, 2020
Of course. No cameras are required, unless someone driving past is not paying attention at all, but I was talking about the computer driving. I would prefer that it be able to see!
I imagine the computer like a good human driver will use a lot of caution (quite rightly too) pulling out of any awkward space. Of course, if the computer is driving it will reverse into a space as well, so much safer.


Jun 11, 2016
SW Florida
I had a Ford Fusion with the radar CTA and I think the wide angle Tesla rear camera shows you more and further if you pay attention to the edges of the picture


Jul 13, 2018
New Jersey
Backing into spots is objectively safer- (because pulling out forward is objectively safer)- and is how professional drivers are trained to park whenever possible.

Notice how auto park on the Tesla does it? Back in.
Yeah I hear that argument a lot, especially from older drivers. It may be slightly safer when backing out, but not so much with all the technology like wide-angle backup cams, that actually give you a better view than looking through your windshield, since it is further out and your aren't trying to look around big trucks and SUVs who didn't park back in. It is not safer when actually parking though, in fairly busy parking lots there is nothing more annoying than following a car that goes past a spot and then reverses to park and blocks both direction of traffic for 5 or 10 seconds. Also back-in parking not great for loading and unloading your trunk. In many parking lots it is actually "illegal" to back-in since a) they have diagonal spots b) or police want to scan your back license plates (in states with no front license plate requirement).

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